OVVL on Cold Ones today 10/24/13 6:00-8:00pm

October 24, 4pm

The Bay Area has always been a hot bed of cool and unique musical acts, a plethora of bands that are the creators of their chosen genre. The Bay just doesn’t dissapoint when it comes to non-regurgitated music! With this in mind, we’re stoked to have the Bay’s own OVVL on Cold Ones and Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless. Over the past few years OVVL has released an LP, cassette single and an EP; All have been met with critical acclaim by not only this band’s peers but also the most discerning music critics alike. OVVL play a tight and heavy jammed out style of solid rock and roll, with a stoney nod to the 70’s era. Easy comparisons could be made to BLACK SABBATH, HAWKWIND and PENTAGRAM, yet OVVL’s sound adds a heavy dose of  raw brutality into the mix. While you can definitly hear this band’s influences here and there throughout thier releases, they manage to keep thier stylings fresh and uncompromisingly new, this band isn’t fallowing bland trends, they’re creating a genre that pays homage to the past. Today on Cold Ones with Ami Lawless, drummer Clint Baechle will be swinging through the Radio Valencia studios with some of



his OVVL bandmates (FYI, two band members are his brothers) to chat us up about what the band is up to.  We’ll spin some sweet OVVL tracks and they’ll play some tunes form other bands they are into. This show is not to be missed. Tune in for the music/stay for the chaos!

Hewhocannotbenamed and Subhumans/Total Chaos and Bobby Joe Ebola ticket giveaway on Cold Ones May 16th

May 16, 1pm

On today’s episode of Cold Ones & Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless, we are stoked to invite y’all to tune in for punx rawk icon/bad ass guitarist HEWHOCANNOTBENAMED  (of THE DWARVES). HEWHO, will be performing a rare acoustic performance live in the Radio Valencia studios tonight with his band, this is not to be missed! HEWHO has a brand spanking new album out called LOVE/HATE, we debuted some tracks off it on last weeks show to critical acclaim from listeners near and far. Tonight’s show will be chock full of surprises, HEWHO is one of those larger than life punx, no telling what will fall out of his mouth between songs. We’ll also play some tracks from LOVE/HATE and will be chatting about all things HEWHOCANNOTBENAMED…anyone remember him and THE DWARVES hoax regarding his death back in 1993? That hoax led to THE DWARVES being dropped by their label Sub-Pop Records while landing them in the Punx Rawk Hall of Fame for thumbing their noses at one of “thee” biggest labels to be on at that time; fucking classic. We here at Radio Valencia woud like to sincerely  thank HEWHOCANNOTBENAMED for playing our upcoming Radio Valencia Aggressive Acoustic Benefit at 518 Valencia on June 15th.  As if this show wasn’t busting with enough goodness as is, we will also be giving away a couple sets of tickets to the much anticipated BOBBY JOE EBOLA & the CHILDREN MacNUGGITS show at Great American Music Hall and also a couple sets of tickets to the SUBHUMANS and TOTAL CHAOS show coming up at The Oakland Metro. Be sure to listen for your chance to win some tickets and sooth your quiet ears with some punx rawk goodness! Tune in for the music/stay for the chaos! You’ve been warned!

HEWHOCANNOTBENAMED slaying the masses!

HEWHOCANNOTBENAMED slaying the masses!

AGATA will be live in the studio on Cold Ones today May 9th

May 9, 3pm

On today’s episode of Cold Ones and Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless, local punkers AGATA will be live in the studio. If you’re not familiar with AGATA; Emerging from a a smokey cloud of the east bays finest came four dudes hell bent  for leather. With minds rotted with rock and roll, squalled teenage warehouse punk and endless backpacks of tall cans they set forth to record a raging no frills testament to the power of 100% loud tone. Original screamer Tom has left the fold to pursue a full time career in cataloging Russian nesting dolls for the national museum of Costa Rica, leaving behind the three soldiers known as Omar, Dan and the elusive beast known as Yeti to carry the torch of all things good and right in the world. As the sun rises, America can rest knowing that Agata soldiers on providing the soundtrack for burrito chompers, slam dancing grandmas and other assorted bad ass motherfuckers to make it through another day. Hey Ho Let’s Go. Tune into from 6:00-8:00pm tonight, tune in for the music/stay for the chaos!!



AGATA band logo

AGATA band logo

Drinks with Tony – The Bad Seeds Special

January 2, 12am


If you have been playing along at home, I have a boner for Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. Do you want to see how this illness has affected me, check out Nick Cave Monday at The Rumpus.

