Gramophoney Baloney

Gramophoney Baloney – Marching on through March!

Sunday, March 11

Sound reproductions from ca.1910-1949 – as the season of spring continues to sprong forth, D.J. McSchmormac ushers in Daylight Saving Time, even less well-slept than usual, and makes March the month of march awareness, with a composition from John Philip Sousa “The March King” mixed up with some Greek, Ottoman-Armenian, Tanganyikan, Japanese, Russian, Catalonian, Brazilian, Romanian, American music and more! PODCAST HERE.


Portrait of Gertrude Stein - Pablo Picasso - 1906


  • “Medley: You Can’t Stop Me from Dreaming / Little Old Lady / Whispers In the Dark (excerpt)” by Reginald Dixon from “The Early Years”
  • “Dust Can’t Kill Me” by Woody Guthrie from “Some Folk”
  • “Baglamades” by Stratos and Kiromytis from “Café Rembetica – Birth of the Greek blues”
  • “Şetarban taksim” by Udi Hrant from “The Early Recordings – Volume 1”
  • “You’ve Got To Give Me Some” by Bessie Smith from “Great • Original • Performances • 1925 – 1933”
  • “Ritual Din Calus. Joc: Floricica” by Anon. from “Village Music from Romania – Oltenia”
  • “They Joined Us With A Golden Ring” by Nadezhda Plevitskaya from “Estrada – Russian Gypsy Singers – Recordings from 1905-1931”
  • “Bright Shines The Moon” by Nadezhda Plevitskaya from “Estrada – Russian Gypsy Singers – Recordings from 1905-1931”
  • “Blue Ridge Mountain Blues” by Carter Sisters & Mother Maybelle with Chet Atkins from “1949”
  • “Aichi Na Wawee” William Kuite from “The Secret Museum of Mankind, East Africa -Ethnic Music Classics: 1925-48”
  • “Cement Mixer” by Slim Gaillard Trio from “The Chronological Classics – 1945 Vol. 2”
  • “Opera In Vout (Groove Juice Symphony): i: Introduzione Pianissimo (Softly, Most Softly), ii: Recitativo E Finale (Of Much Scat), iii: Andante Cantabile In Modo De Blues, iv Presto Con Stomp (With A Floy Floy)” by Slim Gaillard from “The Chronological Classics – 1946”
  • “Roy’s Groove” by Babs’ Three Bips And A Bop from “Babs Gonzales – The Chronological Classics – 1947-1949”
  • “If I Told Him: A Completed Portrait Of Picasso” by Gertrude Stein from “In Their Own Voices – A Century of Recorded Poetry”
  • “Hard Time Killin’ Floor Blues” by Skip James from “Legends of the Country Blues”
  • “If You See My Rooster (Please Run Him Home)’ by Memphis Minnie from ”Columbia Original Masters – The Best of … 1933-1937”
  • “Brazilian Boogie” by Lena Horne from “The Boogie Box Vol.3”
  • “Candieiro [Oil-Lamp]” by Carmen Miranda from “The Extraordinary Girl”
  • “Sekitori senryônobori” by Fujimatsu Tsurutayû, Fujimatsu Tsurutodayû and Fujimatsu Tsuruhachi from “Japanese Traditional Music – Koto and Shamisen – Kokusai Bunka Shinkokai 1941
  • “Aayega Aanewaala” by Lata Mangeshkar from “Black Mirror – Reflections in Global Musics
  • “El cant dels ocells” Cobla La Principal de Perelada from “Cobles Catalanes – Enregistrements 78 tours (1920-1930)”
  • “Waitin’ For A Train” by Jimmie Rodgers from “Country Music Makers”
  • “Frijole Boogie” by Jorge Córdoba from “Pachuco Boogie”
  • “Healing Song” by a Chocó Shaman from “The Spirit Cries – Music Of The Rain Forests Of South America & The Caribbean
  • “Toccata, from J.S. Bach’s: Toccata and Fugue in D Minor BWV 565” by Dr. Albert Schweitzer from “Albert Schweitzer plays Bach – Volume 1”
  • “Dark Eyes” by Art Tatum from “California Memories”
  • “Pink Elephants On Parade” by Frank Churchill from “Walt Disney’s Dumbo – Original Soundtrack”
  • “… Fox Chase” by Charlie Bowman & Al Hopkins from “Frank Fairfield’s Pawn Records Presents Unheard Ofs & Forgotten Abouts”
    Nadezhda Plevtiskaya (Надежда Плевицкая) 1910s

    Next week’s Gramophoney Baloney will be on Saturday March 17th 4-6pm instead of the usual Sunday 10am-12pm slot, for a St. Patrick’s Day special of all Irish-themed recordings from 1950 or earlier.

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