Friday at 4PM Sonic Subversion Welcomes Carlos Souffront

February 7, 2pm

Tune in to The Sonic Subversion Program with Brian And Janine Friday at 4 PM Pacific time when our very special guest will be Carlos Souffront:

After the show we all head down to Monarch at 6th and Mission for “Music By Proxy” where Janine and Carlos will play live at the Amazing Hour At Monarch (6th and Mission San Francisco) for Amazing Music, Amazing Drinks and  amazing company (including some of the radio Valencia Djs) NO COVER 5:30 to 9:30 PM



August 24, 12am

 S • A • T • U • R • D • A •  Y   –   S • E • P • T • E • M • B • E • R   21st  2•0•1•3
@  T • H • E    C • A • S • T • R • O    T • H • E  • A • T • R • E 


JONATHAN DEMME is best known for acclaimed feature films such as SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, PHILADELPHIA, and RACHEL AT THE WEDDING, but he’s also had an equally important career as a concert filmmaker, documenting such music icons as Talking Heads, Neil Young, Robyn Hitchcock, and the late monologuist Spalding Gray. KrOB’S FILM FARM presents these performance films in reverse chronology, spread out over two great double features at The Castro Theatre   in 35MM.

‘Plus — The Mighty Wurlitzer, KrOB’S EYENOISE & more!

Tickets can be purchased @ The Castro Box Office on the day of the show (9˙21˙2013) only.

Listen to Stimulus Regression Programming (Thursdays at 10pm) in September for a chance to get free tickets and stuff!


the early show :: 2:00pm :: $12.00

NEIL YOUNG: HEART OF GOLD (103 min. 2006)
A touching concert film shot in Nashville during a time that Young was facing his own mortality, in the form of both his own father’s death and his own (successful) battle with a cerebral aneurysm. The A.V. Club says of the film, “[Young] sounds simultaneously wary of death and newly aware of how sweet life can be. It’s hard to film icons like Young as anything but icons, but Demme’s film gets past the legend, zooming in on Young’s aged, heroic face and finding an artist as human as the rest of us.” (2:40pm)

HEART OF GOLD will be preceded by the short documentary “WAITING FOR A TRAIN: The Toshio Hirano Story” (Directed by Oscar Bucher | 20 min. 2009) about San Francisco’s own yodeling Jimmie Rodgers acoltye Toshio Hirano, and a short solo set by Hirano in person.


The ever-adventurous English singer-songwriter Robyn Hitchcock performing a riveting solo concert in a (literal) storefront in New York. Salon calls STOREFRONT HITCHCOCK “so compelling a concert film that it’s easy to forget the chances [Demme] took in making it.” (4:40pm)


the late show :: 7:00pm :: $12.00

The first — and greatest — filmed document of Spalding Gray, as he tells mostly true tales of barely surviving the filming of Roland Joffe’s THE KILLING FIELDS, with a brilliant score by Laurie Anderson. Roger Ebert commented, “This is a monologue that has been polished during many hundreds of hours on the stage, and although he makes it sound fresh, he is so familiar with it that he can gallop through a tricky passage with the confidence of an auctioneer. Like a good preacher, some of his power comes from the sheer virtuosity of his speech.” (7:40pm)


STOP MAKING SENSE (88 min. 1984)
Our Feature Presentation… Talking Heads at the top of their game! It’s been declared by Rolling Stone and countless others, as “One of the greatest rock movies ever made.” — and from the moment David Byrne says “I’ve got a tape I want to play,” you’ll understand why. Beautifully shot by Jordan Cronenweth. (10:00pm)

STOP MAKING SENSE will be preceded by the Extra Action Marching Band short film “THE BURNING WIGS OF SEDITION” (Directed by Anna Fitch & Simon Cheffins | 10 min. 2010) , followed by a live performance by the marching punk-rock marauders themselves.


TOSHIO HIRANO is a time- and continent-jumping troubadour. He grew up in Tokyo, coming of age when the American folk revival was also hitting Japan, but a chance listen to a Sunday afternoon radio program introduced him to the sound of southern Appalachia. Fast-forward through moves to Nashville and Austin, to marrying an American woman and starting a family, and Hirano is now a popular proselytizer of country legends — particularly his yodeling hero, Jimmie Rodgers — at various venues throughout San Francisco.

THE EXTRA ACTION MARCHING BAND is a collision of big band and ecstatic turmoil. Despite their name they rarely march, but rather shimmy, crawl, mob and charge. Trumpets pounce like eagles and tubas drip ass-bouncing blurps from fat fingers. Drums shudder under wild eyed and white knuckled drummers, and through it all winds the flag team; glittering and sinuous creatures who masterfully pulsate pom-poms in a hypnotic fantasy. The listener is hoodwinked, soaked, and savaged into giddy abandon.

