Hewhocannotbenamed and Subhumans/Total Chaos and Bobby Joe Ebola ticket giveaway on Cold Ones May 16th

May 16, 1pm

On today’s episode of Cold Ones & Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless, we are stoked to invite y’all to tune in for punx rawk icon/bad ass guitarist HEWHOCANNOTBENAMED  (of THE DWARVES). HEWHO, will be performing a rare acoustic performance live in the Radio Valencia studios tonight with his band, this is not to be missed! HEWHO has a brand spanking new album out called LOVE/HATE, we debuted some tracks off it on last weeks show to critical acclaim from listeners near and far. Tonight’s show will be chock full of surprises, HEWHO is one of those larger than life punx, no telling what will fall out of his mouth between songs. We’ll also play some tracks from LOVE/HATE and will be chatting about all things HEWHOCANNOTBENAMED…anyone remember him and THE DWARVES hoax regarding his death back in 1993? That hoax led to THE DWARVES being dropped by their label Sub-Pop Records while landing them in the Punx Rawk Hall of Fame for thumbing their noses at one of “thee” biggest labels to be on at that time; fucking classic. We here at Radio Valencia woud like to sincerely  thank HEWHOCANNOTBENAMED for playing our upcoming Radio Valencia Aggressive Acoustic Benefit at 518 Valencia on June 15th.  As if this show wasn’t busting with enough goodness as is, we will also be giving away a couple sets of tickets to the much anticipated BOBBY JOE EBOLA & the CHILDREN MacNUGGITS show at Great American Music Hall and also a couple sets of tickets to the SUBHUMANS and TOTAL CHAOS show coming up at The Oakland Metro. Be sure to listen for your chance to win some tickets and sooth your quiet ears with some punx rawk goodness! Tune in for the music/stay for the chaos! You’ve been warned!

HEWHOCANNOTBENAMED slaying the masses!

HEWHOCANNOTBENAMED slaying the masses!

S8 til u die & Chris Micro on Cold Ones Today 5/2/13

May 2, 2pm

On this episode of Coldies with Ami Lawless; it’s that time of year again! Our good buddie and local punx icon John The Baker is throwing SKATE TIL YOU DIE 2013 an ANNUAL BENEFIT SKATE FROM RICHMOND TO SAN JOSE OVER THE COARSE OF 3 DAYS. This year the skaters will be raising awareness about the indigenous people of Hawaii and their struggle for independence and raising money for the Music Cares Foundation. Skate Til You die is a skate a thon where skaters get people to make donation pledges based on how many miles a skater skates. For example if someone pledges .10 cents a mile and the skater skates the whole 66 miles then the person owes $6.66. Skaters can collect the money after the event or can get one time donations and bring donations at the start of the event. The skater that raises the most money will win the Grand Prize.

On today’s Cold Ones some of the bands  & skaters that will be performing  & skating at this years Skate Til You Die will be coming in to the Radio Valencia studios and chatting about why they decided to get involved. The guests on today show will be members of FUCKTARD, LAS MALAS PULGAS & Mykee Ramen of BLACK MARKET PROPHETS (we’re hoping he brings his acoustic guitar in and plays us s little ditty or two). We are also expecting a call in from John The Baker himself.

Also later in the show local street artist/slap artist/apparel & deck designer plus all around good guy Chris Micro will be coming in and giving out the secret location of his exhibit slated for this Saturday across the bridge in Oaklandia. We will of course be chatting about his #trashlife concept. Chris Micro has built a die-hard cult fallowing with his take on low brow street art. Be sure to check out his works at and be sure to tune into Cold Ones for the music but stay for the chaos.



