Gramophoney Baloney

Gramophoney Baloney: Bad DJ interviews Bad Santa director

Monday, December 17

Today’s show had some tunes from birthday celebrants Ludwig van Beethoven, Kate Kühl and Noël Coward, and an exclusive phone-interview from film-maker Terry Zwigoff, talking about a special screening of his flim “Bad Santa” next Saturday, December 22nd, as part of the SF Sketchfest.


(or click here for the podcast)


  • “Chuhen Tanz (Wedding Dance)” by Yiddisher Orchestra from “Abe Schwartz – Master Of Klezmer Music – Volume One -The First Recordings 1917”
  • “Milk ‘Em In The Morning Blues” by Tennessee Ernie Ford from “Vintage”
  • “A Rag Blues” by Walter Hawkins from “Charlie Patton – Complete Recordings 1929-1934”
  • “Introduction” by Gene Buck and “Deep Purple” by Peter DeRose & San Francisco Symphony Orchestra from “Carousel of American Music – The Fabled 24 September 1940 San Francisco Concerts”
  • “Vooey Vooey Vay” by Sugar Chile Robinson from “The Chronological Classics – 1949-1952”
  • “My Blue Heaven” by Johnny Guarnieri Trio from “Slam Stewart – Bowin’ Singin’ Slam”
  • “Phipps’ Deep” by Babs’ Three Bips And A Bop from “Babs Gonzales – The Chronological Classics – 1947-1949”
  • “Goof Square (alt.2)” by J.J. Johnson Quintet from “Sonny Rollins – Complete Capitol, Savoy and Blue Note Feature Recordings”
  • “Mary Make-Belive” by Noël Coward with orchestra conducted by Carroll Gibbons from “A Room With A View”
  • “A Room With A View” by Noël Coward with orchestra conducted by Carroll Gibbons from “A Room With A View”
  • “Nie Bede Sie Zynil (I Will Not Marry)” by Karol Stoch from “Fire In The Mountains – Polish Mountain Fiddle Music – Vol. 2 – The Great Highland Bands”
  • “Z Karpat (From The Carpathians)” by Baczkowski Wiejska Orkiestra from “Polish Village Music – Historic Polish-American Recordings – Chicago and New York 1927-1933”
  • “Ida, The Wayward Sturgeon” by Dwight Fiske from “The Art of The Monologue”
  • “Pussy” by Harry Roy and his Bat Club Boys from “Baby How Can It Be? Songs of Love, Lust & Contempt from the 1920s and 1930s”
  • “Shivery Stomp” by Frankie Trumbauer & Orchestra from “Halloween Stomp – jazz and big band dance music for a haunted house party!”
  • “Double jig: Gallagher’s” by Pádraig O’Keeffe from “The Sliabh Luachra Fiddle Master”
  • “Ein Sauerampfer” by Kate Kühl from “Hoppla – Wir Leben!”
  • “Auf den Schachtfeldern von Verdun” by Kate Kühl from “Hoppla – Wir Leben!”
  • “O Molly Dear” by B.F. Shelton from “The Bristol Sessions”
  • “McNamara’s Band” by Spike Jones & His City Slickers from “Strictly For Music Lovers”
  • “Scolia Enchiriadis” from “Pictures of Sound: One Thousand Years of Educed Audio: 980-1980”
  • “Scripture’s Curves” from “Pictures of Sound: One Thousand Years of Educed Audio: 980-1980
  • “Nangandu” by Orquesta de Felix Gonzalez from “Early Cuban Danzón Orchestras – 1916-1920”
  • “Introduction (excerpt) from (Beethoven’s) Variations in G major on Wenzel Müller‘s Ich bin der Schneider Kakadu, Op. 121a” by Thibaud-Casals-Cortot from “HAYDN/BEETHOVEN/SCHUBERT: Piano Trios (1926-1927)”

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