Paul Speckmann of MASTER on tonights CO&RO

February 28, 5pm

Cold Ones & Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless is honored to have legendary metal bad-ass Paul Speckmann of MASTER on tonight’s show. MASTER who originated in Chicago, has been laying down the most brutally uncompromising death metal on the planet since 1985 and Paul (vo-kills & bass) has managed to keep this beast chugging away for 28 years now! This band has been a true influencial force in the international death-metal genre, who remain as vital today as they did in the early days. This weekend bay area metal heads will have the opportunity to experience MASTER in person at The Oakland Metro Opera House. This is a rare opportunity since Paul now calls the Czech Republic home, making US visits far and few between. If this chat with Mr. Speckmann wasn’t enough; the good folks at Rogue Ronnin Promotions will be giving a few sets of tickets away on the show tonight as well. If you’re wanting to attend the MASTER show this coming Saturday March 2nd at The Metro, listen in for your chance to win. Of course only thee most crucial in hardcore/punk/metal will be spun and chaos shall rule the airwaves!

Paul Speckmann and his band MASTER; playing the Oakland Metro Sat March 2nd, 2013.

Paul Speckmann and his band MASTER; playing the Oakland Metro Sat March 2nd, 2013.

WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?! Tonight Feb 16th, 2012 on CO & RO members of ENGLISH DOGS will be calling in, do not miss this show

February 16, 5pm

AHOY ye punx! On tonight’s Cold Ones & Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless some very special guests will be calling in! Gizz and Pinch of UK crossover legends THE ENGLISH DOGS will be chatting us up about their US tour they are currently on and what to expect to see at their upcoming Bay Area show at the Metro in Oakland Thursday February 23rd.THE ENGLISH DOGS have been around (in several variations) since 1981 and are the granddads of mixing thrash and punx. This band has toured with all the classic UK punx bands of the early days including


DISCHARGE &  CHARGED GBH. Their  seminal album from 1985  “Forward Into Battle” is the name of their current tour and the line up they have put together to decimate the USA is guaranteed to melt faces and lay cities to waste! NO SHIT!! THE ENGLISH DOGS tapped HAVOC, TOXIC HOLOCAUST and THE CASUALTIES to help spread the shred.. SO be sure to tune in tonight for the chaos!!! See you in the pit!

Drinks with Tony – Six Minute Songs Show

February 3, 5am

Drinks with Tony was sponsored by the number SIX. All songs were six minutes long. Our winners were Einsturzende Neubauten and Gary Numan. Both tied at 6:03.

Blixa and Gary will receive a year’s supply of Vaseline and a bag of sand. Thanks for playing along. Playlist below, and stay tuned for the video podcast in March 2012.

Download or stream show here.

turbonegro – wasted again 6:30 (with intro and wim wenders ID)
einsturzende neubauten – nnnaaammm 6:03
bjork – cover me (dillinja mix)

gary numan – scanner – 6:03
the wolfgang press – executioner (adamson mix) – 6:31
killing joke – love like blood – 6:51

gallon drunk – bedlam 6:48
the stranglers – too precious – 6:46
sonic youth – titanium expose 6:25

munly and the lee lewis harlots – big black bull comes like a caesar- 6:45
madrugada – running out of time – 6:08
mudhoney – halloween – 6:12

black flag – slip it in – 6:18
gogol bordello – dub the frequencies of love 6:15
tom waits – spare parts I (a nocturnal emission) 6:26

PIL – death disco – 6:43
the young gods – donnex les esprits – 6:17