All Hex Broken Loose THURSDAY 6-8pm

Thursday, April 21, 4pm


France – Meltdown of Planet Earth (Desastre 2015/2022 )

Miles Davis – Ali (Take 3) (Champions – Jack Johnson Outtakes LP 1971 / 2021)

Hawkwind – Master of the Universe (In Search of Space LP 1971 / United Artists )

HAPPY BIRTHDAY IGGY – The Stooges – Fun House (Fun House 1970 Elektra) –

Irreversible Entanglements – Lagrimas Del Mar (Open the Gates LP 2021)

Jacques Thollot – Go Devil Go (Charline Scott vocal) (Go Devil Go 1975 LP)

Sun Ra and His Arkestra – Saturn (Pictures of Infinity 1971 Black Lion)

Zito Righi e seu Conjunto – Poema Ritmico do Malandra (Alucinolândia)

Stringtronics – Safari Park (Mindbender LP 1972)

Sun Araw – In the Tree (Boat Trip EP 2008 Woodsist)

Johnny Clarke & Horace Andy – No Man Is An Island (When Jah Shall Come LP)

S.E. Rogie – Nor Look Me Lek Dat (Further Sounds of S.E. Rogie 2022)

Mayo Thompson – Horses (Corky’s Debt to His Father LP )

Serge Gainsbourg – Evelyne

Les Sultans – La Poupée Qui Fait Non (Les Sultans 1966)

The Students – Life We Like To Live

Adam Ant – Deustcher Girls (45)

Scorpio and His People – Theme From Movietown Sound (45)

King Louis Narcisse – Jesus I Can’t Forget You (45)

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