DIGESTOR of GHOUL on today’s Cold Ones + more

April 25, 2pm

On this scary episode of Cold Ones & Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless,we are pettrified to announce; straight from Creepsylvania, Digestor guitar and vox as well as cannibal of GHOUL will be live in the Radio Valencia

DIGESTOR will cut you up into bite sized peices, in order to savor your flavor.

DIGESTOR will cut you up into bite sized peices, in order to savor your flavor.

studio. You are forwarned that DIGESTOR has a very important announcement that he wants each and every  one of you little humanoids to tune in for…your puny existance may depend on this. DIGESTOR will pick a couple of you flesh-bags (AKA listeners) to win some amazing GHOUL goodies, trust me you wont be sorry. And in case you are left wondering about GHOUL;


A GHOUL is a folkloric monster associated with graveyards and consuming human flesh and playing bone-snapping splatterthrash, often classified as but not necessarily undead.

If you are perpexed by this post;

Ghoul is playing a secret show some time very soon in the Bay Area. A riddle will be released every few days that will give you a clue as to where and when. It is up to YOU to use your addled brain to follow the clues. YOUR FIRST CLUE is:

In Creepsylvania things are hidden
Under piles of bones and midden
But stranger still, I can relate
Is under fig leaves hides a date

Clue Two

I think the last riddle may have been a little too abstruse for some of you lovelies out there, so here’s another shot at figuring out the date of the secret show!

A spider’s home
A blind man’s dream
In page and chapter
Hides the key

Clue Three

Mr. Fang here. I’ve made a new riddle telling you WHERE the secret show is.

An Old French sword and a tiny train
222 is cleaved in twain
A ruined meal in a hill of riches
This show will make you shit your britches



TUNE INTO COLD ONES & ROLLED ONES between 6:00pm-8:00pm for all the info, free tickest to the Secret GHOUL Show and even some limited edition GHOUL vinyl!!!



Also a call in chat with Adam Jennings from Chicago noise band WINTERS IN OSAKA & The PAUCITIES. We will also be giving away copies of the brand new WINTERS IN OSAKA (with Eric Wood on vo-killz)/AMPS FOR CHRIST split LP. This beast is guaranteed to swallow yr soul and is super limited edition of only 200.





NIGHT NURSE on Cold Ones tonight, Thursday September 13th

September 13, 1pm

On tonight’s episode of the Only Radio Show That Matters AKA Cold Ones & Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless, the band NIGHT NURSE (from PDX) will be rolling through the Rad-Val studios and chatting us up. NIGHT NURSE has only been in existence for less than 2 years but have made an impact on the Portland punk/metal circuit. This band has a hybrid stench-core/ripper crust sound going on that brings to mind bands like SACRILEDGE, HELLBASTARD and even some DISCHARGE (only faster). One of the stand out elements to NIGHT NURSE is their vo-killist Jennifer, whose frustrated & angry banshee shrieks pile drive the music like a steam engine. Combined with some straight on ripping riffs, heavy and moody elements and really good song structure…plainly put this band pulverizes all in its path with their brand of no holds barred death-crust. NIGHT NURSE is touring the western part of this country right now slaying the masses. Best get your arse over to The Hemlock in SF tonight and catch their set with the mighty BADR VOGU.  As if this isn’t enough, members of this band have also done time in; HELLSHOCK, DETESTATION, SPLATTERHOUSE, BLOOD FREAK, ABANDON, FALL OF THE BASTARDS etc. This will be the last CO&RO show at the current Rad-Val location, we are moving to a plush spot where we will be able to have bands play “live” on the show. Keep an ear to the ground for some upcoming shenanigans.

