Ringing in the new year with Ron Jeremy on Lava Lamps!

Friday, January 3, 6pm


‘Twas mentioned that legendary adult film actor Ron Jeremy was going to appear on the last Lava Lamps & 8-Track Theatre X-mas episode,but due to a minor snafu(i.e.Ron was right in a middle of shooting a film when I,DJ Nurse Annabella, tried getting his PR to get him on the studio phone)so we missed eachother then,but…hold on tight!!! Ron will definitely be appearing on tomorrow’s Lava Lamps episode, airing from 4 am to 11 am for a special new years episode as we reminisce about the golden days of porn and about how hard he parties with Cheech & Chong,his involvment with the movie Boogie Nights,etc… I gave a special memo to Ron to please “go all out” for this episode,so please catch it right here and stay tuned for Lava Lamps & 8-Track Theatre, the LOUDEST Saturday morning radio show on earth featuring a brand new LIVE on the air powermix of obscure 70’s rock.

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