Gramophoney Baloney

Gramophoney Baloney’s Jan. 22nd soggy Sunday

Monday, January 23

It was a soft day in The Mission, but it would take more than a few drops of rain to keep D.J. McSchmormac and his magical bag of CDs away from Radio Valencia and its fantastic listeners, including chatterbox participant Irishjig who happened to mention the very biscuits McSchmormac’s late father loved the most – Jammie Dodgers!




  • “Gabriel Meets The Duke”(excerpt) by Erskine Hawkins from “The Boogie Box Vol.3”
  • “Sweet Music” Fred & Adele Astaire with Leo Reisman & His Orchestra from “Night & Day – Complete Recordings Vol. 2 1931-1933”
  • “Lekht bentshn (Blessing the Candles)” by Helene Gespass from “Di Eybike Mame (The Eternal Mother)”
  • “Gavottes I & II from Suite No. 5 for unaccompanied cello” by Pablo Casals from “BACH, J.S.: Cello Suites Nos. 1-6”
  • “Whispering” by Oscar Alemán from “Swing Guitar Masterpieces – 1938-1957”
  • “Powerhouse” by The Raymond Scott Quintette from “Reckless Nights and Turkish Twilights”
  • “Fiesta Gitana (Bulerias)” by Manuel Torres & Miguel Borrull from “La Leyenda del Cante 1909-1930”
  • “Pickin’s” by Harry Reser from “Banjo Crackerjax – 1922-1930”
  • “Conga Columbiana” by Septeto Gloria Matancera from “Vengo Arrollando – 1937-1949”
  • “The Jolly Tinker – The Pretty Girls of Mayo” by Paddy Killoran from “Farewell to Ireland”
  • “Bouncin’ Around” by Django Reinhardt from “Djangology”
  • “He’s In The Jailhouse Now” by Blind Blake & Gus Cannon from “All The Published Sides”
  • “Victory Garden (Intro)” from “Flashbacks #6 – American War Songs 1933-1947 – Hitler & Hell”
  • “Since I Laid My Burdens Down” by The Elders McIntorsh & Edwards Sanctified Singers from “Anthology Of American Folk Music – Edited By Harry Smith”
  • “Aptaliko Zeimbekiko” by Ogdhondakis from “Rembetika 2 – More of the Secret History of Greece’s Underground Music”
  • “Byatt Turk” by Iran Dowleh Helen from ““The Secret Museum of Mankind, Vol. III – Ethnic Music Classics: 1925-48”
  • “The Lonesome Road” by Paul Robeson with Ray Noble Orchestra from “The Complete EMI Sessions 1928-1939”
  • “Okrężnym (Holiday Feast)” by Polska Orkiestra Pod Bialem Orlem from “Polish Village Music”
  • “Threat To The Daily Planet”
  • “General Machado” by Orquesta de Felix Gonzalez from “The Cuban Danzón– Before There Was Jazz 1906-1929”
  • “Mamae eu quero” by Jarracca with Vincente Paiva e seu conjunto from “Bresil – Le chant du Nordeste – 1928-1950”
  • “Gliss Me Again” by Johnny Guarnieri Trio from “Slam Stewart – Bowin’ Singin’ Slam”
  • “Aprieta, Pero No Pises” by Orquesta de Felix Gonzalez from “The Cuban Danzón– Before There Was Jazz 1906-1929”
  • “Gülizar Pesrev” by Tanburi Çemil Bey from “Tanburi Çemil Bey – Vols. IV & V”
  • “Aykazti Feya” by Omme Kolsoum from “La Diva IV”
  • “(Hori) Tum To Karat Barjori Kanha” by Bai Sunderabai from “Vintage 78 RPM Records”
  • “Aayega Aanewala (The One That Is Destined to Come, Will Surely Come)” by Lata Mangeshkar from “The Legend – India’s Beloved Singer”
  • “My Angel (Angela Mia)” by Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra from “Sweet & Low Down – Original Recordings Vol. 3”
  • “Just As The Sun Went Down” by Riley Puckett from “Country Music Pioneer – Selected Sides
  • “El Arriero” by Atahualpa Yupanqui from “Piedra y Camino – 1936-1947”
  • “La Caravane”(excerpt) byJean Vissade from “Django Reinhardt – Musette to Maestro 1928-1937”

أم كلثوم Um Kulthumm

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