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¡DISCO ROTO! John Peel Birthday Salute

Tuesday, August 30

Michele K-tel celebrates the birthday of legendary DJ John Peel with an array of BBC Radio 1 archives from ’82-2004 f/ unreleased sessions from New Order, The Fall, Broken Family Band, Hyper Kinako, Detroit Cobras and a record nerd “interview” w/ Jack White.

Gang of Four “Life, It’s a Shame” (John Peel Show 1982)
B-Team “What Is This?”
Eek-A-Mouse “For Hire & Removal”
New Order “Too Late” Peel Session (1982)

Prosthetic Cunt “Let the Probing Begin”
Detroit Cobras “Hot Dog” Peel Session (2004)
Harry Trevor “Jolly Good Luck to the Girl Who Loves A Soldier” (Big Pig’s 78″)
Hyper Kinako “Don’t Delete My Frog” Peel Session
Odd Nosdom “Track #3”

Allen Shaw “Moanin’ the Blues” Chrome Dreams Box
The Fall “Blindness” (the 24th Peel Session from the Fall) 8.4.2004
People Like Us “Ya Ich”
Gene Vincent “B. I. Bicky Bi, Bo Bo Boo”
Don Carter “B. I. Bicky Bi, Bo Bo Boo” (the original)

Gun Club “Preaching the Blues” Fire of Love
Sonic Subjunkies “Central Industrial The Lockdown”
Clapham & Dwyer “A Day’s Broadcasting” 1930s (Big Pig’s 78″)
Positive Black Soul “Boul Fale Remix” Rough Guide to African Rap – Rappers, Rebels & Ragamuffins
Graham Coxon “Freakin’ Out”
Scott Majestik “The Siren Song”
John Peel the “Why You?” Interview with Jack White – BBC Radio One (2004)
Blanche “Bluebird ” You Can’t Trust the Doctors
Jawbone “What’s Going On”
Loretta Lynn “Whispering Sea”

Shawnees “No One To Love Me” (the perfect song for Morrissey to cover)
*Story about how John Peel thinks Frank Zappa is “odious”*
Broken Family Band “Happy Days are Allegedly Here Again” Peel Session
Asobi Seksu “Sooner”
Nouvelle Vague “Teenage Kicks”

“It’s the ‘doodley doodley doodley doo’ part I like particularly.” – John Peel


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