Atari founder Nolan Bushnell speaks on Lava Lamps…

Friday, January 17, 11am


Tune in this Saturday morning from 4 am to 10 am as DJ Nurse Annabella will be expecting a call from one of the founding fathers of video games himself,Nolan Bushnell.She played her Atari games too loud last enough to catch his attention! So he will be calling to speak about his new book,Finding the Next Steve Jobs,as well as the rumors about an upcoming film with Leonardo DiCaprio playing his role,and about how hard the game programmers at Atari partied back in the day. All this amidst a brand new unpredictable LIVE powermix courtesy of DJ Nurse Annabella. On the LOUDEST Saturday morning show on earth! So be there or be square!!!!!!!!!!


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