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Thursday, August 28


Tonight a salute to legendary DJ John Peel in honor of his upcoming 75th Birthday on Saturday. Tonight Michele K-tel presents archival John Peel BBC show snips and wry commentary alongside the regular “Big Pig’s 78” feature and unreleased Sessions from Cat Power, Apparat, PJ Harvey, superqueens, Herman Dune, F*CK, Ball Boy, Buzzcocks and (of course) The Fall. Happy Birthday Mr. Peel.

Grinderswitch “Pickin The Blues” (Peel BBC Intro Theme)
Cornershop w/ Bubbley Kaur “Top Knot” (Rough Trade)
Alton Stitcher “Just an Old Chimney Stack” I Hear a Sweet Voice Calling
Big Pig’s 78″: The Clefs of Lavender Hill “Stop! Get a Ticket”
Boom Bip “Morning & A Day” EP (lex)

FUCK “91 Dodge Van (TFUL282) + Guess What?” Peel Session
Cargo Cult “How is the World Going to Take You Now?”
The Barcelona Pavillon “develt ist schlecht” Barcelona Pavillon (Black Black Black)
Herman Dune “Drop of Dew” John Peel Session
Duke Ellington “Lady of the Lavender Mist”
The Flying Dutchman “Not What It Seems” Trip to the Core (Tone Casualties)
CHTON “Book of Black Earth” Chtonian Lifecode

The Dickies “Paranoid” (A&M)
Big Pig’s 78″: Billy Desmond with Bidgoods Broadcasters “I Kiss Your Hand Madame”
Cat Power “Funny Things” Peel Session
The Fall “Clasp Hands” Peel Session

Ball Boy “Nobody Really Knows Anything” Peel Session
superqueens “Security & Peace” Peel Session

Big Pig’s 78″: Hoosier Hot Shots “Them Hillbillies are Mountain Williams Now”
Mountain Goats “Dance Music” Peel Session

Apparat “Komponent” Peel Session
Big Pig’s 78″: Carol Gibbons & the Savoy Hotel Orpheons “Turn Your Money In Your Pocket”
The Buzzcocks “Keep On” Peel Session
Schneider TM “There is A Light That Never Goes Out” The Light 3000
PJ Harvey “Shame” Live @ Peel Acres
The Fall Live in Cologne

John Peel BBC Home Truths segment “Cat Sniffing”


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