Cheap Hooch

An Athiest Activist, A Stunt Woman, and San Francisco’s Seediest Crime Reporter

Friday, November 15


The ladies of Cheap Hooch and I got to chat with Dana and Dave, a typical, American, Norman Rockwell kind of couple. He writes books about Atheism, she writes fiction about zombies and was a sword fighter in Army of Darkness. The conversation meandered through topics like ocelots, fake band names, and erotica. (Cacao.)
Also in studio was San Francisco Examiner crime reporter and great friend of the show, Rob Nagel. For our Crime and Disorder segment, Rob was kind enough to read one of his own crime stories. That was fucking meta. (Am I using that word correctly?) Rob also talked a little about being a San Francisco cab driver, and a bike messenger, and he held my hand!
Thanks to Hot Paul, Alex Jones, Scofie, and Rak for your song requests.
And thank you, Jad Abumrad from the Radiolab show on NPR for your music requests. This show was dedicated to you!
You can follow Rob Nagel @SFEX_RobNagel
Listen for the return of Dave and Dana on our Erotica show coming up in January! (My safe word for the Erotica show is Cacao. Holly’s is Bottle Rocket. D$ doesn’t need a safe word. Daaaaaaamn…)

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