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Say No! To Male Violence on Geek (Ema)Nation Podcast!

July 31, 2013
2:00 pm

A SnailBack in the ’90s there was more than just boy-dominated grunge music.  In the U.S. and the U.K. in particular women and men who love women played a passionate music that was not afraid to confront thorny issues like rape and abuse.  Garden Of Delights records put out a terrific compilation record in the mid-’90s as a benefit for a women’s aid group featuring amazing honest songs by the like of AZALIA SNAIL, TELEVISION PERSONALITIES, JOWE HEAD, The PETALS, CUB and GOD IS MY CO-PILOT amongst others.  Hear the entire compilation and fave tracks by bands on the comp on this episode.  Love and respect toward women always, fellow passionate geeks!


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Gender Issues Go Punk on Geek (Ema)Nation Podcast!

June 5, 2013
1:59 pm

Give Me BackEbullition Records was a major force in the ’90s punk underground, sporting bands like ECONOCHRIST and SPITBOY.  One of the label’s earliest releases was the Give Me Back compilation in 1991 which featured a variety of bands, including the mighty BIKINI KILL, with songs about gender issues.  It also sported a thoughtful 20-page booklet (12″x 12″ pages, no less!) with great essays on a variety of issues from homosexuality to rape to abortion.  Hear all the music and much of the writing contained in this comp, delivered with aplomb by host The Rock’N’Roll Nurse.  Body respect and liberation for all, fellow music geeks!


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