S8 til u die & Chris Micro on Cold Ones Today 5/2/13

May 2, 2pm

On this episode of Coldies with Ami Lawless; it’s that time of year again! Our good buddie and local punx icon John The Baker is throwing SKATE TIL YOU DIE 2013 an ANNUAL BENEFIT SKATE FROM RICHMOND TO SAN JOSE OVER THE COARSE OF 3 DAYS. This year the skaters will be raising awareness about the indigenous people of Hawaii and their struggle for independence and raising money for the Music Cares Foundation. Skate Til You die is a skate a thon where skaters get people to make donation pledges based on how many miles a skater skates. For example if someone pledges .10 cents a mile and the skater skates the whole 66 miles then the person owes $6.66. Skaters can collect the money after the event or can get one time donations and bring donations at the start of the event. The skater that raises the most money will win the Grand Prize.

On today’s Cold Ones some of the bands  & skaters that will be performing  & skating at this years Skate Til You Die will be coming in to the Radio Valencia studios and chatting about why they decided to get involved. The guests on today show will be members of FUCKTARD, LAS MALAS PULGAS & Mykee Ramen of BLACK MARKET PROPHETS (we’re hoping he brings his acoustic guitar in and plays us s little ditty or two). We are also expecting a call in from John The Baker himself.

Also later in the show local street artist/slap artist/apparel & deck designer plus all around good guy Chris Micro will be coming in and giving out the secret location of his exhibit slated for this Saturday across the bridge in Oaklandia. We will of course be chatting about his #trashlife concept. Chris Micro has built a die-hard cult fallowing with his take on low brow street art. Be sure to check out his works at and be sure to tune into Cold Ones for the music but stay for the chaos.



DIGESTOR of GHOUL on today’s Cold Ones + more

April 25, 2pm

On this scary episode of Cold Ones & Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless,we are pettrified to announce; straight from Creepsylvania, Digestor guitar and vox as well as cannibal of GHOUL will be live in the Radio Valencia

DIGESTOR will cut you up into bite sized peices, in order to savor your flavor.

DIGESTOR will cut you up into bite sized peices, in order to savor your flavor.

studio. You are forwarned that DIGESTOR has a very important announcement that he wants each and every  one of you little humanoids to tune in for…your puny existance may depend on this. DIGESTOR will pick a couple of you flesh-bags (AKA listeners) to win some amazing GHOUL goodies, trust me you wont be sorry. And in case you are left wondering about GHOUL;


A GHOUL is a folkloric monster associated with graveyards and consuming human flesh and playing bone-snapping splatterthrash, often classified as but not necessarily undead.

If you are perpexed by this post;

Ghoul is playing a secret show some time very soon in the Bay Area. A riddle will be released every few days that will give you a clue as to where and when. It is up to YOU to use your addled brain to follow the clues. YOUR FIRST CLUE is:

In Creepsylvania things are hidden
Under piles of bones and midden
But stranger still, I can relate
Is under fig leaves hides a date

Clue Two

I think the last riddle may have been a little too abstruse for some of you lovelies out there, so here’s another shot at figuring out the date of the secret show!

A spider’s home
A blind man’s dream
In page and chapter
Hides the key

Clue Three

Mr. Fang here. I’ve made a new riddle telling you WHERE the secret show is.

An Old French sword and a tiny train
222 is cleaved in twain
A ruined meal in a hill of riches
This show will make you shit your britches



TUNE INTO COLD ONES & ROLLED ONES between 6:00pm-8:00pm for all the info, free tickest to the Secret GHOUL Show and even some limited edition GHOUL vinyl!!!



Also a call in chat with Adam Jennings from Chicago noise band WINTERS IN OSAKA & The PAUCITIES. We will also be giving away copies of the brand new WINTERS IN OSAKA (with Eric Wood on vo-killz)/AMPS FOR CHRIST split LP. This beast is guaranteed to swallow yr soul and is super limited edition of only 200.






March 29, 12pm

March 30th—C’mon by the Speakeasy Brewery, 1195 Evans, SF, noon-6 p.m! We have 2 great years to celebrate, 3 free bands, 9 types of artisanal beer in the tap room, 1 new t-shirt design, & uncountable hordes of roving Radio Valencia DJs. Live broadcast, free performances by THE ATOM AGESWEAT LODGE, & MAURICE TANI of  77 EL DEORA. It’s inside, so it’s on, rain or shine! All ages welcome. Pizza, panini, & salads for sale.



