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Haji Maji & Excavated Shellac on Gramophoney Baloney

September 12, 2012
4:12 am


This week D.J. McSchmormac was honored to be joined at Chez Poulet by distinguished special guest musical selectors Dave Murray of Haji Maji and Jonathan Ward of Excavated Shellac, who each brought tunes from their considerable personal collections of unreleased 78rpm ethnic recordings. They were even given a special exemption from Gramophoney Baloney’s usual pre-1951 playlist policy, and they put together quite a stunning mix of tunes, recorded between the 1900s & 1950s, from The West Indies, Crete, Africa, and Asia, unissued on any LP or CD and not even featured on either of their blogs to date. This is a sure enough, Gramophoney Baloney Exclusive!!!


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  • “M’Amour (excerpt)” by l’Orchestre Tzigane du Restaurant du Rat Mort from “Early Tzigane Records”
  • “Mein leibster Jodler” by Minna Reverelli from “München-Bayern – Lieder & Couplets  – Rare Schellacks 1901-1929”
  • “Ewassa” by Congolese Group recorded by Didier & Roget from Congo ((Pathe PA 2555, CPT 6820 -1948)
  • “Cantonese instrumental” by Guangdong troupe from China ((Victor-42480A – 1900s)
  • “Rwakagasha” by Muju Kashengereire with Haya Boys from Uganda
  • “Unknown” from Japan (Victor 11495 – ca. 1912-1918)
  • “Pamoedjoek Hindoestan” by Mohamed Aminor Aldjawi from Indonesia (Beka B88527-2 – ca. 1930)
  • “Seberu Beru” (Pedi harpa piece) by M.Legwara Kadipela from South Africa (Columbia YE 363a)
  • “Rama Neeyada (Pt. 2)” by T. Chowdiah
  • “Javali” by Veena Dhanam  (ca.1930)
  • “Sankarabharanam Slokam (Pt. 1)” by Coimbatore Thayi (1910)
  • “Inal Mourada” by Fraternite Khadira from Senegal (Studio Chaouy CHA12c – mid-1950s)
  • “Tshi Si Dzu Ngwake” (mbira with vocal) by Elias Nelushi from South Africa or Mozambique (Gallotone GB 2018a)
  • “?” by Hassan Jazrawi from Iraq (Kurdish)
  • “Pelina” by Lefu Mokoena from South Africa (Gallotone GB 2797a)
  • “Turakin Kano Maje Abdullah” (vocal & goje (fiddle)) by Maikyau & his group from Nigeria (Philips P159a)
  • “Hai Yanagina” by Abulfat Aliev from Azerbaijan (Aprelski Zavod 26352)
  • “Sousta Rethymniotiki” by G. Canteris & G. Gombakis from Crete ( ca. 1924)
  • “Asseyni Towe Diye” by Soksnou Ahoua Houm from Benin, West Africa (mid-1950s)
  •  “Nan Ta Tana” by Nicolaas y su sexteto from Curaçao, West Indies (Hoyco H2a)
  • “Ya Racha Fittane” by Fanfare De La Garde Noir De Sultan from Morocco (Columbia D19329b)
  • “Touchia Dzirri” (Mizwad instrumental) by Youssef El Benarti from Tunisia (Philips 45575b)
  • “Djebit Aala Larsame” by Mozabite ghaita group from Algeria (Disque Gramophone K2699a – 1924)
  • “Ya Bhya Stikhbar (Pt. 2)” by Megari Slimane from Tunisia (Polyphon 46408)
  • “Mala” (Berber) by Rais Moulay Ali from Morocco (Polyphon 47517a – 1938)
  • “Iza baghitouni” by Hassan & Khadijat from Morocco (Baidaphone Bkh 098670)
  • ” Tuareg vocalist” (recorded by Alain Joset) from Algeria, (BAM 115a – 1948)
  • “?” by Cheikhas Khadidja, Hatchouma, Malika, Dzerija, Om Hani & Ermaz from Morocco, (Odeon 205099B –  1931)



As well as curating the Haji Maji blog, Dave has compiled & designed the LP “Luk Thung – Classic & Obscure 78s from the Thai Countryside” and designed its follow-up LP “Qat, Coffee & Qambas – Raw 45s from Yemen“, he has completed work for a forthcoming third LP in this series, of Moroccan 45s, and also a CD box set of Southeast Asian 78s.

Dave is fiddler with the Bay Area’s Squirrelly Stringband who will be playing at this year’s Berkeley Old Time Music Convention (at the Saturday Night Square Dance, at the Ashkenaz Music & Dance Community Center – Sep. 15th) and who also perform at square dances at the Niebyl-Proctor Marxist Library in Berkeley on the first Friday of every month. Dave also plays bouzouki with The Disciples of Markos a group who are aspiring to eventually learn the entire 300+ songs of the recorded repertoire of Markos Vamvakaris(!) – they play every second month at the Berkeley Balkan Bacchanal at the Starry Plough in Berkeley, the next one being September 20th.



Jonathan has been maintaining his Excavated Shellac blog for over three years, and during that time has uploaded over a hundred sides of music from his enviable collection of ethnic 78s, as well as playing host to a number of fairly like-minded , distinguished guest bloggers. His first compiled commercial release was the 2010 LP “Excavated Shellac – Strings” and he has recently completed work on an eagerly awaited forthcoming sequel “Excavated Shellac – Reeds”. Jonathan also compiled and wrote the accompanying 112 page book for last year’s acclaimed 4cd box set “Opika Pende – Africa at 78 RPM“. He also paid for my tacos after the show, he is a gentleman, a scholar and an acrobat.

Jonathan Ward was previously a phone-in guest on Gramophoney Baloney last November, podcast here.


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