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Peter Jefferies Uncensored On Geek EmaNation Podcast!

Thursday, January 8

PJ ElectricityLong-time fans like The Rock’N’Roll Nurse were very excited in 2013 with the reissues of PETER JEFFERIES’ 1st and 2nd solo records from the 1990s (The Last Great Challenge In A Dull World and Electricity) and a planned tour set to begin right here in the Bay Area.  But alas, an overzealous Dept. Of Homeland Security decided we needed to be protected from the New Zealand musician’s art rather than be allowed to enjoy it.  Mr. JEFFERIES may never be allowed to tour here, but you can hear his music and snippets of a free-wheeling telephone discussion on this DHS unapproved episode of Geek EmaNation.  Audio blows against the empire, fellow music geeks!


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