Malderor – Lotus Thief Visits The Studio!

February 22, 12pm

Malderor welcomes Bay Area ‘archaic doom’ band Lotus Thief in to the studio! Lotus Thief merges post-black metal, space rock and ambient music, with lyrics based on ancient texts. Interesting stuff. Plus members of gypsy jazz band Blonde Toledo are *also* in the studio, as they share several band-members. So it’s a party! Check it out!

2:05pm: Aeternvm by The Lotus Thief

2:10pm: Watch Your Back by Blonde Toledo

2:24pm: Not Fragile by Acid King

2:28pm: Queens WIll Play by Black Mountain

2:32pm: Monterrey by Blonde Toledo

2:36pm: Manna And Quail by Caterwaul

2:49pm: return to normal schedule.

2:55pm: Electric by Boris

2:57pm: Journey To The Plains by Shels

3:10pm: Bar At The End Of The World by Blonde Toledo

3:14pm: Idisi by Lotus Thief

3:35pm: Jolene (Pitch Shifted Version) by Dolly Parton

3:58pm: Gallows Hymn by Primordial


Check out the stream here:

Dante’s Hot Tub Podcast 4/6/16 — with special guest Rachel Lark

April 12, 11pm

Rachel Lark

It’s Sex-Positive Anthems with special guest Rachel Lark

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Wherein we host the incredibly talented, ribald and hilarious Rachel Lark, a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with songs about “sex, drugs, heartbreak and messy apartments.” She visited the studio to share how she got started in music, discuss what she does and guest DJ. We got so caught up, we forgot to ask her to play live! That guarantees a return visit. This is one of my favorite shows and I hope you enjoy it too.

Set list:
Dante’s Hot Tub Intro
You Kinda Hate Girls by Rachel Lark from Vagenius
Rock & Roll Dreams’ll Come Through by Scharpling & Wurster from New Hope For the Ape-Eared
Eskimo by Corky and the Juice Pigs
Chilli Dippin’ Baby by Betty Coral With Raymond McCollister from Griddle Greasin’ Daddies And Dirty Cowboys
Muriel and De Bug by Lord Kitchener
Stay the Night by Rachel Lark from I Wouldn’t Worry
You Only Live Once by Rachel Lark from Vagenius
Freddy The Marxist Elf by Rachel Lark from Hung For The Holidays
Text Me The Fuck Back by Rachel Lark from Lark After Dark
Warm, Bloody, and Tender by Rachel Lark
For The Guys by Rachel Lark from Vagenius
Lemme Freak by Lil Dicky
White Wine In The Sun by Tim Minchin
Fuck 69 by Rachel Lark from Vagenius
Lobachevsky by Tom Lehrer from Songs & More Songs By Tom Lehrer
Pony Girl by Kitten On the Keys from At Viva Variety 33

Rachel Lark on Dante’s Hot Tub Wed April 6

April 4, 11pm

Incredibly talented and hilarious singer/songwriter extraordinaire Rachel Lark will be performing LIVE in the studio as well as guest DJing for this week’s Dante’s Hot Tub with host Juan Rapido on Wednesday April 6. Her sex-positive anthems are unfiltered looks at “sex, drugs, heartbreak and messy apartments.”

We’re really excited to have Rachel in the studio to discuss her music, her influences and her experience with bloody sex. Rachel will be performing this Friday April 8 in Oakland at Awaken Cafe – see the show poster below for details. And speaking of bloody sex, check out her latest video for Warm, Bloody, and Tender. (I’ll be asking her not only about the video but her use of the Oxford comma in the song title.)


Baby and the Luvies on Dante’s Hot Tub 11/4 8pm

November 2, 11am

Baby and the Luvies

Eastlake Music Festival | Baby & the Luvies – Heartbroke

Tune in this week to Dante’s Hot Tub from 8-10pm PT for our special guests Baby and the Lovies, a San Francisco-based 10-piece soul-inspired boogie band. We’ll have vocalist Adeoti Ashiru and keyboardist Lessley Anderson in the studio to promote their show Friday Nov 6 at 10pm at PianoFight and play a bunch of tracks, including their own music plus influences and favorites.  read more »

Dante’s Hot Tub 12/12/12: Accordion Music by Lorenzo!

December 9, 7pm

Dante’s Hot Tub is proud to have local musician and future accordion superstar Lorenzo “Lolo” Lucchesi in the tub for this week’s show. Lorenzo will play music and discuss his young career this Wednesday 12/12/12 starting in the 8 o’clock hour. We’ll hear a variety of music, with an emphasis on classic Italian songs.

Lorenzo is only 11 years old but he has been playing accordion for several years. He is currently studying under Peter Di Bono, an accomplished musician and well-regarded teacher within the accordion community. A second-generation San Franciscan, Lorenzo is well-known in North Beach for playing many restaurants, cafes and street corners as Accordion Music by Lorenzo.

It was by chance that Lorenzo chose to play the accordion: one night while searching for a program to view on television, he came upon the Lawrence Welk Show. The featured guest that night was world renowned accordionist, Myron Floren.

Mesmerized by Floren’s ability to play what looked like such an odd looking “piano.”  Lorenzo told his mom, “I want to play that.”  Mom and Dad agreed that he could take lessons but that they would only consider purchasing him his own instrument if he stuck with it for a year. That was when he was  7 ½. Incredible musical inspiration for someone so young!

