Hell’s Kitchen Radio #460: Stick This In Your Stocking

Tuesday, December 21, 10pm

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I was just in a mood, I guess. It is the holiday I suppose. I don’t have seasonal affective disorder, or any disorder I care to blather on about, as far as I or my therapist knows. I will say that I am daddy-daycare for the next two weeks, since my bride be working, and that is enough to make someone run to the hills, regardless of how much you love the little tyke.

I don’t think I was paying attention to the upcoming holiday until the morning of this show. I did not plan on doing anything special for this particular program, yet I do have a collection of music set for just such an occasion. I wasn’t going to leave you hanging.

If you listen to me talk, it sounds like I’m blathering (there’s that word again?) on and on about something that sounds important…to me. And you know what, it was…at the time. Feel free to comment on whatever floats your boat. Flies your kite. Walks your dog. Jerks your chain. You keep it going now.

There are some delightful alternate takes from box sets and deluxe editions thrown in, as usual. I went record shopping last week, so there are some items thrown in I was excited to get. “New” music from Art Blakey, The Bobby Lees, EXEK, Mike Krol, and new John Dwyer. I also shared a real treat that my buddy, singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist and all around fine fella, Mark Growden, shared with me from French singer/songwriter Alain Bashung. There are very few people that I trust to offer a tune that I know I can blindly throw into a set. This one worked just fine. Welcome to this very exclusive club, Mark.

That being said, my father raised me to be extremely inclusive. His advice: invite everyone to the party. Allow them to decline.

I will always invite you all to this Monday night party.

Next Monday, December 27th, I’m excited to have Flipper drummer, Steve Depace in the studio talking up the December 30 and New Years Eve shows, Radio Valencia is co-presenting at Bottom of the Hill. Make sure to get your tickets fast. They are going to sell out, and it’s going to be a blast!

Enjoy and please share.


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Little Drummer Boy: Lou Rawls
Fuck Christmas: FEAR
Shapes of Things: Jeff Beck Group

Troubled Times: Thee Headcoats
Gong Splat: John Dwyer and Crew
Dear Prudence (Esher Demo): The Beatles

‘Round About Midnight: Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers
Motorcycle Dream: Slack Alice

Limosine: The Bobby Lees
Voodoo Dolly: Siouxsie and the Banshees
A Hedonist: EXEK (biased advice)
Meet the Creepers: Destroy All Monsters

Landromat: Rory Gallagher
Grover Rides A Happy Honker: Toychestra with Fred Frith
I Can See For Mile: Petra Hayden

Rated X: Miles Davis
Road Runner: Thee Headcoatees
Neighborhood Watch: Mike Krol (Turkey)
Trim Your Tree: Jimmy Butler

House of the Rising Sun: Ramblin’ Jack Elliot
Madmae Rève: Alain Bashung
Merry Christmas From The Family: Robert Earl Keen

The Twelve Gifts of Christmas: Allan Sherman
Good Night, Sleep Tight: Lawrence Welk Singers

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