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TODD RUNDGREN’s Solo Genius Pt. 1 On Geek EmaNation Podcast!

Thursday, November 12

Todd RundgrenTODD RUNDGREN was a founding member of the band NAZZ which started in Philadelphia and released two notable LPs in the late 1960s.  When he left the band in 1969, RUNDGREN decided to pursue a career as a music engineer and producer and was given a chance to produce The BAND’s Stage Fright among other records.  The itch to write and record original music persisted, though, and in 1970 RUNDGREN released his first solo LP Runt.  Hear highlights of that album, his 2nd solo record The Ballad Of Todd Rundgren, and his 3rd solo release Something/Anything? (presented in its entirety) on the first of a series of TODD-centric GE shows.  Genius is hard to suppress, fellow music geeks!


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