come spend Turkey Day (evening) with juicy karkass as he co-hosts Cold Ones

November 21, 4pm

…after the turkey is a mere karkass and the family dysfunction has lead to multiple arrests; tune into Cold Ones & Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless on Turkey-Day from 6-8pm (bay area time zone, bitches!). On his second visit co-hosting CO&RO, JUICY KARKASS will be debuting tracks from his brand new album Yes Sir I’m Ill available on SF based indie label Selfish Satan Recordings. We will be giving away a few of these limited edition LPs (CD included with bonus tracks). Hell we might even get him to bust some lyrics live on air! JUICY is making the trip down from PDX for a couple gigs this weekend; one on each side of the bridge, so be sure to listen in for all the details. Also members of Oakland’s crust bastards BADR VOGU will be swinging through the studio and sharing some tracks from their split LP with Seattle’s WILT (the shows this weekend are record release fiestas to celebrate the release of this beast of a record). This is a very special show and definitely not to be missed, tune in for the music/stay for the chaos!! You have been warned!

Juicy Karkass celebrating the holidaze!

Juicy Karkass celebrating the holidaze!

SLAUGHTER BY THE WATER & EYEHATEGOD TIX GIVEAWAY, in studio guest on tonights Coldies Thurs Aug 23rd

August 23, 2pm

Come one come all! On tonight’s episode of Cold Ones & Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless, my co-host will be local comedian/D.J./musician and all around homeboy Mean Dave. In the first hour of the show we will have in studio guests Brian Montague , promoter of SLAUGHTER BY THE WATER Fest and his best bud Nick guitar shredder of local thrash metal band ZOMBIE HOLOCAUST, who’s playing the SBTW and also part of the promotional duo that have been putting together one of the Bay Area’s most respected and anticipated Metal Fests. These two will also be giving away tickets to this weekend’s most anticipated event and will be giving us a behind the scenes look at what it takes to put something of this magnitude together for the fans and by the fans, and on the USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier. We will also be giving away some sets of tickets to next weekend’s EYEHATEGOD show at The Oakland Metro; so if you are a broke ass/ you should definitely be listening in tonight for your chance to win tickets! A preview of next Thursday August 30th show; we will be debuting a new ripper by one of my all time favorite thrash-metal bands, HIRAX!! My good pal Katon W. De Pena will also be chatting us up on all things HIRAX…also more ticket giveaways. You can’t win if you don’t listen in!

SKATE TIL U DIE on Cold Ones & Rolled Ones Thurs May 10, 2012

May 10, 3pm

Ahoy dear listeners! On tonight’s fine episode of Cold Ones & Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless   (AKA Thee only radio show that matters), guests will be skater/musicians Brandon Bailey and Jared Power; who are two of the extreme bad ass skaters that will be participating in Skate Til U Die. For those unfamiliar, Skate Til U Die is an epic skate-a-thon that is in its 5th year of existence here in the Bay Area. The brain child, so to speak of punk icon John The Baker (last week’s guest on Cold Ones) and his buddy (and at the time housemate) Jared Power. About 6 years ago these two fine fellas had the idea to skateboard from Richmond CA down to San Jose CA in order to hang out with their homies who had always been coming up to Richmond to hang out. It took them 19 hours from beginning until they reached their destination. A little beaten down and weary, they dusted themselves off, patted themselves on the back and shared their experience with friends all over the Bay Area. We were all blown away at the physical feat these two endured in order to hang out with their South Bay homies. Now this is one extreme expression of true friendship! The following year the dynamic duo decided it was time to do it again; but this time invite more folks to participate and raise some money for charity. This is how Skate Til U Die was born…now its five years later and going strong as ever. The other intriguing part to this skate-a-thon is that our boys John and Jared incorporated their other love; punk-fucking-rock into the equation. Skate Til U Die takes place over 3 days and at the end of each day of skating punk bands play and the party ensues. This is every teenage punk rawkers dream weekend = skating ones flesh off topped off with some of the Bay Area’s finest punk bands tearing down the house. Tune in for a chat with two dudes that have truly given their blood, sweat and tears to Skate Til U Die. Both Brandon and Jared have been integral elements in each Skate Til U Die and this year is no different, both these guys will be playing each night with their respective bands after hours of skating. Something that should not be missed.