Gramophoney Baloney

Gramophoney Baloney’s first two shows EVER! (October 23rd & 30th)

Wednesday, November 2

OCTOBER 23rd 2011-click-here-for-podcast


  • “Blues For Barclay (Take 2)” by Django Reinhardt et le Quintette du Hot Club de France from “Swing 48”
  • “Empty Pocket Blues” by Big Joe Turner from “All The Classic Hits 1938-1952”
  • “The Mormon Cowboy” by Carl Sprague from “When I Was A Cowboy – Vol.1”
  • “Me and My Shadow” by Johnny Marvin with Nat Shilkret & The Victor Orchestra from “With My Little Ukulele In My Hand”
  • “Devil Sent The Rain Blues” by Charley Patton from “Complete Recordings 1929-1934”
  • “I.T.M.A.: Royal Command Show At Broadcasting House (excerpt)” by Tommy Handley & Co. from “I.T.M.A. – It’s That Man Again”
  • “La Figlia che Piange” by T.S. Eliot from “TS Eliot Reading The Wasteland – Four Quartets and other poems”
  • “Lover’s Gold” by The Three Suns from “1949 – 1956”
  • “Castigo” Juanita Laurrauri from “Las Damas del Tango – 1909-1946”
  • “Arzimni Aytay Body Saboga Pt 1” by Mulla Tuichi Hafiz & Shabarat from “before the Revolution – a 1909 Recording Expedition In the Caucasus and Central Asia by The Gramophone Company”
  • “Hedzaz Neva Manes” by Haralambos Panayis from “Greek-Oriental Rebetica – Songs & Dances in the Asia Minor Style – The Golden Years 1911-1937
  • “Dzikra saad” by Oum Kaltsoum from “Vol.II 1926 – 1927 – 1928”
  • “Bahrie Tchifte Tellisi” by (Turkish) Anon. Trio from “Secret Museum of Mankind – Ethnic Music Classics 1925-48”
  • “Páre me kai ména bárba (Take me with you, uncle)” by Georgia Mittáki and Folk Orchestra from “Blowers From The Balkans – classic historic recordings of wind instruments”
  • “Taiheiraku no ha” by the Music Section of the Imperial Household Agency from “Japanese Traditional Music – Gagaku – Buddhist Chant – Kokusai Bunka Shinokai 1941” 
  • “Curik Ngaras (Stralings Kissing)” by Gamelan Gong Kebyar of Belaluan, Denpasar from“Bali 1928 – Gamelan Gong Kebyar – Belaluan – Pangkung – Busungbiu”
  • “Soyle Sevgili (Sarki)” by Münir Nurettin Selçuk from “Haydar Haydar – Masters of Turkish Music”
  • “Lepe Ulaula” by Sam Alama & His Hawaiians fromHawaiian Steel Guitar Classics
  • “Whispering” by Oscar Alemán from “Swing Guitar Masterpieces 1938 – 1957”
  • “Imperador do Samba [Samba’s Emperor]” by Carmen Miranda from “The Extraordinary Girl”
  • “Bouncin’ Around” by Django Reinhardt from “Djangology”
  • “Lester Leaps Again” by Kansas City Seven from “Lester Young – 1936-1944”
  • “Na Dulga Sofra” by Achmed Babaka from “Outsinging The Nightingale – Lost Treasures of Bulgarian Music – 1905-1950”
  • “Powerhouse” by The Raymond Scott Quintette from “Reckless Nights and Turkish Twilights”
  • “Dolor Carabali (Carabali Pain)” by Benny Moré & Orquesta Damaso Pérez Prado from “¡Primal!”
  • “Fiesta Gitana” by Manuel Torres with Miguel Borrul from “La Leyenda del Cante 1909-1930”
  • “The Jolly Tinker – The Pretty Girls of Mayo” by Paddy Killoran from “Farewell to Ireland”
  • “Conga Columbiana” by Septeto Gloria Matancera from “Vengo Arrollando – 1937 – 1949”

OCTOBER 30th 2011: Halloween Special – Recordings from 1938-click-here-for-podcast


  • “Rondino on a theme by Beethoven” by Fritz Kreisler (with Franz Rupp – piano) from “The Charming Maverick”
  • “Louise” by Django Reinhardt (with Stephane Grapelli – piano) from “Djangology”
  • “The Big Noise From Winnetkta” by Bob Haggart & Ray Bauduc from “Hits of ‘38”
  • “Catrope, catrope” by Francisco Matias da Costa, Filomeno Gonçalves, Agripino & Gonçalves dos Santos from “Missão de Pesquisas Folclóricas
  • “Voa, voa gavião” by Raimundo Cunha, Tiburtino Fernandes da Silva, José Argemiro Cavalcanti, João de Queiroz Sobral, Casimiro Ferreira, José Cavalcanti Nosinho  (Zé Nosinho), José de Jorge, Pedro Jerônimo and Severino Cambirimba da Silva from “Missão de Pesquisas Folclóricas
  • “Que Tomas” El Ciego Melquiades from “San Antonio House Party”
  • “Billet Doux” by Django Reinhardt et le Quintette du Hot Club de France, avec Stéphane Grappelli from “Djangology”
  •  “Sentado lá no mar largo!” by Manoel Soares Silva from “Missão de Pesquisas Folclóricas
  • “Be ngi Hamba” by Darktown Strutters “Echoes of Africa: Early Recordings
  • “Begin The Beguine” Artie Shaw and his Orchestra from “Hits of ‘38”
  • “Honeysuckle Rose” by Django Reinhardt et le Quintette du Hot Club de France, avec Stéphane Grappelli from “Djangology”
  •  “O Tsitsanis Sto Monte Carlo” Vasillis Tsitsanis with Stellakis Perpiniadhis & Efstratios Payioumidzis “Rembetika 3 – Vasillis Tsitsanis”
  • “Marcha” by Souza from “Missão de Pesquisas Folclóricas
  • “The Mercury Theater on the Air”
  • “This Is A Happy Little Ditty” by Shirley Temple with Joan Davis, Bert Lhar & Bill “Bojangles” Robinson from “America’s Sweetheart Vol. II”
  • “Jurity” by Benedito Lacerda from “Choro – 1906-1947
  • “Boemissa” by Stratos Pagioumtzis & Stellakis Perpiniadis from “Rembetika 3 – Vasillis Tsitsanis”
  • “Oh By Jingo” by Hoosier Hot Shots from “Everybody Stomp”
  •  “Beautiful Love” by Uncle Dave Macon from “Volume 2 – Classic Cuts 1924-1938”
  • “The Girlfriend of the Whirlin’ Dervish” by Hoosier Hot Shots from “Everybody Stomp”

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