Casbah Club Oct 14: More all over the place than usual

Friday, October 15, 10am

2:03pm: Sinnerman-Sofi Tukker Remix by Nina Simone

2:06pm: You Know How To Love Me by Benny Page feat OriginBa & Propa

2:10pm: Juana La Cubana by Skapital Sound feat Dr Ring Ding

2:15pm: House of the Rising Sun (Live at the Village Gate) by Nina Simone

2:19pm: House of the Rising Sun by Nina Simone from Nina Sings the Blues

2:23pm: Equitoreal by Dubtribe Sound System

2:32pm: The Tipping Point by Tears For Fears

2:36pm: July Eyes by Send Medicine

2:40pm: Loopholes by The Murlocks

2:46pm: Oh Bother by The Brian Jonestown Massacre

2:50pm: Lucky You by Earl Hooker with Jody Williams

2:53pm: Say Hello by Fuzz

3:02pm: Iyat Ninhay by Bombino

3:08pm: Asdikte Akal by Mdou Moctar

3:12pm: Tahabort by Imarhan

3:16pm: Easy Street by Amanaz

3:19pm: Hard Times by Baby Huey

3:24pm: Jolene by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

3:26pm: Amish Paradise by Weird Al

3:29pm: Motherlover by The Lovely Island feat Justin Timberlake

3:32pm: Creep by Richard Cheese

3:34pm: Hold on to Your Genre by Les Savy Fav

3:40pm: Jonny Guitar Calling Gosta Berlin by Snapped Ankles

3:46pm: Garbage Man by G Love and Special Sauce

3:51pm: Never Forever by Dead Soft

3:54pm: Tenth Planet by Man or Astro-Man?

3:57pm: Black Madonna and Dub by Dr. Blassie feat The Cultivator

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