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Irish Comedy, Experimental Punk, and the Most Interesting Man in San Francisco!

Tuesday, November 19


The ladies of Cheap Hooch and I have been on a global mission to bring you the funniest people on the planet.
So far, our favorites are from Ireland, D$ and my ancestral homeland. (We don’t know where Holly’s ancestral homeland is. Possibly Arizona.)

This week, we got a hold of Cormac Moore from ThePotato.IE, a comedic “mash-up” of headlines and current events. We spent the better part of our work week reading the articles on The Potato and laughing our Hoochie asses off. We recommend you check out The Potato.IE as well as Cormac’s stand-up on Youtube. Because, as we all agreed on The Priests show a few weeks back, everything is better with an Irish accent.

But wait – it gets better. Our in-studio guest was Brett Klinker, The Most Interesting Man in San Francisco. He regaled us with tales of opening for Black Flag, karaoke with Jane Wiedlin from the Go-Go’s, and being on the Howard Stern show with his band Brown Star. (This dude really is interesting!) Brett brought in some of his original experimental punk stuff and the crowd went wild! I want “Skinny Guy/Big Dick” played at my wedding!

D$ and I also spent a few minutes trying to piece together the after party from the previous week’s show. We think it involved a San Francisco crime reporter, D$ puking into the Bay and yet another walk of shame for Sham. (We take our hoochie-ness very seriously. Even off the air.)
Hope you enjoy the show, and tune in next week. We’ll be reading the email we received from the one and only Henry Rollins!
Special Thanks to our good friend and mentor, Brett Klinker, and to our new friend Cormac Moore!

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