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The Henry Rollins Episode

Monday, December 2

Henry Rollins of Black Flag

Henry Rollins emailed us. I KNOW, RIGHT?!

I kept trying to explain our reaction to receiving an email from Henry Rollins as a simile, but it kept coming out as “It was like getting a personal email from Henry Rollins!” Tune in to hear what he said to us.

We were so inspired by Mr Rollins’ email we dedicated this show to him and made the theme “comedy!”

It’s the Cheap Hooch Comedy Show!

We played a couple bits from Henry Rollins, Louis C.K. and a couple of our other favorite comics. And we tried out a couple of new bits of our own! My online advice from, and the all new “Inappropriate Children’s Stories” We put an inappropriate spin on the story of Hanukkah. Listen, and tell us if we should make them regular segments!

This was a very funny show. But as you know, the Ladies of Cheap Hooch Radio are intellectuals and, dare I say champions of the people. So even on a show dedicated to comedy, the conversation turned serious as we discussed the “F” word and whether or not it’s okay to use in a comedy act. No, not that “F” word…the one people yell out their car window at me when I wear a poncho. (I can’t help it! Sometimes it gets chilly in the City!)

And, we managed to play some music, too!

Sit back, relax, take off your poncho, and enjoy some good old fashioned comedy. It’s the best medicine!

Special Thanks to Mr Henry Rollins. You made three fans very happy.

Jamison Maeda ( You can call me Sham.)
Cheap Hooch Radio

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