OVVL on Cold Ones today 10/24/13 6:00-8:00pm

October 24, 4pm

The Bay Area has always been a hot bed of cool and unique musical acts, a plethora of bands that are the creators of their chosen genre. The Bay just doesn’t dissapoint when it comes to non-regurgitated music! With this in mind, we’re stoked to have the Bay’s own OVVL on Cold Ones and Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless. Over the past few years OVVL has released an LP, cassette single and an EP; All have been met with critical acclaim by not only this band’s peers but also the most discerning music critics alike. OVVL play a tight and heavy jammed out style of solid rock and roll, with a stoney nod to the 70’s era. Easy comparisons could be made to BLACK SABBATH, HAWKWIND and PENTAGRAM, yet OVVL’s sound adds a heavy dose of  raw brutality into the mix. While you can definitly hear this band’s influences here and there throughout thier releases, they manage to keep thier stylings fresh and uncompromisingly new, this band isn’t fallowing bland trends, they’re creating a genre that pays homage to the past. Today on Cold Ones with Ami Lawless, drummer Clint Baechle will be swinging through the Radio Valencia studios with some of



his OVVL bandmates (FYI, two band members are his brothers) to chat us up about what the band is up to.  We’ll spin some sweet OVVL tracks and they’ll play some tunes form other bands they are into. This show is not to be missed. Tune in for the music/stay for the chaos!

DEADFEST for punx & grinders on Cold Ones today Aug 1st

August 1, 5pm

Stay punk Stay grind and F*#@ Scion! What local promoter not only created this motto but actually lives  it? Why Oakland’s own Gregg DeadFace of course! DeadFace has created a massively essential Fest that has become well known and much anticipated by punx, metal heads and grinders worldwide. This year’s DeadFest is being held once again at the Oakland Metro Opera House and is chock full of some of the most respected underground bands that are currently active. Rhode Island stalwarts DROPDEAD will be headlining both nights, Friday August 16th and Saturday August 17th; respectively doing two completely different sets each night! Both bills each night are stacked with crucial bands like; GRAVES AT SEA, TURBOKRIEG (from Texas), TRANSIENT (from PDX), D.I.S. (from L.A.), LOLITA BLACK (from RI), NIGHT NURSE (from PDX),COMPLETED EXPOSITION (from Japan) and a plethora of others, including some of the Bay Area’s best up and comers like DERAS KRIEG, CRYPT KEEPER, PANCAKE LIZARD, YOUR ENEMY, BRAINOIL and NOOTHGRUSH. This Fest has become well respected and a must for extreme music lovers and we here at Radio Valencia are honored to have several of the band members on for interviews this evening on Cold Ones & Rolled Ones with Ami LawLess. Tune in from 6:00-8:00pm to hear from Jordan of DERAS KRIEG, Bob of DROPDEAD & LOLITA BLACK, Krysta of TRANSIENT and Eric of TURBOKRIEG. Tonight’s show is ALL DEADFEST ALL THE TIME! Remember STAY PUNK/STAY GRIND!936344_596040803753073_2053059439_n

Johnette Napolitano on Cold ones with Ami Lawless today June 27th

June 27, 2pm

On today’s episode of Cold Ones & Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless, Ami’s guest is singer, songwriter, bass player, author, poet, artist & horse whisperer; Johnette Napolitano. We are extremely honored and excited to have Johnette visit us for a second time on Cold Ones & Rolled Ones.

Johnette is one of those truly exquisite and engaging artists who take their passion for their art one step further than what would seem humanly possible. As front person for seminal alt-rawkers CONCRETE BLONDE, Johnette carved out a massive space in music history with seminal albums like their 1986 self-titled Concrete Blonde, 1989’s Free, 1990’s Bloodletting (that included the international hit Joey), Walking in London in 1992, 1993’s Mexican Moon and after taking some years off, 2002’s Group Therapy and Mojave in 2004. All of these albums were not only critically acclaimed in their own right but also attracted a multitude of die-hard CONCRETE BLONDE fans on a worldwide scale.