Last Wednesday I did a special featuring the talented members of The Bad Seeds and their respective projects.

Gallon Drunk with James Johnston

Gallon Drunk with James Johnston

Here’s the podcast.



Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds – until the end of the world
mick harvey – sad dark eyes

mick harvey – hank williams said it best
einstürzende Neubauten – was ist ist
einsturzende neubauten – sand

gallon drunk – grand union canal
gallon drunk – you made me

anita lane – do that thing
anita lane – like caesar needs a brutus

conway savage – say it ain’t so
conway savage – too dark to see

die haut w/ nick cave – see what condition my condition was in
the vanity set – personal hell
the vanity set – i’m in you

Hugo Race & The Fatalists – The Serpent Egg
hugo race – in the pines

dirty three – zither player
dirty three – sad sexy

kid congo and the pink monkey birds – the history of french cuisine
kid congo and the pink monkey birds – the last word

barry adamson – still i rise
barry adamson – man with the golden arm
barry adamson – straight till sunrise

The triffids – born sandy devotional
the triffids – the sea birds

mick harvey – comic strip

come spend Turkey Day (evening) with juicy karkass as he co-hosts Cold Ones

November 21, 4pm

…after the turkey is a mere karkass and the family dysfunction has lead to multiple arrests; tune into Cold Ones & Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless on Turkey-Day from 6-8pm (bay area time zone, bitches!). On his second visit co-hosting CO&RO, JUICY KARKASS will be debuting tracks from his brand new album Yes Sir I’m Ill available on SF based indie label Selfish Satan Recordings. We will be giving away a few of these limited edition LPs (CD included with bonus tracks). Hell we might even get him to bust some lyrics live on air! JUICY is making the trip down from PDX for a couple gigs this weekend; one on each side of the bridge, so be sure to listen in for all the details. Also members of Oakland’s crust bastards BADR VOGU will be swinging through the studio and sharing some tracks from their split LP with Seattle’s WILT (the shows this weekend are record release fiestas to celebrate the release of this beast of a record). This is a very special show and definitely not to be missed, tune in for the music/stay for the chaos!! You have been warned!

Juicy Karkass celebrating the holidaze!

Juicy Karkass celebrating the holidaze!

Katon W. DePena of HIRAX on Cold Ones Thursday September 20th, 2012

September 20, 3pm

Ever hear of a genre called crossover? Wonder where it came from and what it’s about? Well on tonight’s episode of the only radio show that matters AKA Cold Ones & Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless, not only will you gain a new understanding of this genre but your quiet ears will be schooled by one  of the crucial originators of said genre. Radio Valencia along with Ami Lawless is honored to have the man, the myth, the legend himself; Katon W. DePena of the mighty HIRAX live on air chatting about all things HIRAX. Katon with his cohorts in HIRAX were creating crossover while other bands that would later be lumped into the wild mix of hardcore & metal were still practicing in their parents garages. HIRAX through trials and tribulations has most definitely stood the test of time leaving their mark on the metal scene with a massive die-hard fan base, constant world domination through touring and critically acclaimed release after solid release dating back to their first 4-song demo in 1984. There are really not that many metal bands who can claim the kind of loyal fallowing that HIRAX has created, especially for almost 3 decades. One of the contributing factors to the longevity and success of HIRAX (besides their killer music) is their charismatic and talented front man Katon, who is one of the most well loved and respected guys in metal. This guy is a true lifer in the music community and a genuinely nice dude who takes time to be accessible to his fans. Tonight’s chat with Katon is testament to his unwavering appreciation to the HIRAX fans. Be sure to listen in 6:00-8:00pm.

NIGHT NURSE on Cold Ones tonight, Thursday September 13th

September 13, 1pm

On tonight’s episode of the Only Radio Show That Matters AKA Cold Ones & Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless, the band NIGHT NURSE (from PDX) will be rolling through the Rad-Val studios and chatting us up. NIGHT NURSE has only been in existence for less than 2 years but have made an impact on the Portland punk/metal circuit. This band has a hybrid stench-core/ripper crust sound going on that brings to mind bands like SACRILEDGE, HELLBASTARD and even some DISCHARGE (only faster). One of the stand out elements to NIGHT NURSE is their vo-killist Jennifer, whose frustrated & angry banshee shrieks pile drive the music like a steam engine. Combined with some straight on ripping riffs, heavy and moody elements and really good song structure…plainly put this band pulverizes all in its path with their brand of no holds barred death-crust. NIGHT NURSE is touring the western part of this country right now slaying the masses. Best get your arse over to The Hemlock in SF tonight and catch their set with the mighty BADR VOGU.  As if this isn’t enough, members of this band have also done time in; HELLSHOCK, DETESTATION, SPLATTERHOUSE, BLOOD FREAK, ABANDON, FALL OF THE BASTARDS etc. This will be the last CO&RO show at the current Rad-Val location, we are moving to a plush spot where we will be able to have bands play “live” on the show. Keep an ear to the ground for some upcoming shenanigans.

