The Last Option Lounge Goes Live!

Tuesday, April 21, 5pm

LOL-0001 show poster.

Well, there were more than a few irradiated armadillos in the road last night, but they only threw the Unimog a few feet into the air.  The Last Option Lounge successfully hosted its first two hour set, with only a few snags!  Thanks to everyone who attended the live show.

And for those of you who were unable to attend, fear not!  The show’s podcast link is super easy to remember:

If you want a specific episode, just tack on the four-digit serial number, to make your very own fully-qualfied LOL-4DSN, like this:

…enabling easy weekly download automation for all you coders and script-kiddies out there!  Podcasts will generally post within 24 hours after the show, faster when possible.

With love and clean air filters,


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