In their heyday CONCRETE BLONDE became quite the touring juggernaut always taking time for the fans after the shows. This only helped to create more fanatical CONCRETE BLONDE fans.

During this time period Johnette’s uniquely deep and soulful voice delivered personal and introspective lyrics that were sometimes just as vulnerable as the subject matter; which in turn helped many women looking for a strong voice realize they were not alone in their plight of fucked up relationships, good times and bad times, dreams, travel and beliefs. This is just one reason Johnette Napolitano has a massive female audience at each live performance. Johnette’s music has been a part of many films and television shows, including; The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Point Break, Pump Up the Volume, The Sopranos, The Shield and Beverly Hills 90210.

There’s a lot more than can be said about this amazing women, best to tune in today 6:00-8:00pm for this memorable chat. We would like y’all to know that  Johnette is performing her solo act at The Chapel  (777 Valencia St) here in San Francisco this Sunday June 30th. What a great way to spend PRIDE! Get your tickets now.Johnette Napolitano

Free tix to KYLESA, SUBHUMANS/TOTAL CHAOS on todays Cold Ones

May 23, 3pm

Today’s Cold Ones & Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless is chock full of punk & metal goodness! Best tune in 6pm-8pm for your chance to win tickets to SUBHUMANS and TOTAL CHAOS at The Oakland Metro this Friday and Savannah metal-freaks KYLESA at Slims this Saturday. huge thanks to the fine folks at The Oakland Metro and Slims/Great American Music Hall for providing tickets.

Laura Pleasants guitar-goddess of KYLESA.

Laura Pleasants guitar-goddess of KYLESA.

As if the ticket giveaways aren’t enough, Dick Lucas from UK anarcho-punk legends SUBHUMANS will be chatting us up about punk and the meaning of life. It’s almost unfathomable that the SUBHUMANS first EP “Demolition War” was releases in 1981 and their first album “The Day The Country Died” came out thirty years ago this year! Not many punk bands have kept it going this long and have stayed as relevant as the SUBHUMANS have. This band did take some years off between 1985-1998, with only a one off reunion gig during this period, however when they came back they became quite the touring entity. Making the jump across the pond to North America regularly playing sold out clubs and DIY venues. Dick also fronts the dancy political ska-punk band CITIZEN FISH, his brand of well thought out socio-political  and witty lyrics definitely makes him stand out in the crowd of punk.

Rob Chaos of TOTAL CHAOS will also be calling in from the road and giving away the secret on how to live your life in TOTAL CHAOS. TOTAL CHAOS started shaking up the punk scene in Pomona CA back in 1989 and were the political punks that actually got things done in their local punk community. Rob was a part of Food Not Bombs, helped open the Los Angeles Anarchist Center and helped bring attention to The Big Mountain Indian Reservation. Rob is also a co-founder of S.O.S. Records and was the owner of The Showcase Theatre in Corona; which was a mainstay venue from 1993-2008, hosting thousands of bands over the years.

But wait, there’s more; in the first hour our home-grrrl Laura Pleasants (vo-kills and guitar) of dark psych-metal band KYLESA will be on the show talking about all things KYLESA and the true meaning of “the dirty south”. Laura has also generously given us a couple brand new KYLESA tracks to premier on the show and we’ll also play some of their classic oldies. Don’t forget KYLESA will be decimating Slims this coming Saturday May 25th.

This is going to be one helluva show today! Be sure to tune in at from 6:00pm-8:00pm today Thursday May 23, 2013, tune in for the music and free stuff, stay for the chaos!

DIGESTOR of GHOUL on today’s Cold Ones + more

April 25, 2pm

On this scary episode of Cold Ones & Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless,we are pettrified to announce; straight from Creepsylvania, Digestor guitar and vox as well as cannibal of GHOUL will be live in the Radio Valencia

DIGESTOR will cut you up into bite sized peices, in order to savor your flavor.

