Hell’s Kitchen Radio #343: Steel Bridge Spectacular

August 23, 9pm

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Every June in the lovely bayside town of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, a group of talented troubadours gather in the Holiday Music Hotel to woodshed together, in what is known as the “Construction Zone“, for hours and days on end, spinning the bottle, and gathering up to create fresh, new music, that they will premier live at local venues once they emerge from the creative process, for the annual Steel Bridge Songfest. Founded by songwriter pat mAcdonald, and now in its 14th year, it’s an anything goes process, that will elicit some of the most awe-inspiring musical moments, you would think took months to create instead of hours.

On my show this past Monday night I was happy to welcome back to the studio, guitarist extraordinaire Eric McFadden, who, for the past 14 years has been a mainstay at Steel Bridge. Eric brought along music from the past three years to share.

As you can see by the playlist that follows, there are a lot of names associated with the songs. These are the folks who worked together throughout the event to write these songs. Credit where credit is due.

I hope you enjoy these songs as much as Eric, pat and everyone who was involved in Steel Bridge Songfest enjoyed creating them for you. I look forward to making the trek out to Sturgeon Bay to witness this showcase live in the years to come.

If you’re living in the SF Bay Area, come on out to the Ivy Room in Albany on Friday night, August 24th for Eric’s CD release party “Pain By Numbers“. We close out the show with the track “The Jesus Gonna See You Naked” from the new CD.



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Strawberry Moon: Anna Sacks, Ruby James, Genevieve Hayward
Local Girls: Vincent Gates, Carley Baer
Bomb The Bridge: James Hall

She’s So Nautical: James Hall, Chris Bishop, Lumberjack Cash, Liv Muller
Long Way Gone: Morgan Rae, Eric McFadden, pat mAcdonald
Holidazed: Eric McFadden, Tarl Knight, Bruce Butkovich

Rhythm to the Schism: delphine de st. Paër, Loren T, Craig Greenberg, Eric McFadden
Ms. Cherry Lanes: Liam Hall, Matt Spatol
Steel Bridge Lullaby: Geri X, Anna Sacks, Jimm McIver

Views Just Fine: Vincent Gates, Charles Boheme, Michael Black, Barrett Tasky
Haunt Me Out: Brett Newski, Eric McFadden, Michael McKinnon, Jamey Clark, Greg Roteik
Long Way Round To You: Patrick Kelly, Carley Baer, Alex Hand, Barrett Tasky, Jamey Clark

Without Music: Liv Muller, Loren T, Jamey Clark, Queen Delphine
Joys: Eric McFadden, Geri X, Sugar Ransom
Devil’s Daughter: Lantz Lazwell, Liam Hall, Matt Spatol, Charles Boheme

Wait: Robin Bienemann, Alex Hand, Cathy Grier
Dance on the Bridge: Morgan Rae, Ruby James, Craig Greenberg, Andrea Wittgens, Jamey Clark
Filigree: Robin Bienemann, Tony Menzer, Mike Wheeler

Diamonds and Fairies: Charles Boheme and many many more
Talk About the Good Things: Claire Kelly, James Hall, Lantz Lazwell, Bruce Butkovich, Jamey Clark

The Jesus Gonna See You Naked: Eric McFadden

Photos by Ty Helbach

Hell’s Kitchen Radio #302: Godfather of the Big Easy

May 11, 6pm

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I was out of town last week, so I have a lot to make up for. I think I did a fairly good job doing so. You be the judge. I have a good excuse though. I was down in the Big Easy, New Orleans, performing a marriage ceremony for Hell’s Kitchen Radio friends Eric McFadden and his bride, Delphine De St Paër. And what a party it was! Five days and four nights during Jazz Fest in NOLA cannot be beat.

The wedding was on the fourth day, featuring what was probably the greatest wedding band ever assembled: Angelo Moore on vocals/theremin, Doug Wimbish on bass, RonKat Spearman on guitar, Wally Ingram on drums, CR Gruver on keys, with Corey Glover joining in on vocals, Lantz Lazwell on guitar. Leo Nocentelli of The Meters performed “Just Kissed My Baby” to the lovely couple, as well as James Hall singing the most beautiful song of his own, and the groom leading the backing band into a 25 minute Maggot Brain while the 66 members of the bridal party made their way down the aisle before the three ring bearers, four flower girls, three junior bridesmaids, parents and finally the bride herself made it to the altar. Whew! There was too much more, including the backing band leading the entire wedding party and guests out into the street for a Second Line to end all Second Lines. The after party was a who’s who of amazing musicians all night long.

I tell much of the story during the second hour of this here show.

