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Tuesday, November 5

The face of the Bay Area is rapidly changing, but news hounds D$ and Holly Hooch are on it like a bonnet! On this week’s show they conduct a hard hitting interview with San Francisco Chronicle journalist, Carloyn Jones on the gentrification of West Oakland and the history of class migration in the San Francisco Bay area. They explore the tech boom cylce, rising rents, and finding white people where you’d least expect them. Carolyn also talks about fuck-ups in present day media. (Think Bill O’Reily’s crazy ass, and the woman who read the racist pilot names from the Korean Air crash.)

The ladies also tried out a new segment called “Truth or Dare On Air” where they had to answer embarrassings question or take a shot of whiskey. I don’t want to spoil it for you, so I’ll just say, hide your significant others from D$, hide your grandparents from Carolyn, and Holly Hooch probably thinks about you when she’s in the shower. A listener from Colorado called in and asked Sham an embarrassing question but you can fast forward over that part.

Later, in Cheap Hooch’s famous “Law an Disorder Report” segment, Rob Nagel and Mike Aldax lead us on a whirlwind trip through the mean streets of San Francisco, from bodily fluids in the Main Library (Philosophy of Language section, obviously,) to the driver’s seat of Guy Fieri’s douchey car.

Song requests came in from Christophe and his daughters in Paris, Stephane in Chicago, and from American NPR badboy/literary god, David Sedaris, to whom this show is dedicated. Thank you all for your requests and keep ‘em comin’!

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Follow San Francisco Chronicle reporter, Carolyn Jones on Twitter @carolynajones

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