S8 til u die & Chris Micro on Cold Ones Today 5/2/13

May 2, 2pm

On this episode of Coldies with Ami Lawless; it’s that time of year again! Our good buddie and local punx icon John The Baker is throwing SKATE TIL YOU DIE 2013 an ANNUAL BENEFIT SKATE FROM RICHMOND TO SAN JOSE OVER THE COARSE OF 3 DAYS. This year the skaters will be raising awareness about the indigenous people of Hawaii and their struggle for independence and raising money for the Music Cares Foundation. Skate Til You die is a skate a thon where skaters get people to make donation pledges based on how many miles a skater skates. For example if someone pledges .10 cents a mile and the skater skates the whole 66 miles then the person owes $6.66. Skaters can collect the money after the event or can get one time donations and bring donations at the start of the event. The skater that raises the most money will win the Grand Prize.

On today’s Cold Ones some of the bands  & skaters that will be performing  & skating at this years Skate Til You Die will be coming in to the Radio Valencia studios and chatting about why they decided to get involved. The guests on today show will be members of FUCKTARD, LAS MALAS PULGAS & Mykee Ramen of BLACK MARKET PROPHETS (we’re hoping he brings his acoustic guitar in and plays us s little ditty or two). We are also expecting a call in from John The Baker himself.

Also later in the show local street artist/slap artist/apparel & deck designer plus all around good guy Chris Micro will be coming in and giving out the secret location of his exhibit slated for this Saturday across the bridge in Oaklandia. We will of course be chatting about his #trashlife concept. Chris Micro has built a die-hard cult fallowing with his take on low brow street art. Be sure to check out his works at and be sure to tune into Cold Ones for the music but stay for the chaos.



come spend Turkey Day (evening) with juicy karkass as he co-hosts Cold Ones

November 21, 4pm

…after the turkey is a mere karkass and the family dysfunction has lead to multiple arrests; tune into Cold Ones & Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless on Turkey-Day from 6-8pm (bay area time zone, bitches!). On his second visit co-hosting CO&RO, JUICY KARKASS will be debuting tracks from his brand new album Yes Sir I’m Ill available on SF based indie label Selfish Satan Recordings. We will be giving away a few of these limited edition LPs (CD included with bonus tracks). Hell we might even get him to bust some lyrics live on air! JUICY is making the trip down from PDX for a couple gigs this weekend; one on each side of the bridge, so be sure to listen in for all the details. Also members of Oakland’s crust bastards BADR VOGU will be swinging through the studio and sharing some tracks from their split LP with Seattle’s WILT (the shows this weekend are record release fiestas to celebrate the release of this beast of a record). This is a very special show and definitely not to be missed, tune in for the music/stay for the chaos!! You have been warned!

Juicy Karkass celebrating the holidaze!

Juicy Karkass celebrating the holidaze!

Authors Mark Tufo & Ken Leek on tonight’s Cold Ones June 28

June 28, 2pm


On tonight’s Cold Ones & Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless AKA The Only Radio Show That Matters, my co-host will be Ben “Chef to False Metal” Gerald (columnist for Short Fast & Loud, gits in VOETSEK & POPULATION REDUCTION). You might think us here at Cold Ones & Rolled Ones aint got time for reading, but dang you sure would be surprised!  Reading is fundamental! Tonight we will be chatting it up with two killer authors that have been rawking our world recently. First up will be author of the ZOMBIE FALLOUT & INDIAN HILL series of books, Mark Tufo. Mr. Tufo has truly created a refreshingly new series of zombie books for all of us die-hards who are ready for those dead fucks to start their feeding frenzy. And in the INDIAN HILL series some of our favorite characters from the ZOMBIE FALLOUT series are created in earlier days (pre ZOMBIE FALLOUT), but this time they are college students dealing with an alien invasion and abduction…that’s all I’m giving away. These books are all written with bizarre twists, quick wit and a charming sense of vulnerability and realness to the characters that makes them come across as believable, like people you might know in everyday life. Our second guest of the evening will be our good homie Ken Leek (vo-killist in the now defunct The NEIGHBORS) and author of a new book loaded with gritty hate filled characters and actions that cannot be rivaled with anything currently out there. His book is aptly titled THE ORIGINS OF DISGUST, SELF-HATRED, AND HOSTILITY… you get the picture?! This is Ken’s first offering as an author and a very good one at that. We will be giving away a few copies of the book THE ORIGINS OF DISGUST, SELF-HATRED, AND HOSTILITY; so listen in for when to call and get your copy…you won’t be disappointed.