Lorenzo is excited to play live on the air at Radio Valencia and Dante’s Hot Tub is thrilled to bring this young local talent to our airwaves.

Dante’s Hot Tub with your host Juan Rapido airs every Wednesday from 8-10pm on Radio Valencia.



May 3, 9pm

It was a tripped out show as we were joined by special guest DJ Kenny Dojo in Dante’s Hot Tub as he guided an audio tour of contemporary psychedelic rock from around the world. From the more pop-oriented psychedelic rock of the Sand Pebbles to the long jams of The Spacious Mind we channeled the center earlobe.

Dante’s Hot Tub Intro
Miniskirt by Combustible Edison + Esquivel from Lounge-A-Palooza
Mini Skirts Time by Gerldets
Hip Huggin’ Mini by Tender Joe Richardson
Shake Your Mini by Show Stoppers
Miniskirt Dance by Senator Jones
Mr. Miniature Train Modeler by Bud Light Presents from Real Men of Genius

DJ Kenny Dojo joins us in the Tub

The Unseen Devourers by Outrageous Cherry from The Book of Spectral Projections
A Thousand Flowers by The Sand Pebbles from A Thousand Wild Flowers
Northern Star by Youngteam from Daydreamer
Ignition Slated for Eight by Asteroid No. 4 from Hail to the Clear Figurines

DJ Kenny Dojo joins us in the Tub

Gamm by Cave from Psychic Summer
Replicate by Disappears from Pre Language
Before You Leave by 93MillionMilesToTheSun from Northern Sky
Smoke Ring For My Halo by Kurt Vile from Smoke Ring For My Halo
The Prophet Am I by The Spacious Mind from Mind of a Brother

DJ Kenny Dojo joins us in the Tub

Honja by The Spacious Mind from Gentle Path Highway

DJ Kenny Dojo joins us in the Tub

She’s Taking Me Down by The Chemistry Set from This Day Will Never Happen Again
Dark Magic by The Sand Pebbles from Dark Magic
Track 5 by Oresund Space Collective from Slip into the Vortex

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4-11-12: Dante’s Hot Tub gets a cleaning, Juan Rapido goes to Wrybread’s Hot Tub

April 10, 11pm

Toilet Cat

On Wednesday night 4/11/12 from 8-10pm, Dante’s Hot Tub gets it’s twice-yearly cleaning and we take the show on the road to Wrybread’s rooftop hot tub. Join us for fun, hijinks, technical glitches and possible electrocution — plus special guest Jack Champion of Bakersfield Backbeat, Radio Valencia Saturdays from 2-4pm.

Featuring songs to strip to, country & western, wacky commercials, soul and more. Podcast and playlist to follow after the show. We’ll be back in Dante’s totally cleaned hot tub next week!

Dante’s Hot Tub 3.28.12 Podcast: Special Guest DJ Kenny Dojo plays Turkish Psych-Folk-Rock

March 31, 11am

Special guest DJ Kenny Dojo joined me in the Hot Tub on March 28 to play tracks from his deep collection of Turkish Psych-Folk-Rock 45s and share his knowledge of the scene. And he pronounces Turkish much better than how I stumble through Portuguese.

Playlist for the whole show:

Quick visit with Tony of Drinks with Tony
Dante’s Hot Tub Intro
J Dubs Theme by Son Of Bazerk from Bazerk Bazerk Bazerk
Brother in the Back by Ill Media from Deeper Concentration
That’s Right by Mike Doughty from Dubious Luxury
Optimo by Liquid Liquid from LCD Soundsystem: The Influences

We’re joined in the Tub by DJ Kenny Dojo

2023 by Baris Manco
Estarabim by Erkin Koray
Gafil Gezme Saskin by Ersen Ve Dadaslar
Aybatti by Fikret Kizilok
Imece by Mogollar
Loberde by Fikret Hakan

We’re joined in the Tub by DJ Kenny Dojo

Su Sazima Bir Duzen Ver by Sakir Oner
Saka Maka by Selda
Mehmet Emmi by Affetmem Seni
Yedin Beni by Ersen Dadaslar
Malabadi Koprusu by Selcuk Alagoz
Uzum Kaldi by Cem Karaca with Mogollar

We’re joined in the Tub by DJ Kenny Dojo

Erol Buyukburc by Allahim Beni De Gor
Ben Armudu Dislerim by Alpay
Kalenin Bayir Duzu by Alpay
Tanrilarin Arabalari by Mogollar

Thanks to DJ Kenny Dojo for joining us in the Tub

A Night in Tunisia by Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers from Art Blakey et les Jazz Messengers au club St. Germain vol. 2


Dante’s Hot Tub celebrates Imperial Teen Wed Feb 22 8-10pm

February 22, 8am

Tonight on Dante’s Hot Tub we play songs from legendary SF pop superstars Imperial Teen as we celebrate their return to the stage for Noise Pop 2012. We’ll play a couple sets with songs from all five of their studio albums.

Imperial Teen plays this Friday 2/24 at Cafe Du Nord with 20 Minute Loop, Hollerado and Giggle Party. The show is sold out, but you can catch them for a FREE show at Amoeba Music this Sat 2/25 at 2pm.

Runaway is the first single off their new album Feel the Sound from Merge Records.