8/23/17 Podcast

August 21, 6pm

Features music from Murder by Phone, Clap, You’re Dead, Escalofrío, The Vampire Happening, Basket Case, Twin Peaks and more….

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George Romero Tribute Show

August 7, 8am

Music from Night of the Living Dead, Martin, Season of the Witch, Dawn of the Dead, Nightriders, The Dark Half, The Crazies, Day of the Dead, Two Evil Eyes, Creepshow and more.

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Interview with Mike Daddona of Ratskin Records

July 19, 7pm

Interview with Mike Daddona of Ratskin Records discussing Ratskin’s extraordinary new 10 CD comp Rogue Pulse/Gravity Collapse. Rogue Pulse/Gravity Collapse features over 187 artists and over thirteen hours of almost exclusively unreleased sounds and music. All proceeds go to St. James Infirmary, Black Lives Matter’s national bail fund, and the Oakland Immediate Fire Relief Fund.

7/5/17 Episode

July 9, 7pm

Featuring music from House of Secrets, LSD Trip to Where, Frankenhooker, Sister Street Fighter, Girl Boss Reform School Escape, L’ossessa and more….

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6/21/17 Episode

July 6, 3pm

Featuring music from Don’t Answer the Phone, Scalps, Night of Bloody Horror, The Demon Murder Case, Dark Star, Female Animal and more….

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Kung Fu Soundtrack Special

June 30, 2pm

Features music from The Way of the Dragon, ShaoIin Iron Finger, Black Belt Jones, Five Deadly Venoms, Descendants of Wing Chun, Iron Monkey and more…..

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6/14/17 Episode

June 27, 10pm

Music from The Demon Murder Case, Vampira, Black Belt Jones, Cafe Flesh, Berserker and a whole bunch more!

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5/17/17 Episode

June 14, 3pm

Features music from Cauldron of Blood, Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll, Weekend of Terror, A Dragonfly for Each Corpse, Death Walks at Midnight and more….

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