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Tuesday, October 24

Michele K-tel celebrates the legacy of DJ John Peel on the anniversary eve of his death 10.25.04 w/ an archived ” hour & three quarters of noise” favorite records & remembrances as hosted by Radio 1 colleague and friend Andy Kershaw. Extra bonus: the pet sniffing edition of John Peel hosted “Home Truths”. #KeepingItPeel

Andy Kershaw BBC Radio One Peel Tribute 2004

Grinderswitch “Picking the Blues”
Loudon Wainwright “One Man Guy”

The Damned “New Rose” (the FIRST John Peel Session)
Jimi Hendrix “Can you Please Crawl Out Your Window” (Peel Session 1967)
Bhundu Boys “Hupenyu Hwangu'(translation: ‘My Happy Life as a Musician”

Jerry Lee Lewis “Lonesome Fugitive”
James Carr “Forgetting You”

Elmore James “Something Inside of Me”
The Clash “Complete Control”
Culture “Lion Rock” Peel Session 1983

Van Morrison “Saint Dominic’s Preview”
Neil Young “Thankful for My Country Home”
Ivor Cutler “Life in a Scotch Sitting Room” Vol. 2 Ep. 12″ Peel Session (1977)

Diblo Dibala “Matchatcha Wetu'”
Half Man Half Biscuit “Twenty Four Hour Garage People”
Oldham Tinkers “Come Whoam To Thi’ Childer An’Me”
Little Richard “Keep A Knockin'”
Small Faces “Had Me a Real Good time”

Prince Far I “Psalm 87”
Lightning Hopkins “Moving Out Boogie”
Roy Harper ” When An Old Cricketer Leaves The Crease​” ​

John Peel Home Truths segment “Pet Sniffing”

Roky Erickson “I Walked with a Zombie” Halloween Residency @ The Chapel on 10/30+10/31
Roky Erickson “Haunt”
Rocky Erickson “You’re An Unidentified Flying Object”


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