Original Nirvana drummer Chad Channing to guest on Radio Valencia

Wednesday, April 9, 3pm

Radio Valencia’s own DJ Nurse Annabella has scored an exclusive interview with original Nirvana drummer, Chad Channing. The interview, which airs Midnight Monday (April 14 and continuing into early Tuesday morning), celebrates the 25th anniversary of Nirvana’s landmark grunge debut album “Bleach,” and will also commemorate Kurt Cobain, who passed away 20 years ago this month.

Channing, a Bay Area native, will discuss his memories of making the classic studio debut from the seminal Seattle band as well as his thoughts on the beautiful but tragic life of Kurt Cobain. The show, part two of a special “Lava Lamps in the 90s series,” will air on Monday (into Tuesday) via, where it will also be available for podcast download.

“Negative Creeps” are encouraged to tune in!

DJ Nurse Annabella will also be throwing down a special LIVE power mix of the best in grunge and alternative rock from the 1989-1999 era, with some ’90s video game sounds and much more from that weird dreamy decade. Her regular show, Lava Lamps & 8-Track Theater, consists of 8-track and homemade mix tapes of B-Movie trailers and clips, and airs every Saturday from 4-6 a.m.






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