SLAUGHTER BY THE WATER & EYEHATEGOD TIX GIVEAWAY, in studio guest on tonights Coldies Thurs Aug 23rd

August 23, 2pm

Come one come all! On tonight’s episode of Cold Ones & Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless, my co-host will be local comedian/D.J./musician and all around homeboy Mean Dave. In the first hour of the show we will have in studio guests Brian Montague , promoter of SLAUGHTER BY THE WATER Fest and his best bud Nick guitar shredder of local thrash metal band ZOMBIE HOLOCAUST, who’s playing the SBTW and also part of the promotional duo that have been putting together one of the Bay Area’s most respected and anticipated Metal Fests. These two will also be giving away tickets to this weekend’s most anticipated event and will be giving us a behind the scenes look at what it takes to put something of this magnitude together for the fans and by the fans, and on the USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier. We will also be giving away some sets of tickets to next weekend’s EYEHATEGOD show at The Oakland Metro; so if you are a broke ass/ you should definitely be listening in tonight for your chance to win tickets! A preview of next Thursday August 30th show; we will be debuting a new ripper by one of my all time favorite thrash-metal bands, HIRAX!! My good pal Katon W. De Pena will also be chatting us up on all things HIRAX…also more ticket giveaways. You can’t win if you don’t listen in!

SKATE TIL U DIE on Cold Ones & Rolled Ones Thurs May 10, 2012

May 10, 3pm

Ahoy dear listeners! On tonight’s fine episode of Cold Ones & Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless   (AKA Thee only radio show that matters), guests will be skater/musicians Brandon Bailey and Jared Power; who are two of the extreme bad ass skaters that will be participating in Skate Til U Die. For those unfamiliar, Skate Til U Die is an epic skate-a-thon that is in its 5th year of existence here in the Bay Area. The brain child, so to speak of punk icon John The Baker (last week’s guest on Cold Ones) and his buddy (and at the time housemate) Jared Power. About 6 years ago these two fine fellas had the idea to skateboard from Richmond CA down to San Jose CA in order to hang out with their homies who had always been coming up to Richmond to hang out. It took them 19 hours from beginning until they reached their destination. A little beaten down and weary, they dusted themselves off, patted themselves on the back and shared their experience with friends all over the Bay Area. We were all blown away at the physical feat these two endured in order to hang out with their South Bay homies. Now this is one extreme expression of true friendship! The following year the dynamic duo decided it was time to do it again; but this time invite more folks to participate and raise some money for charity. This is how Skate Til U Die was born…now its five years later and going strong as ever. The other intriguing part to this skate-a-thon is that our boys John and Jared incorporated their other love; punk-fucking-rock into the equation. Skate Til U Die takes place over 3 days and at the end of each day of skating punk bands play and the party ensues. This is every teenage punk rawkers dream weekend = skating ones flesh off topped off with some of the Bay Area’s finest punk bands tearing down the house. Tune in for a chat with two dudes that have truly given their blood, sweat and tears to Skate Til U Die. Both Brandon and Jared have been integral elements in each Skate Til U Die and this year is no different, both these guys will be playing each night with their respective bands after hours of skating. Something that should not be missed.

COCK SPARRER & RANCID ticket giveaway on tonights Cold ones & rolled ones Thurs March 22nd

March 22, 10am

AHOY ye punx, drunx, headbangers & lunx! On tonight’s Cold Ones & Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless we are stoked to be giving away a pair of tickets to one of the most anticipated and bad ass punx shows to roll through the San Francisco this year! Yep the one-two punch of COCK SPARRER and RANCID at the Warfield this Saturday….but wait; that’s not all. Along with the tickets one lucky listener will also receive a copy of the limited edition COCK SPARRER/RANCID split 7″ (on sexxxy ruby red vinyl), all courtesy of  of the good folks at Pirates Press Records. My co-hosts  come all the way from Boise Idaho;  Blair and Krista from Boise Pyrate Punx, who are in  town to help us celebrate 40 years of COCK SPARRER and 20 years of RANCID. Combined that’s 60 years of solid punk rawk greatness!…this weekend is gonna decimate the Bay!  We will be playing some tracks from some Boise bands as well as debuting the COCK SPARRER/RANCID split 7″, along with the usual best & worst of punk & metal. Be sure to tune in 6:00-8:00pm  for the chaos and pay attention for  when to call in for the tickets and vinyl.