Hell’s Kitchen Radio #462: Never Draw Attention To The Mistakes

Sunday, January 16, 7pm

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Way back in my college radio days (even before that when I was taking announcing classes at College of San Mateo (CSM), from KKHI announcer, and father of the deepest radio voice I have ever heard, Daniel Odom), I was told to never draw attention to the mistakes. No one really ever pays attention, and if one makes mention of it, then the listener is apt to start to judge the announcer and hence, the station itself. 

I took that to heart.

Once at KFJC, when I was know at the Reverend Dah Wave, I couldn’t help but trip over my inexperienced tongue from time to time; especially in the middle of the night, where the new DJs are expected to host shows for six months before moving onto a non-graveyard shift. Those graves were used to learn more about the vast musical library KFJC has, and learn my voice.

Mistakes were made.

I started taking the approach of drawing attention to them if the moment warranted it. More often than not the moment did not warrant it. I’m pretty deft when it comes to reading and enunciation. My dear friend Amacker “Rocket J. Squirrel” Bullwinkle, who hosted Friday’s 6-10am would often co-host our transition when I came on for the 10-2pm Jazz/Soul/Funk show I hosted “Temple of the Bird”. She would throw a PSA at me (that’s public service announcement to those who do not know), testing to see how well I could read it live on air, without a pre-read. You cannot fool good Reverend.

As for the moments where I slipped up in a miserable manner, often not taking the time to thoroughly check the music I had just played to back announce properly, I would run a lot of names and titles together, and forget something vital, leading a handful of “ums” and “ahs”. I would then purposely stumble and bumble in an even more animated way, to show that I am above nothing. 

Monday night was a lot like this. Our new studio has a lot of needs, including a new turntable and a new router. And my beloved 5TB WD hard drive is starting to crap out. I purchased a 12TB backup this week, and am backing everything up as I write. Back it up, folks.

Monday night my hard drive crapped out a few times, and only when I was about to move into a song. And the server was being a real bore. And the damnable turntable was mocking me! This led to more than one mic break being something akin to a disaster movie, sans the soundtrack; which is sad, because I have an impressive soundtrack collection.

We got the server working, I have a new hard drive, and my fingers are crossed someone got turntable one working properly, leading up to my next show, this Monday 8-10PM PST, featuring the return of my delightful daughter, Little Lauson Hell to the Radio Valencia studio.

Tune in and find out.

Enjoy and go back up your files.


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Some Velvet Morning: Vanilla Fudge

Beautiful Strangers: Kevin Morby
No Place To Fall: Townes Van Zandt
Frankie and Albert: Taj Mahal

Cat Black: Ty Segall
Mr. Charlie: Lightnin’ Hopkins
I Want It: Thee Headcoatees
Rocket Reducers #62: Melvins

Venus in Furs: Velvet Underground
Why Are We Waiting/Create the Visitor: Negativland

Somewhere To Go: Brownout
Darkest Light: Lafayette Afro Rock Band
Wesley’s Theory: Kendrick Lamar

Can’t Help Thinking About Me: David Bowie
Mogho Naba (King of Kings): The Pyramids
50 Year Old Man: The Fall

Halloween: Siouxsie and the Banshees

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