CHR Tonight – Live from Thee Parkside

January 6, 1pm

mad mammaTonights Cheap Hooch is broadcasting LIVE from Thee Parkside in San Francisco! It’s Twang Sunday and we’ve partnered with Thee Parkside to bring you a live performance from Mad Mama & The Bona Fide Few. We also have Special Guest Summer Murase from Rocketship Rocketship sitting in with us. Please tune in from 4-6PM or come down and visit us at 1600 17th Street in SF – Twang Sunday is Free! You can check out Mad Mama here:
Mad Mama & The Bona Fide Few

Katon W. DePena of HIRAX on Cold Ones Thursday September 20th, 2012

September 20, 3pm

Ever hear of a genre called crossover? Wonder where it came from and what it’s about? Well on tonight’s episode of the only radio show that matters AKA Cold Ones & Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless, not only will you gain a new understanding of this genre but your quiet ears will be schooled by one  of the crucial originators of said genre. Radio Valencia along with Ami Lawless is honored to have the man, the myth, the legend himself; Katon W. DePena of the mighty HIRAX live on air chatting about all things HIRAX. Katon with his cohorts in HIRAX were creating crossover while other bands that would later be lumped into the wild mix of hardcore & metal were still practicing in their parents garages. HIRAX through trials and tribulations has most definitely stood the test of time leaving their mark on the metal scene with a massive die-hard fan base, constant world domination through touring and critically acclaimed release after solid release dating back to their first 4-song demo in 1984. There are really not that many metal bands who can claim the kind of loyal fallowing that HIRAX has created, especially for almost 3 decades. One of the contributing factors to the longevity and success of HIRAX (besides their killer music) is their charismatic and talented front man Katon, who is one of the most well loved and respected guys in metal. This guy is a true lifer in the music community and a genuinely nice dude who takes time to be accessible to his fans. Tonight’s chat with Katon is testament to his unwavering appreciation to the HIRAX fans. Be sure to listen in 6:00-8:00pm.

10th Annual Cowgirlpalooza – Monday, Sept. 3

August 25, 3pm

This coming Labor Day on Monday, September 3rd, the El Rio presents the 10th Annual Cowgirlpalooza fest, and Radio Valencia will broadcast the whole show live starting at 4:00 PM and going all the way to 10:00 PM.

This year the lineup features 77 El Deora, The Rumble Strippers, The Patsychords, Kit & The Branded Men, and Kitty Rose. The El Rio is located at 3158 Mission Street between Cesar Chavez and Valencia. Doors open at 3:00 PM, show starts at 4:00 and it’s $10 at the door.

Come on down and enjoy the music in person or tune in live right here on Radio Valencia!

The August 5th Podcast for Sunday Streets Is Up!

July 31, 11am

Radio Valencia
was out in force at the last Sunday Streets event, broadcasting from in front of the Stage Werx Theater at 15th and Valencia. We had another wide-sampling of DJs and shows playing live from the sidewalk, including Miss Deena’s Vinyl Escapade, Gramophoney Baloney, Spontaneous Innuendoes, Favela Soul, Ribbon Around a Bomb, Interstellar Nihilism, Malderor & Dr. Junk, and Wake The Town, with support from Juan Rapido and Cheap Hooch. So you got a serious overview of what Radio Valencia has to offer. We also had visits from Radio Survivor, various local artists, and our fine hosts at Stage Werx. Download the podcast for a “Radio Valencia Sampler Plate.”

DJ Schedule

  • 11:00 AM – Miss Deena (Miss Deena’s Vinyl Escapade)
  • 11:30 AM – DJ McSchmormac (Gramophoney Baloney)
  • 12:00 PM – Faco! (Spontaneous Innuendos)
  • 12:30 PM – Fausto Sousa (Favela Soul)
  • 1:00 PM – La Lengua (Ribbon Around A Bomb)
  • 1:30 PM – Doktor Sleepless (Interstellar Nihilism)
  • 2:00 PM – Malderor (Malderor & Dr Junk)
  • 2:30 PM – Dr Junk (Malderor & Dr Junk)
  • 3:00 PM – Adam (Wake The Town)
  • 3:30 PM – Holly & D$ (Cheap Hooch)

AUTOPSY Ticket giveaway on Cold Ones with Ami LawLess this Thurs July 26th

July 26, 1pm

As the Bay Area punx & metal heads have been in mourning after losing their friend/brother Jef Leppard (well respected musician & recording engineer) in June, we come together as family to help raise some much needed funds for his wife Nikki who was badly injured in the same motorcycle accident that took Jef’s life. Cold Ones & Rolled Ones with Ami LawLess is honored to help present AUTOPSY, GHOUL, NOOTHGRUSH & ACEPHALIX at The Oakland Metro Opera House, Friday July 27th,2012. On this Thursday’s episode  we will be having band members from each band call in and chat about knowing Jef and why playing this gig is important to them.  For those of you who might not have the money to purchase tickets, we will be giving away 2 sets of tickets during the broadcast. We will be celebrating the life of our fallen brother with the music he was so passionate about and the good energy he gave off. Be sure to tune in this Thursday July 26th from 6:00-8:00pm Bay Area time zone, this show will be rebroadcast Friday July 27th on