Hell’s Kitchen Radio #467: Blow Out Your Candles

Saturday, February 26, 5pm

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I swear I am not phoning it in, but there are weeks that I think I could have done better by you. I think I did pretty well tonight. I’m mixing it up, I’m surprising even myself! And I love the comments some of you are throwing my way.

Yes, where else are you going to hear Jefferson Starship, Black Sabbath and Ice-T all in the same show? Where indeed? Certainly not in local commercial radio stations. 

Full disclosure: from time to time I have been known to button push on the car stereo. I may even stop on commercial rock station, formerly known as KSAN, which now goes by the unfortunate moniker “The Bone”. So sad. Recently I was noticing that of the ten songs I heard (I was driving for a while, OK?) not one of them was newer than 1978. 1978! What are they thinking? Who needs this? And then there’s Dave-FM “Totally Random Radio”. Yes. Random. From AOR all the way to MOR.


I promise never to insult your ears. I also want you to take more risks with your music listening. Start by enjoying more Radio Valencia. Then stretch out to KFJC, KALX and WFMU. There are so many brilliant non-commercial music stations across the dial (terrestrial and otherwise). 

Get listening.


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Sugar is a Gateway Drug: Paul Leary
Just A Dream Away: Wipers
Meat: Idiot Flesh

Red Right Hand: Giant Sand
Do You Take This Man?: Diamanda Galas with John Paul Jones

When the Levee Breaks: John Paul Jones and Friends
Anarchy in Español: Storm and the Balls

Sinnerman: Nina Simone
Hardin Wouldn’t Run: Johnny Cash
Himig Natin: Juan Dela Cruz

Rare To Wake: Shannon Lay
XM/Starship: Jefferson Starship

I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts: X
Dirty Sanchez: Iggy Pop
I’m Gonna Buy Me A Train Ticket: Carey Bell

Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath, Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath: Flower Travelin’ Band
Things I’ve Said: Buzzed Lightbeer

Body Count: Ice T
Good Night, Sleep Tight: Lawrence Welk Singers

In case you missed it during my show tonight, check this out: 

When The Levee Breaks feat. John Paul Jones | Playing For Change | Song Around The World

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