Disco Roto

¡DISCO ROTO! La Familia de Los Feelies Pt. 1

Thursday, February 26


On this edition Michele K-tel spins “college rock” classics from New Jersey suburbanites The Feelies and their (muchos) side projects.

Playlist 2.26.2015

The Feelies “Time Is Right” Here Before (Bar/None)
The Feelies “Let’s Go” The Good Earth (Coyote)
The Feelies “Real Good Time” Time for a Witness (A&M)
The Feelies “It’s Only Life” Only Life (A&M)

The Feelies “Boy with the Perpetual Nervousness (DEMO)” Crazy Rhythms
Speed The Plough “Wide Awake” Mason’s Box (ESD)
Yung Wu “Spinning” Shore Leave (Coyote)
The Feelies “Fa cé-La” Crazy Rhythms (Stiff)
The Feelies “Morning Comes” Here Before
Speed The Plough “Follow Your Visions” Mason’s Box (ESD)
The Trypes “A Plan, Revised (Demo)” Music For Neighbors
Armedalite Rifles, Glenn Mercer “The Big Black Plastic Explosion (It’s Alright! It’s Alright!)” Raving Pop Blast! A Tribute To The Groove Farm

The Feelies “Original Love” Crazy Rhythms (Stiff)
Wake Ooloo “Another Song” See No Evil (Pravda)
The Feelies “When You Know” Here Before (A&M)
Speed The Plough “Oh, The Paradise” Mason’s Box (ESD)
Glenn Mercer “Two Rights” Wheels In Motion (Pravda)
The Feelies “I Wanna Sleep In Your Arms (Live)” Crazy Rhythms
The Feelies “Time for a Witness” Time for a Witness

Wild Carnation “I’d Rather Drive a Truck” Superbus
Speed The Plough “Big Bus” Speed The Plough (ESD)
Glenn Mercer Wheels In Motion Wheels In Motion (Pravda)
Glen Mercer “Sunday Morning” Wheels in Motion (Pravda)
Yung Wu “Strange Little Man” Shore Leave (Coyote)

The Feelies “Way Down” Here Before (A&M)
Speed The Plough “Story Of The Moon” Wonder Wheel (ESD)
The Feelies “Dancing Barefoot” 12″ (A&M)
The Feelies (oops, from the Pacific Northwest) “Louie Louie”
The Feelies Everybody’s Got Something To Hide (Except Me And My Monkey) Crazy Rhythms

Wake Ooloo “Time To Go” Hear No Evil (Coyote)
Feelies “Final Word” Only Life (A&M)


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