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National Hispanic Heritage Month on Gramophoney Baloney (Pt.3) & Rasa Vitalia

Monday, October 15

Concluding the National Hispanic Heritage Month series of shows, with a selection of recordings from Cuba and Puerto Rico dating from 1909-1950, and joined in the studio by San Francisco/Bay Area Visual & Performing Artist Rasa Vitalia. We had planned to stream a video from my laptop of Rasa Vitalia performing some dance live on the show, and just in case anything went wrong, Professor Dilettante was going to film it all on his fancy camera and upload it afterward, but, the best-laid plans of mice and men oft go astray, and it was not to be, Radio Valencia’s internet access was down due to an overnight change in IP address, causing modem connection difficulties, or something like that, meaning not only was it not possible to stream a video feed, but the station’s live stream was down much to regular listeners’ distress, (sorry again, fantastic live Listeners!) and Professor Dilettante, after carousing into the wee hours at a wedding the night before, got trapped on a train with his video equipment, due to an incident on board that had to be resolved by armed police, and if all that wasn’t bad enough, Rasa Vitalia who had shown up bright and early (in costume) the morning after an evening performance at Yerba Buena Gardens, and on her way to Fremont for the Partnership Walk at Lake Elizabeth Park,  was left waiting outside the building for half an hour trying to phone D.J. McSchmormac whose pohone had run out of minutes, and could not be reached. At least, with the live dance on the show not happening, maybe Rasa Vitalia was able to spend more time discussing some of her recent collaborations and projects, and upcoming events (see below)


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Sexteto Occidente, 1926


  • “Dill Pickles Rag (excerpt)” by Guido Deiro from “Complete Recorded Works, Vol.1”
  • “Échale Candela” by Sexteto Boloña from “Échale Candela”
  • “Alza Los Pies” by Sexteto Habanero from “1926-1931”
  • “¿Qué viste?” by Trio Matamoros from “The Legendary Trio Matamoros”
  • “Falsa Eva” by Septeto Matamoros from “Out of Cuba. Latin American music takes Africa by storm”
  • ”El Baile de la Babosa” by Conjunto Gloria Matancera from “Vengo Arrollando – 1937 – 1949”
  • “El China Tiene Coimbre” by Arsenio Rodriguez y su conjunto from “Montuneando 1946-50”
  • “Caballo Negro” by Perez Prado and his Orchestra from “The Mambo King”
  • “A morir caballeros” by Sexteto Boloña from “Échale Candela”
  • “Una Copa Es Tu Ambicion by Sexteto Boloña from “Échale Candela”
  • “Rasa Vitalia’s Theme” by Rasa Vitalia from “Rasa Vitalia”
  • “Man Mohan Braj” by Ustad Faiyaz Khan Sahib from “Golden Shadows”
  • “Qué Dulce Son Los Canciones” by Los Reyes De La Plena from “Lamento Borincano – Puerto Rican Lament – Early Puerto Rican Music: 1916-1939”
  • “Al Compas del Mambo” by Perez Prado and his Orchestra from “The Mambo King”
  • “Llanto del Campesino” by Canario from “Lamento Borincano – Puerto Rican Lament – Early Puerto Rican Music: 1916-1939”
  • “El sangre me llama” by Sexteto Occidente from “Sextetos Cubanos – Sones Vol.II – Original recordings from 1926-1928”
  • “El automóvil” by Orquesta de Enrique Peña from “The Cuban Danzón– Before There Was Jazz 1906-1929”
  • “Impromptu” by Desi Arnaz Y Su Orchestra from “The Music of Cuba – 1909-1951”
  • “Mujer Mariposa” by Sexteto Habanero from “1926-1931”
  • “Rosa, Que Linda Eres” by Sexteto Habanero Godinez from “Early Music of the North Caribbean 1916-1920”
  • “Los Jardineros Bombeanda (excerpt)” by Los Jardineros from “The Best of Los Jardineros – Classic Recordings by Puerto Rico’s Legendary String Band Ensemble 1929-1932”

See Rasa Vitalia:

If you happen to see Rasa Vitalia at any of these; or other appearances, or are hiring Rasa Vitalia for any corporate events or private parties, tell her McSchmormac says “Hi!” and maybe she’ll come back on the show again some time soon and bring some of her musician friends to play live!

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