Gramophoney Baloney

This week’s Gramophoney Baloney got shrunk in the rain!

Sunday, December 2

Yes Folks, DJ McSchmormac’s weekly BART trip to The Mission was unfortunate to experience major delays this morning; due to heavy rain, resulting in a shorter-than-usual  show, but possibly the old Irish saying “Bíonn blás ar an mbeagán” can be applied here!


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Maria Callas – born on this day in 1923


  • “Karsilamas Tekirdag” by Cavadhias Popular Orchestra from “Rembetika 2 – More of the Secret History of Greece’s Underground Music”
  • “How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live” by Blind Alfred Reed from “Hard Times Come Again No More – Early American Rural Songs of Hard Times and Hardships – Vol. 1”
  • “Little Maggie” by The Stanley Brothers from “Echoes of Clinch Mountain”
  • “Good Looking Girl Blues” by Furry Lewis from “Masters of Memphis Blues”
  • “A Chicken Can Waltz The Gravy Around” by Stovepipe # 1 and David Crockett from “Good for What Ails You – Music of the Medicine Shows 1926-1937”
  • “Zacataque” by Cuartetto Iberia from “The Secret Museum of Mankind, Vol. II – Ethnic Music Classics: 1925-48”
  • “Un gringo en globo” by Alejandro Sáez y Hermanos Ascuez from “Early Recordings of Peruvian Music: 1911-1930”
  • “Variations on Johannes Strauss (from Mouse Mazurka)” by Carl Stalling from “the Carl Stalling project – Volume 2: more music from Warner Bros. cartoons 1939-1957”
  • “(Lassen’s) Thine Eyes So Blue” by Pablo Caslas with Walter Golde from “Encores & Transcriptions, Vol. 4, Complete Acoustic Recordings, Part 2 (1916-1920)”
  • “You’ve got to lay down and die some day” by Rev. J. M. Gates from “Rev. J. M. Gates – Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order – VOLUME 4 – December 1926”
  • “I Don’t Want To Go Down There” by Two Gospel Keys from “Rev. Gary Davis and the Guitar Evangelists Volume 2”
  • “Tamzara” by D. Perperian from “To What Strange Place – The Music Of The Ottoman-American Diaspora – 1916-1929”
  • “Blue Skies” by The Royal Rhythm Boys from “Slim Gaillard – The Chronological Classics – 1940-1942”
  • “Casta Diva…Ah! Bello a me ritorna – from Bellini’s Norma” by Maria Callas from “Arias from…”
  • “Il barbiere di Siviglia. Cavatina (G. Rossini)” by P. Taraffo  & M. Sartori from “”O Rêua” – Una leggenda della vecchia Genova”
  • “Nobody Loves a Fairy When She’s Forty” by Tessie O’Shea from “Music Hall Memories”
  • “Chi Mi Frena” by Giovanni Giovale from “Italian String Virtuosi”
  • “The Strike” by Atilla the Hun with the Cyril Monrose String Orchestra from “Calypsos From Trinidad – Politics, Intrigue and Violence in the 1930s”
  • “Canto de seitura” by Faustino Santalices from “Gravacións Históricas de Zanfona 1927-1949”
  • “Quem Mais Jura” by Madelena De Melo from “Variações em Fado – Lisbõa & Coimbra 1926-1936”
  • “Waiata Poi” by Peter Dawson from “Classic Dawson”

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