Bo’s Veranda, New show coming 9/5, Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, Midnight-2AM

September 3, 6pm

B-Sides. Funky beats. Steady licks. Punchy harmonies. Flamenco rhythms. Some humor randomly thrown in, mostly because DJ Metaskeptik is totally new to radio, so there WILL BE SCREW UPS. Podcast will post sometime after as lots of listeners will be sleeping (or will they?).  Not genre specific, lest your ears be bored and not perky; we strive for perky ears.

Step Ya Game Up: no PLAY, all WORK…

February 12, 12am

Nothing but hard work and true talent today in the studio just like every other, except this one includes samples of booty shaking and beat making with that freestyle glow. This week on Step Ya Game Up Radio we have telephone guest N.O. out of New Orleans talking about his latest project he’s getting ready to drop. On top of that a freestyle straight off the top dome with no beat. Dope right? We also had his team Diamond Umbrella supporting him live in the studio including Ms.Tamika Harris who talks more about upcoming events and classes that involve African Dance. The last time he was here, he broke record for best freestyle and today none the less he did it again!! @iamlrucus returns for a second time to tell us more about his newest video “Rotate”, which in our opinion is raw! He also talks about how much work he’s been putting in but in the end never enough. Real inspired artists working to make it to the top.





Friday 4pm Sonic Subversion welcomes Kurt Stenzel

April 4, 9am

Kurt Stenzel – Music from Jodorowsky’s DUNE
Friday at 4PM Brian And Janine welcome Kurt Stenzel, Composer and performer of the music for Jodorowsky’s DUNE.
Join us for sound track-y fun.

Friday at 4PM Sonic Subversion Welcomes Carlos Souffront

February 7, 2pm

Tune in to The Sonic Subversion Program with Brian And Janine Friday at 4 PM Pacific time when our very special guest will be Carlos Souffront:

After the show we all head down to Monarch at 6th and Mission for “Music By Proxy” where Janine and Carlos will play live at the Amazing Hour At Monarch (6th and Mission San Francisco) for Amazing Music, Amazing Drinks and  amazing company (including some of the radio Valencia Djs) NO COVER 5:30 to 9:30 PM


OVVL on Cold Ones today 10/24/13 6:00-8:00pm

October 24, 4pm

The Bay Area has always been a hot bed of cool and unique musical acts, a plethora of bands that are the creators of their chosen genre. The Bay just doesn’t dissapoint when it comes to non-regurgitated music! With this in mind, we’re stoked to have the Bay’s own OVVL on Cold Ones and Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless. Over the past few years OVVL has released an LP, cassette single and an EP; All have been met with critical acclaim by not only this band’s peers but also the most discerning music critics alike. OVVL play a tight and heavy jammed out style of solid rock and roll, with a stoney nod to the 70’s era. Easy comparisons could be made to BLACK SABBATH, HAWKWIND and PENTAGRAM, yet OVVL’s sound adds a heavy dose of  raw brutality into the mix. While you can definitly hear this band’s influences here and there throughout thier releases, they manage to keep thier stylings fresh and uncompromisingly new, this band isn’t fallowing bland trends, they’re creating a genre that pays homage to the past. Today on Cold Ones with Ami Lawless, drummer Clint Baechle will be swinging through the Radio Valencia studios with some of



his OVVL bandmates (FYI, two band members are his brothers) to chat us up about what the band is up to.  We’ll spin some sweet OVVL tracks and they’ll play some tunes form other bands they are into. This show is not to be missed. Tune in for the music/stay for the chaos!

Tonight, 6-7 on TRR: Aaron Peskin takes your calls re No Wall on the Waterfront/No on B & C

October 23, 12pm

NoWall-BRIGHTTonight, Wednesday, October 23rd, Tenants Rights Radio and Radio Valencia make  former president of the Board of Supervisors Aaron Peskin available to you directly. He and host Mara Maccabee will take calls from listeners with questions and challenges about No Wall on the Waterfront (the 8 Washington luxury highrise) and the deceptive measures B and C., on the ballot November 5th. Call in, starting at 6:15, for some lively debate!


