Eric Cutler & Erika Osterhout of NECROSIC on todays Cold Ones

June 20, 4pm

On today’s episode of Cold Ones & Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless, Ami’s in studio guests will be; Eric Cutler and Erika Osterhout of Bay Area old school death metal band NECROSIC. Although NECROSIC is a newer band, both Cutler and Osterhout have been kicking around the bay area metal scene for some time; Cutler a founding member of legendary AUTOPSY  and DOOMED, while Osterhout has done time in SCOLAX. We will be spinning some tunes from NECROSIC as well as the other bands both these bad asses have been a part of and of course we will be chatting about all things NECROSIC as well as the Bay Area metal scene/community. You can always hit us up in the chat room or on the phone lines during the show if you want to ask a question. This is a not to be missed show and if you’ve ever been a fan of old school death metal, thrash or punk; then this is for you. Other members of NECROSIC include vo-killist Steve Morris (ENVIRUSMENT & DEMENSION 13), guitarist Scott Stanton (MUMMIFICATION & GLOB) and rounding out this stellar line up is drummer John Shafer (FUNERAL). This is a band to keep an eye on because they seriously rule with their brand of death/thrash/punk shenanigans and are already building quite the fan-base here as well as abroad. You know the drill, hardcore/punk/metal shall be played, tune in for the music/stay for the chaos! 6:00-8:00pm every Thursday.



COCK SPARRER & RANCID ticket giveaway on tonights Cold ones & rolled ones Thurs March 22nd

March 22, 10am

AHOY ye punx, drunx, headbangers & lunx! On tonight’s Cold Ones & Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless we are stoked to be giving away a pair of tickets to one of the most anticipated and bad ass punx shows to roll through the San Francisco this year! Yep the one-two punch of COCK SPARRER and RANCID at the Warfield this Saturday….but wait; that’s not all. Along with the tickets one lucky listener will also receive a copy of the limited edition COCK SPARRER/RANCID split 7″ (on sexxxy ruby red vinyl), all courtesy of  of the good folks at Pirates Press Records. My co-hosts  come all the way from Boise Idaho;  Blair and Krista from Boise Pyrate Punx, who are in  town to help us celebrate 40 years of COCK SPARRER and 20 years of RANCID. Combined that’s 60 years of solid punk rawk greatness!…this weekend is gonna decimate the Bay!  We will be playing some tracks from some Boise bands as well as debuting the COCK SPARRER/RANCID split 7″, along with the usual best & worst of punk & metal. Be sure to tune in 6:00-8:00pm  for the chaos and pay attention for  when to call in for the tickets and vinyl.