AGATA will be live in the studio on Cold Ones today May 9th

May 9, 3pm

On today’s episode of Cold Ones and Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless, local punkers AGATA will be live in the studio. If you’re not familiar with AGATA; Emerging from a a smokey cloud of the east bays finest came four dudes hell bent  for leather. With minds rotted with rock and roll, squalled teenage warehouse punk and endless backpacks of tall cans they set forth to record a raging no frills testament to the power of 100% loud tone. Original screamer Tom has left the fold to pursue a full time career in cataloging Russian nesting dolls for the national museum of Costa Rica, leaving behind the three soldiers known as Omar, Dan and the elusive beast known as Yeti to carry the torch of all things good and right in the world. As the sun rises, America can rest knowing that Agata soldiers on providing the soundtrack for burrito chompers, slam dancing grandmas and other assorted bad ass motherfuckers to make it through another day. Hey Ho Let’s Go. Tune into from 6:00-8:00pm tonight, tune in for the music/stay for the chaos!!



AGATA band logo

AGATA band logo

EYEHATEGOD interview/ticket giveaway&Overdose Awareness Day on CO&RO 6pm 8/30/12

August 30, 2pm

This Thursday August 30th, 2012 on Cold Ones & Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless, we will be giving away several sets of tickets to the anticipated EYEHATEGOD show at The Oakland Metro the fallowing night (big thanks to J-The Joint for being an awesome local promoter and providing tickets to give to die-hard fans). As an added bonus charismatic front man of sludge bad-asses EYEHATEGOD, Mike IX Williams will be chatting us up; lord knows Mike is never at a loss for words and has a very unique outlook on life combined with a creative way of expressing himself. You won’t want to miss this and heads up, Mike will be calling in at the very start of the show. Mike has been an integral member of the southern metal music community for many years, doing time in a couple other killer bands like OUTLAW ORDER & ARSON ANTHEM (with Phil Anselmo).This is a true honor for CO&RO.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      In the second hour community activist & Project Director Eliza Wheeler of The DOPE Project (a program of the Harm Reduction Coalition) will be in the studio talking about International Overdose Awareness Day which is happening Friday August 31st. Scheduled here in San Francisco is The Bay Area Marches to Remember Lives Lost; Celebrate Survival. This will be a community march scheduled to meet up at 11:30am at 149 Turk St in SF.  “Overdose Awareness Day is a time for us to remember the thousands of lives lost to accidental drug overdose every year and to restate our commitment to effective strategies to reduce overdose deaths in our community,” Eliza Wheeler.

Thurs Jan 26th BLOODSHOT & DILATED bass goddess Alina Chaotic on tonights Cold Ones & Rolled Ones

January 26, 2pm

BLOODSHOT & DILATED have quickly become one of the true quality East Bay Hardcore bands that are laying claim to the best coast, oops West Coast. Alina Chaotic is a founding member and has helped elevate this band to national recognition with their uncompromising fury and fuck you attitude. BLOODSHOT & DILATED are preparing for the record release party of their second album BAD Intentions this Saturday at Eli’s in Oakland. We will be spinning some of the tracks of their new album, so better tune in early and stay for the party! Cold Ones & Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless  every Thursday 6:00-8:00pm Bay Area Time Zone!