Sunday, December 22, 8am

Thanks everybody for a great 2013! This year in music ruled and can’t wait to see what’s coming up for next year. Also, I will not be doing my show until near year, January 7th 2014. In the meantime, you can check out my podcast page HERE or on iTunes

Have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you & your families. See ya next year! CHEERS!

Naked Rob

Radio Valencia

San Francisco

(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini

Akimbo | Equal Opportunity Asshole | Live To Crush

Call Of The Void | Napalm Lungs | Dragged Down A Dead End Path

Jonny Manak and The Depressives  | Ride The Barrel | Primitive Sounds for a Modern World

Against The Grain | Raise Your Glass | Surrounded By Snakes

Gringos | Kings of the Stone Age | Pearly Gates

Shroud Eater | Cannibals | Dead Ends

Retox | Modern Balls | YPLL

Living Eyes | Show Me Blood | Who Will Remain?

Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds | The Rad Lord’s Return | Haunted Head

Oblivians | Call The Police | Desperation

Neo Cons | Neo Cons | Idiot Circus

Tomahawk | South Paw | Oddfellows


Boards of Canada | Gemini | Tomorrow’s Harvest

Kylesa | What Does It Take | Ultraviolet

Locrian | Eternal Return | Return to Annhilation

Maximum Rnr | Attack Panther | Rough Side Of The Dial

Ramming Speed | Anticipating Failure | Doomed To Destroy, Destined To Die

Centuries | Caeruleus | Taedium Vitae

Ghoul | Blow Up The Embassy (Fearless Iranians From Hell cover) | Intermediate Level Hard-Core

Fleshtemple | Ancient Leaf | Initiation

Creem | Curator | Curator

Turn Me On Dead Man | Heart Of The Deaf | We Are The Star People

Coliseum | Disappear From Sight | Sister Faith

Queens Of The Stone Age | I Sat By The Ocean | …Like Clockwork


Black Tusk | A Cold Embrace | Tend No Wounds

True Widow | HW:R | Circumambulation

Lord Dying | Perverse Osmosis | Summon the Faithless

Dead In The Dirt | Suffer | The Blind Hole

Hickoids | Stop It, You’re Killing Me | Hairy Chafin’ Ape Suit

BL’AST! | Your Eyes | Blood!

Waxeater | One Man And Two Barrells Will Never Be Enough | Baltimore Record

Death Hymn Number 9 | Binary Baby | 3rd Degree Moon Burns

American Sharks | Iron Lungs | American Sharks


Ulcerate | Odium | Vermis

Satanic Malfunctions | No Masters Or Slaves | Them

Like Like The The The Death | Here Comes Irregular | Cave Jenny

Circle Of Rage | Beyond The Barricades | Rage In D-Minor

Rawhide | Cut You Down | Murder One

Red Fang | Voices of the Dead | Whales and Leeches

Cop Problem | Who Really Pays? | Buried Beneath White Noise

Motorhead | Death Machine | Aftershock

Old Lines | Easy Answers | If You See Something, Say Something

Hogbitch | Maindenhead | Hogbitch

Weekend Nachos | Sickened No More | Still

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