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Tuesday, August 29

#KeepingItPeel as Michele K-tel celebrates the 8/30 birthday of her DJ hero John Peel with a broadcast of a vintage 1982 BBC Peel programme featuring sessions from Animal Magic & Tears for Fears.

John Peel Show Radio 1 – 9.22.82

Serious Drinking “He’s An Angry Bastard”
The Dainties “Roll On Summertime”
Jah Woosh “Don’t Fight” Sing & Chant With Jah Woosh
Animal Magic “Busta Bulla Weigho” (Peel Session 1982)
Willie Hutch “Your Love Has Made Me A Man” For Dancer’s Only”
OK Jive “Magic Man” Life at the Blue Chonjo Sky Day & Night Club
The Cocteau Twins “Feathers-Oar-Blades” Lullabies
Tears for Fears “Suffer the Children” (Peel Session 1982)
Laurel & Hardy “You’re Nicked”
Anne Clark “Swimming/An Ordinary Life” The Sitting Room
Wham! “Young Guns (Go For It)” Fantastic
Musica Del Palo de Mayo Costa Atlantica de Nicaragua
Animal Magic “Honesty” (Peel Session 1982)
Tears for Fears “Ideas As Opiates” (Peel Session 1982)
Undivided Roots “Live Up” Well Crucial
The Better Beatles “Penny Lane” 7″
Pink Industry “Enjoy the Pain”
Animal Magic “Love Subversion” (Peel Session 1982)
Sinatras “Sweat”
Tears for Fears “The Prisoner” (Peel Session 1982)
Jal Fender & Prince Busters All Stars “Holly Version” 7″
Serious Drinking “Love on the Terraces”
The Beat “Ackee 123” Special Beat Service
Pere Ubu “My Hat” Song of the Bailing Man
Animal Magic “Slim Jim from the Bone Yard” (Peel Session 1982)
Cocteau Twins “Alas Dies Laughing” Lullabies
Pat Kelly “Try to Remember
The Raincoats “No One’s Little Girl”
Tears For Fears “The Hurting” (Peel Session 1982)
100 Flowers “Salmonella (Happy Squid)”
The Psychedelic Furs “Run & Run”
The Beat “She’s Going” Special Beat Service


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