Cheap Hooch

Playlist for 3/13/11

March 20, 2011
10:26 pm

Cheap Hooch Theme Song

Commercial – Black Sunday

Can’t Hardly Stand It – Charlie Feathers

Commercial – Johnny Cash Folgers Coffee

Nine Feet Nine & A Half Inches Tall – Dick Kent

She Said – Hasil Adkins

Commercial – Marilyn Monroe

Tiger – Sparkle Moore

Jet Lady – Tangela Tricoli

She Was A Mau Mau – Bob Ridgley

Baby Your Love’s In Town – “Dusty Roads” Rowe

Commercial – The Thing That Wouldn’t Die

Valerie – Jackie & The Starlighters

Commercial  – Little Richard for Royal Crown Hairdressing

Rally In The Valley – Rudy Ray Moore

Monkey Man – Baby Huey & The Baby Sitters

I Smoke Weed – Wesley Willis

Commercial – I’m A Chiquita Bananna

Pancho Rock – Lalo Guerrero

El Touchy – Luie Luie

Commercial – Lucky Strike Cigarettes

Your Cheating Heart – Alfred A. Alfa

The Way Out Mummy – Kwentin QWISP

Rockin’ Out The Blues – Musical Linn Twins

In Canada – BJ Snowden

Commercial – Oscar Meyer

Happy Go Lucky Me – Paul Evans

My Boyfriend’s Learning Karate – Charlie & Chan

Tip-Toe Thru The Tulips – Tiny Tim

Commercial – 1957 Chevrolet

Bad Motorcycle – Storey Sisters

Indian Rock – Musical Linn Twins

I’m So Happy When You’re Near – The Shaggs

Commercial – Astro Zombies

I Walked With A Zombie – Roky Erickson & The Aliens

Goo Goo Muck – Ronnie Cook & The Gaylads

Hot Dog Boogie – The Singing Dogs

I Hate CD’s  – The Legendary Stardust Cowboy

Commercial – I Was A Teenage Werewolf

Chicken – Jack Starr

Wooly Bully – Hasil Adkins



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