Dante’s Hot Tub Podcast 4/6/16 — with special guest Rachel Lark

Tuesday, April 12, 11pm

Rachel Lark

It’s Sex-Positive Anthems with special guest Rachel Lark

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Wherein we host the incredibly talented, ribald and hilarious Rachel Lark, a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with songs about “sex, drugs, heartbreak and messy apartments.” She visited the studio to share how she got started in music, discuss what she does and guest DJ. We got so caught up, we forgot to ask her to play live! That guarantees a return visit. This is one of my favorite shows and I hope you enjoy it too.

Set list:
Dante’s Hot Tub Intro
You Kinda Hate Girls by Rachel Lark from Vagenius
Rock & Roll Dreams’ll Come Through by Scharpling & Wurster from New Hope For the Ape-Eared
Eskimo by Corky and the Juice Pigs
Chilli Dippin’ Baby by Betty Coral With Raymond McCollister from Griddle Greasin’ Daddies And Dirty Cowboys
Muriel and De Bug by Lord Kitchener
Stay the Night by Rachel Lark from I Wouldn’t Worry
You Only Live Once by Rachel Lark from Vagenius
Freddy The Marxist Elf by Rachel Lark from Hung For The Holidays
Text Me The Fuck Back by Rachel Lark from Lark After Dark
Warm, Bloody, and Tender by Rachel Lark
For The Guys by Rachel Lark from Vagenius
Lemme Freak by Lil Dicky
White Wine In The Sun by Tim Minchin
Fuck 69 by Rachel Lark from Vagenius
Lobachevsky by Tom Lehrer from Songs & More Songs By Tom Lehrer
Pony Girl by Kitten On the Keys from At Viva Variety 33

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