Conflux Cornucopia Cerebellum Cocktail Hour: Episode #008-Absinthe of Mind

Sunday, September 5, 2pm


Hello fellow Confluxians. This week’s Alchemy involves that little green liquor from France with that licorice flavor and head warbling effect. The music within reflects that, so you can now responsibly trip out. First few minutes hit tech issues, so the show really starts from this set list.
1. Eyeball Kid (4:26) by Tom Waits from Mule Variations (1999) Alternative Rock
2. Astronaut Love Triangle (4:53) by Charlie Hunter from Baboon Strength (2008) Jazz
3. Love Is to Die (4:52) by Warpaint from Warpaint (2014) Shoegazer Rock
4. (Mic Break 1) Penny (1:12) by Odd Logic from Penny For Your Thoughts (2017) Progressive Metal
5. How Soon Is Now? (6:47) by The Smiths from Meat is Murder (1985) Rock
6. Flow Motion (10:03) by Can from Flow Motion (1976) Art Rock
7. Flesh Canoe (3:44) by Animal Collective from Feels (2005) Indie Rock
8. Scarecrow People (4:13) by XTC from Oranges & Lemons (1989) Rock
9. (Mic Break 2) Strange Aeons (0:55) by Anthropia from Non-Euclidean Spaces (2015) Progressive Rock
10. I’m But a Wave to…..(5:28) by Cynic from Focus (1993) Progressive Death Metal
11. The Island of Our Dreams (5:14) by The Legendary Pink Dots from Your Children Placate You From Premature Graves (2006) Art Rock
12. (Mic Break 3) Intermission (0:56) by Tool from Aenima (1996) Progressive Metal
13. Nocturne (4:03) by Medeski, Martin, & Wood from Combustication (1998) Jazz
14. Applebite (5:10) by Soundgarden from Down on the Upside (1996) Alternative Rock
15. (Mic Break 4) Prelude to a Kiss (1:25) by Toshi Isheda from Full On! (1998) Rock
16. Only Child (4:24) by Steven Wilson from Insurgentes (2009) Progressive Rock
17. A Thousand Shapes of Change (3:54) by Tommy Guerrero from Sunshine Radio (2021) Indie Rock
18. (Mic Break 5) Lo Potz (1:12) by Poil from Sus (2019) Alternative Rock
19. Arc of an Ilk (6:36) by The Mercury Tree from Spidermilk (2019) Art Rock
20. Ode to Viceroy (3:54) by Mac DeMarco from 2 (2012) Indie Rock
21. Sway (4:43) by The Mermen from The Amazing California Health and Happiness Road Show (2000) Surf Rock
22. (Mic Break 6) Tessitura (1:06) by Animals as Leaders from Animals as Leaders (2000) Djent
23. Collapse (3:52) by Baroness from Yellow & Green (2012) Metal
24. Windowpane (6:11) by Coil from Love’s Secret Domain (1991) Experimental Rock
25. Sad Fuzz (3:01) by Ty Segall from Melted (2010) Garage Psychedelic Punk
26. (Final Mic Break) Magick Mother Invocation (1:10) by Gong from The World of Daevid Allen and Gong, Vol. 2 (2006) Jazz Rock
27. With Twilight As My Guide (7:52) by The Mars Volta from Octahedron (2009) Progressive Metal

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