Sat.10/12, 10-noon: ‘White Bicycles’ Kicks It Off w/SONIA & Disappear Fear live in-studio + Geoffrey Rush & ticket giveaways to Carbon Leaf

October 11, 8pm

Sonia & Disappear Fear will appear live on White Bicycles, Radio Val’s new program of “folk-ish music with an edge” (more below). Sonia & band will perform songs from Broken Film, their brand-new CD, and give away tix to their evening concert w/the Naked Barbies (reunited!) and Loretta Lynch, in the Starry Plough’s 40th Anniversary Celebration, Tix giveaway  for Carbon Leaf at the Chapel, 10/20., too. PLUS: Depth Perception features a short chat with Geoffrey Rush about The Bicycle Thief.

White Bicycles features folk-ish-music-with-an-edge from around the world (one of many reasons we’re not using the term “Americana” ) and from local sources, including the best of smart singer-songwriters, rebel-rousing progressive songs, alt-country, roots, blues, some Celtic & Cajun, a bit of bluegrass, the occasional trad, and, from time to time, live musical and comedy guests.

The film-focused Depth Perception (formerly Thursdays 5:00-6:00 p.m.) has joined forces with White Bicycles to offer interviews with contemporary directors, actors, and film-festival producers, plus reviews of current film and riffs on film trends, film’s social impact, and cinemanic gossip.

4-8 a.m. Sat: Stay up! Bill Ward (Black Sabbath) on Lava Lamps

September 13, 4pm

bill vol 4Stay up for it! This Saturday from 4:00-8:00 a.m. (or what we tend to think of as late-late Friday night), Lava Lamps & 8-Track Theater offers two special interviews by Nurse Annabella. Listeners know how she loves her vintage videogame sounds, so you can imagine how excited she is to air her chat with award-winning videogame designer Rick Levine of Intellivision.

Nurse Annabella is also thrilled to present her interview with drummer extraordinaire Bill Ward, formerly of Black Sabbath. Bill discusses his new drum art project “Absence of Corners: A Collection of Rhythm on Canvas,” delves into some Hard Rock memories from the ’70s, and touches on a variety of other topics,.

As always, your host will also be playing for you yet another heavy set of the best in obscure 70’s psych rock, the aforementioned videogame sounds played live, and Retro B-movie trailers.

Photo: Bill Ward in action

9/14: “Mainstream Mania” on Ribbon Around a Bomb (& ticket giveaways!)

September 13, 12pm

famous punk womenAre you sick of tuning in to Radio Valencia on Saturday nights, expecting to enjoy “women who rock,” only to have your senses assaulted by bands you’ve never heard of like Legal Weapon, Tozibabe, and Chin Chin? We hear you!  And this Saturday, from 10 p.m.-midnight, Ribbon Around A Bomb is going “poseur” for the fans.  We’re abandoning all values, integrity, and musical taste for one glorious night of SELLING OUT.

Spinning all radio-friendly female-fronted “punk/rock,” this is your one and only chance to hear your fantasy retro-playlist on Ribbon Around A Bomb! Mainstream artists and bands including Blondie, Pat Benatar, the Pretenders, and Patti Smith. But wait, there’s more!  We’re exclusively featuring all the most played-out jams like Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” and the Go-Go’s “We Got the Beat.”

After we’ve exhausted all the B-52s and Heart that we can handle, we’ll move on up the timeline to Liz Phair, Hole, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Finally, we’ll be giving away a pair of tickets to the Julie Ruin (featuring. Kathleen Hanna)  in San Francisco, Tuesday, Sept. 17. Don’t miss it!  “Generic feminist tagline, grrrl!”

Tune in for Ribbon Around a Bomb’s “Mainstream Mania”  live on Radio Valencia this Saturday, September 14, from 10 p.m. until midnight.

Photo:  Female punk rockers Debbie Harry, Siouxsie Sioux. and Chrissie Hynde.