Geek EmaNation

Aussie ’80s Punk/Noise on Geek (Ema)Nation 4-6PM PST!

Wednesday, May 28

Why MarchPerhaps it’s the harsh terrain, or the ever-present sense of isolation, but Australia exploded in the 1970s and 1980s with bands spitting and sputtering with intense punk fervor.  Bands like RADIO BIRDMAN, The BIRTHDAY PARTY, X, FEEDTIME, The HARD-ONS and plenty of others blasted fiery sounds that were destined to jump off the island empire to the rest of the world.  Hear some still-smouldering Ozzie mayhem from 30+ years back on this final “down-under” episode of GE.  Time to scream G’day mate with your middle fingers extended, fellow music geeks!


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