Having been gone I missed the KFJC annual James Brown birthday celebration “Doin’ to Death”. The first show features JB in all his funky glory. Get your dance shoes on for this one.

The second hour starts with my feature on NOLA. I bought some local music while I was in town. Would you blame me? I actually start the hour off with Chicago rocker, and old friend of Eric McFadden’s, and my new bestie, Adam Mackintosh‘s “Teenage Phase”. I can’t stop playing this song. I’m playing it now as I’m writing this. Listen to it and you’ll understand why. I hope he writes a song about the Roach Motel we both shared. That was fun.

I close out the night with my tribute to what many consider to be the greatest Grateful Dead show of all time, May 8, 1977. This being the 40th anniversary of said show, I would be remiss if I didn’t pay homage. I don’t consider it the best show they ever played. I do think it deserves to be in anyone’s collection. I would also place it in the top 5 or 10. It was probably their best show of the Spring 77 tour, and the recording itself is pristine. The playing is spot on and the jams are tight. A bit too tight at times. What makes it so highly considered is that this bootleg, which first made an appearance in trading circle back in the mid-80s, was the first high quality recording and show of it’s kind from that era to make the trading scene. Everyone loved it, and deservedly so. But to call it the BEST EVER? I can think of at least five other shows throughout their career that beat it. But that’s for another post at another time.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on the playlist below, and click the links above to stream or download this sparkly delight.

Next week I have so much more music wonders to share with you all.



Hell’s Kitchen with John Hell
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Drug PSA: James Brown
I Feel Good: James Brown
My Thang: James Brown

Stagger Lee: James Brown
It’s A Man’s World: James Brown
Get on the Good Foot: James Brown

Bodyheat: James Brown
Since You Been Gone: James Brown
People Who Criticize: James Brown

Funky Drummer: James Brown
The Grunt: The JBs

Hour two:
Teenage Phase: Adam Mackintosh
Big Chief: Professor Longhair

Gator Bait: The Gaturs
Love Lots of Lovin’: Lee Dorsey and Betty Harris
Gospel Bird: Sam and the Soul Machine

Scarlet Begonias/Fire on the Mountain: Grateful Dead (05-08-1977 Barton Hall, Cornell U, Ithaca, NY)

Ace of Spades: Motorhead —- It’s the Eight of May. Get it?
I Got the Feeling: James Brown

For those who aren’t in the know, Eric McFadden played guitar for George Clinton and P-Funk at one time. Check out this Maggot Brain below.

Hell’s Kitchen Radio #279: Trick AND Treat

November 6, 10am


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Download the Fear, HERE!

It was a Halloween sPoOkTacUlaR show tonight. I’m not much on holiday themes, but something about this particular holiday inspires me to go the extra mile. You can’t say that John Hell ever phones it in!

Tonight features some of my favorite spooky treats, along with two new tunes from two of my favorite ladies. Phat Man Dee sent me a track that is perfectly scary as well as apropos for the 2016 election cycle. If you don’t get the willies from “Fourth Reich Rising” then perhaps you’re dead already. Good for you!

Queen delphine has been building up her stage chops for a couple of years now and this Cramps cover has certainly shown that she’s not too shy to put a bug in your ear (oh good lord will the puns ever stop?). “Human Fly” is will put a buzz in your ear and make you think twice before you pull out that can of Raid. Eric McFadden on guitar.

The rest of the show is full of horror movie themes, spooky spoken word, and very dark magic. It’s just what Hell ordered.

The holidays are officially upon us, and the election is just days away. Time to run screaming!



Hell’s Kitchen with John Hell
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I Love Living in the City: Danko Jones
The Mercy Seat: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Delia’s Gone: Johnny Cash

Human Fly: Queen delphine (premier)
Bloody Hammer: Roky Erickson
My Car: Groovy Ghoolies

All I Want for Christmas is Halloween: Happy Fangs
Night Crawler: Thee Oh Sees
Free the Freaks: CCR Headcleaner
Naked Lunch Excerpts: William S. Burroughs
Monster: Three Day Stubble

Fourth Reich Arising: Phat Man Dee
Helpless Corpses Enactment: Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
Meat: Idiot Flesh

Judgement Day: Jack O’Fire
My Biggest Mistake: Joan of Arkansas
Dracula’s Daughters: Redd Kross
Lord 13: Monster Magnet

We Love the Dead: Electric Wizard
King Beef: Torche
Remover: Owl

Monster Wizard: Zig Zags
Uncle Powderbag: OBN IIIs
Motorhead: Ty Segall Band

In and Out of Grace: Mudhoney