Travis Keller of on Protonic Reversal this Thursday

Sunday, February 1, 10am

Travis Keller of pioneering multimedia music site, will be Conan Neutron’s special guest on this Thursday’s Protonic Reversal.

Tune in from 8-10 a.m. this Thursday, Feb. 05 to catch the interview with Keller, that’ll cover career-spanning stories, including partying with Oasis, touring with Nine Inch Nails, feuding with Fred Durst and more. Call into the studio at (415) 962-7979 with your questions.

Keller is co-founder of the music news gossip site Buddyhead that helped shape music journalism in the 2000s and provided much needed irreverence. Keller’s writing has appeared everywhere from Rolling Stone and Playboy to Cat Fancy. He also runs Buddyhead records.

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