EYEHATEGOD interview/ticket giveaway&Overdose Awareness Day on CO&RO 6pm 8/30/12

August 30, 2pm

This Thursday August 30th, 2012 on Cold Ones & Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless, we will be giving away several sets of tickets to the anticipated EYEHATEGOD show at The Oakland Metro the fallowing night (big thanks to J-The Joint for being an awesome local promoter and providing tickets to give to die-hard fans). As an added bonus charismatic front man of sludge bad-asses EYEHATEGOD, Mike IX Williams will be chatting us up; lord knows Mike is never at a loss for words and has a very unique outlook on life combined with a creative way of expressing himself. You won’t want to miss this and heads up, Mike will be calling in at the very start of the show. Mike has been an integral member of the southern metal music community for many years, doing time in a couple other killer bands like OUTLAW ORDER & ARSON ANTHEM (with Phil Anselmo).This is a true honor for CO&RO.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      In the second hour community activist & Project Director Eliza Wheeler of The DOPE Project (a program of the Harm Reduction Coalition) will be in the studio talking about International Overdose Awareness Day which is happening Friday August 31st. Scheduled here in San Francisco is The Bay Area Marches to Remember Lives Lost; Celebrate Survival. This will be a community march scheduled to meet up at 11:30am at 149 Turk St in SF.  “Overdose Awareness Day is a time for us to remember the thousands of lives lost to accidental drug overdose every year and to restate our commitment to effective strategies to reduce overdose deaths in our community,” Eliza Wheeler.

Don’t miss drummer extraordinaire Patty Schemel of Hole on CO & RO Thurs April 26th 6PM

April 25, 2pm

Once upon a time back in the day, uhum the 90’s…there was this little band called HOLE fronted by the infamous Courtney Love. The band put out several albums, toured the world and had some noted controversy throughout its run. Through the Live Through This album era (1992-1998), the bands hard hitting female drummer Patty Schemel started keeping a video diary of all things going on in her chaotic life. From the critical rise of HOLE – to sharing a house with good friends Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love and their daughter Frances Bean; Patty was able to gather enough footage to put together a cohesive and intriguing look at her life and the world she shared with her band-mates and friends from that tumultuous time. Patty is quite upfront and speaks frankly about her days being strung out, finding out when dear friend Kurt Cobain took his own life and the ensuing aftermath as well as when friend and band-mate Kristen Pfaff OD’d, leaving the band to end up living on the streets of L.A. selling herself for dope and then her eventual climb from the depths of the gutter back to sobriety…all with a quick sense of humor and the kind of brutal honesty that is rare in today’s music industry. The documentary titled Hit So Hard; The Life & Near Death of Patty Schemel , directed by Schemel’s friend P. David Ebersole will be showing at The Roxie here in the Mission from Friday April 27th- Thursday May3rd. Patty and documentary director P.David will be live on Cold Ones & Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless this Thursday April 26th. Tune in and hear a true rock and roll life story.

WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?! Tonight Feb 16th, 2012 on CO & RO members of ENGLISH DOGS will be calling in, do not miss this show

February 16, 5pm

AHOY ye punx! On tonight’s Cold Ones & Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless some very special guests will be calling in! Gizz and Pinch of UK crossover legends THE ENGLISH DOGS will be chatting us up about their US tour they are currently on and what to expect to see at their upcoming Bay Area show at the Metro in Oakland Thursday February 23rd.THE ENGLISH DOGS have been around (in several variations) since 1981 and are the granddads of mixing thrash and punx. This band has toured with all the classic UK punx bands of the early days including


DISCHARGE &  CHARGED GBH. Their  seminal album from 1985  “Forward Into Battle” is the name of their current tour and the line up they have put together to decimate the USA is guaranteed to melt faces and lay cities to waste! NO SHIT!! THE ENGLISH DOGS tapped HAVOC, TOXIC HOLOCAUST and THE CASUALTIES to help spread the shred.. SO be sure to tune in tonight for the chaos!!! See you in the pit!