COCK SPARRER & RANCID ticket giveaway on tonights Cold ones & rolled ones Thurs March 22nd

March 22, 10am

AHOY ye punx, drunx, headbangers & lunx! On tonight’s Cold Ones & Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless we are stoked to be giving away a pair of tickets to one of the most anticipated and bad ass punx shows to roll through the San Francisco this year! Yep the one-two punch of COCK SPARRER and RANCID at the Warfield this Saturday….but wait; that’s not all. Along with the tickets one lucky listener will also receive a copy of the limited edition COCK SPARRER/RANCID split 7″ (on sexxxy ruby red vinyl), all courtesy of  of the good folks at Pirates Press Records. My co-hosts  come all the way from Boise Idaho;  Blair and Krista from Boise Pyrate Punx, who are in  town to help us celebrate 40 years of COCK SPARRER and 20 years of RANCID. Combined that’s 60 years of solid punk rawk greatness!…this weekend is gonna decimate the Bay!  We will be playing some tracks from some Boise bands as well as debuting the COCK SPARRER/RANCID split 7″, along with the usual best & worst of punk & metal. Be sure to tune in 6:00-8:00pm  for the chaos and pay attention for  when to call in for the tickets and vinyl.

Drinks with Tony – Grinderman and ’80s Rap celebration

December 25, 4am

When i was on panel at Los Angeles Times Festival of Books in 2010 they asked, what writers influence your writing?

Many writers have influenced me, but what influences me on a guttural level is ’80s rap music. It’s an era and time that’s very important for bringing information to the masses about what really happens in poor neighborhoods and projects. NWA, Ice-T, Public Enemy, they were revolutionary and we have to remember them since hip hop is now watered down with bling and bitches and cross promotion with clothing lines and everything wrong with our society. Too many bought in. NWA wasn’t searching for a record contract at the beginning, they were just trying to tell their stories.

Their story telling influenced me. They were raw. They made mistakes. Rap music was important in the ’80s. And, to be a writer, it’s important to have a sense of delusion. I don’t feel like a writer when i wake up in the morning. Some ’80s gangster rap gives me hope. The blank page stares at me and after listening to Fuck The Police, I’m like, fuck yeah, I’m a writer. I write for major publications. I have an agent and I’m almost finished with my second book to sell.

Then, Grinderman (Nick Cave, Jim, Marty and Warren from The Bad Seeds) announce they’re breaking up.

I think it’s good timing. And they’ve left things open for future releases, but realize The Bad Seeds have been neglected.

So, here’s the playlist for my show on December 14th. ’80s rap I celebrate. Grinderman I celebrate.

Thanks for listening, here’s the podcast.

And here’s the playlist:

DWT theme song and nick cave ID –
‘hi, i’m nick cave and you’re listening to drinks with tony”
nick cave and the bad seeds – bring it on

grinderman – don’t  set me free
ice-t – lethal weapon
grinderman –  rise

nwa – gansta gangsta
grinderman – palaces of montezuma
grandmaster flash – the message

grinderman – fire boy
public enemy – you’re gonna get yours (nick ott)
grinderman – bellringer blues

public enemy rightstarter
grinderman – wormtamer
ice-t – body count

grinderman – no pussy blues
ice-t- freedom of speech
grinderman – evil
public enemy – bring the noise

grinderman – heathen child
ice-t – squeeze the trigger

grinderman – starcharmer
ll cool j – goin back to cali
grinderman – kitchenette live
beastie boys – she’s crafty

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