DIGESTOR will cut you up into bite sized peices, in order to savor your flavor.

studio. You are forwarned that DIGESTOR has a very important announcement that he wants each and every  one of you little humanoids to tune in for…your puny existance may depend on this. DIGESTOR will pick a couple of you flesh-bags (AKA listeners) to win some amazing GHOUL goodies, trust me you wont be sorry. And in case you are left wondering about GHOUL;


A GHOUL is a folkloric monster associated with graveyards and consuming human flesh and playing bone-snapping splatterthrash, often classified as but not necessarily undead.

If you are perpexed by this post;

Ghoul is playing a secret show some time very soon in the Bay Area. A riddle will be released every few days that will give you a clue as to where and when. It is up to YOU to use your addled brain to follow the clues. YOUR FIRST CLUE is:

In Creepsylvania things are hidden
Under piles of bones and midden
But stranger still, I can relate
Is under fig leaves hides a date

Clue Two

I think the last riddle may have been a little too abstruse for some of you lovelies out there, so here’s another shot at figuring out the date of the secret show!

A spider’s home
A blind man’s dream
In page and chapter
Hides the key

Clue Three

Mr. Fang here. I’ve made a new riddle telling you WHERE the secret show is.

An Old French sword and a tiny train
222 is cleaved in twain
A ruined meal in a hill of riches
This show will make you shit your britches



TUNE INTO COLD ONES & ROLLED ONES between 6:00pm-8:00pm for all the info, free tickest to the Secret GHOUL Show and even some limited edition GHOUL vinyl!!!



Also a call in chat with Adam Jennings from Chicago noise band WINTERS IN OSAKA & The PAUCITIES. We will also be giving away copies of the brand new WINTERS IN OSAKA (with Eric Wood on vo-killz)/AMPS FOR CHRIST split LP. This beast is guaranteed to swallow yr soul and is super limited edition of only 200.





WEHRMACHT & Shane of PHOBIA on Today’s CO&RO

February 21, 3pm

Shane grinding the crowd to dust!

Shane grinding the crowd to dust!

On today’s episode of the only radio show that matters AKA Cold Ones & Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless; guests will be 80’s speed metal legends WEHRMACHT (from Seattle WA) and Shane Pain McLachlan of west coast grind masters PHOBIA. We will be giving away a few sets of tickets to the WEHRMACHT, SMD, VOETSEK, CRYPT KEEPER show at The Oakland Metro Opera House for this Friday February 22nd. Be sure to tune in for your chance to win and of course we’ll be spinning only the best in hardcore/punk/metal to please your quiet ears.WEHRMACHT can be directly linked as an inspiration of contemporary thrash and speed metal bands of today. Bands like MUNICIPAL WASTE and TOXIC HOLOCAUST would not be doing what their doing without WEHRMACHT laying the ground work. After taking some years off WEHRMACHT have  over the past few years been bringing back their brand of crucial speed metal to the masses… and the fans of this genre are stoked! This ain’t no reunion tour, this is the real deal metal attitude with head banging and circle pits! This band was never for the meek and nothing has changed for these dudes over the years.


PHOBIA will be playing in San Francisco this Saturday at what used to be called The Rocket Room. One can not talk of the grind genre without mentioning this band! Shane has kept this beast of a band going strong since 1990, through line up changes, solid release after solid release and continuous touring. This band has built a cult fallowing and deservedly so with critically acclaimed releases like  “What Went Wrong demo”, “All That Remains”, “Return to Desolation”,”Enslaved” and all the other crucial releases and splits….this bands’s discography is massively impressive.

PHOBIA  just experienced every  bands worst nightmare yesterday. While on tour they had a pretty bad car accident; totaled their van and their roadie Danny Ruiz of Phoenix grind band GAWDAWFULNOISE sustained a broken back. We here at CO&RO wish Danny a speedy and full recovery; it takes more than a car accident to keep a true grinder down!