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Killer B’s Attack on Geek (Ema)Nation Podcast!

July 10, 2013
2:10 pm

Killer BsWay back in 1983 (30 years ago!), some hipster employees at Warner Brothers Records came up with the inspired idea to make an LP filled with the best B-sides of various “new wave” singles put out on the label.  The resulting compilation album series called Attack Of The Killer B’s contains some rare pleasures indeed by the likes of The PRETENDERS, TALKING HEADS, RAMONES, ROXY MUSIC and LAURIE ANDERSON among others.  Take a trip back “new wave” lane with your host The Rock’N’Roll Nurse, fellow music geeks!


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L.A. Punk Maturation On Geek (Ema)Nation Podcast!

February 20, 2013
2:39 pm

SlashIn the early ’80s, Slash Records was putting out the bands that mattered from the punk/hardcore scene that was picking up steam there, like X, FEAR and the GERMS.  But it also was on the cutting edge, pushing bands that might be called “roots rock” now like the BLASTERS and RANK & FILE, and psychedelic/garage bands like the DREAM SYNDICATE, the VIOLENT FEMMES and the GUN CLUB.  All these bands are featured on a remarkable compilation record from 1983 entitled Slash: The Early Sessions.  Hear this entire LP plus selections from early Slash recordings with running commentary by host The Rock’N’Roll Nurse.  Get that La-La Land itch, fellow geeks!


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