Gramophoney Baloney

The last Gramophoney Baloney from Chez Poulet … again?!?

September 2, 2012
3:49 pm

Radio Valencia extended its stay at Chez Poulet by an extra week, to allow for the completion of the new studio’s construction. so D.J. McSchmormac was delighted to return one last time with another fantastic and thrilling selection of pre-1951-this-that-&-th’others, including yet a few more calypso tunes, especially in honor of the 50th anniversary of Trinidad & Tobago’s independence.


(or click here for the podcast) – Well Holy Moley! – IT”S THE FIFTIETH ONE!!!! WOW!!!

Constantin Brăiloiu recording piper – Gheorghe Musuleac, in Romania, 1928.


  • “Lord McDonald (excerpt)” by Michael Coleman from “The Enduring Magic”
  • “Down On Penny’s Farm” by Pete Seeger from “If I Had A Hammer 1944-1950”
  • “The Gold In Africa” by The Tiger accompanied by Gerald Clark & His Caribbean Serenaders from “Calypsos From Trinidad – Politics, Intrigue and Violence in the 1930s”
  • “Beautiful Dreamer” by Bud Averill from
  • “Unstarted Symphony” by Victor Borge from “Unstarted Symphony (1942-53)”
  • “In My Craft” by Dylan Thomas from “Dylan Thomas at the BBC”
  • “Tis Ksenity as O Ponos (The Exile’s Grief)” by Andonis Dalgas from “Greek-Oriental Rebetica – Songs & Dances in the Asia Minor Style – The Golden Years 1911-1937”
  • “Doină” by anonymous piper from “Village Music from Romania – Oltenia”
  • “Kogô no kyoku (Yamada-ryû)” Koshino Eishô, Onodera Tamae & Fujii Chiyoga from “Japanese Traditional Music – Koto and Shamisen – Kokusai Bunka Shinkokai 1941”
  • “Doina & Hora” by Jacob Hoffman with Kandel’s Orchestra from “Klezmer Music – Early Yiddish Instrumental Music – The First Recordings: 1908-1927”
  • “Nifty’s Eigne (Nifty’s Own)” by Naftule Brandwein from “King of the Klezmer Clarinet”
  • “Bukoviner Freylekh” by by Al Glaser’s Bucovina Kapelle from “Dave Tarras – Master of Klezmer Music – Volume One – Original Recordings 1929 – 1949”
  • “Kalle Bezetzns un a Freilachs (The Bridal Serenade And Congratulations)” by Joseph Cherniavsky And His Yiddish-American Jazz Band from “Klezmer Pioneers – European American Recordings 1905-1952”
  • “(Stravinsky’s) Tocata (first movement) from Concerto in Re” by Orchestre Lamoureaux conducted by Igor Stravinsky feat. Samuel Dushkin (violin) from “Centenary Collection – Early Concerto Recordings”
  • “Rhapsody In Blue” by Eddie Peabody from “Ring, Ring de Banjo – Banjo Showpieces”
  • “(Schumann’s) Träumerei opus 15 no 7 in F Major” by Pablo Casals with Otto Schulhof from “Encores & Transcriptions, Vol. 2 (1927-1930)”
  • “Igor” by Woody Herman & his Woodchopers from “Red Norvo – Knockin’ On Wood”
  • “Mean Old World” by Heavenly Gospel Singers from “Harry Smith’s Anthology Of American Folk Music, Volume Four”
  • “Sweet Man Blues” by Little Buddy Doyle (with Walter Horton) from “Masters of Memphis Blues”
  • “I Ain’t A Bit Drunk” by George Roark from “Mountain Frolic – Rare Old Timey Classics 1924-1937”
  • “Kassie Jones (Pts. 1 & 2)” by Furry Lewis from “Masters of Memphis Blues”
  • “Mavaraounnahr” Abdul Hussein Khan Shahnazi from “Open Strings – Early Virtuoso Recordings From The Middle East, And New Responses”
  • “Catfish Blues” by Robert Petway from “Juke Joint Blues”
  • “Under The British Commander (The Gold In Africa)” by the Emery Courard Serenaders from “Trinidad – 1912-1941″
  • “(Schumann’s) Träumerei opus 15 no 7 in F Major” by Pablo Casals with Walter Golde from “Encores & Transcriptions, Vol. 5 (1920-1924)”
  • “God Made Us All” by Lord Invader with the Gerald Clark Band from  “Calypso After Midnight! – The Live Midnight Special Concert – Town Hall, New York City 1946”
  • “Isa Lei” by Andi Thakambau from “The Secret Museum of Mankind, Vol. I – Ethnic Music Classics: 1925-48”
  • “Teb’ini leh” by Oum Kaltsoum from “Vol.II – (1926 – 1927 – 1928)”
  • “Teraï Ghiri” by Oum Kaltsoum from “Vol.I – (1926)”
  • “Congo Blues (alt. take)” by Red Norvo and His Selected Sextet from “Red Norvo’s Fabulous Jam Session”
  • “Slam Slam Blues” by Red Norvo and His Selected Sextet from “Red Norvo’s Fabulous Jam Session”
  • “In A Sentimental Mood (excerpt)” by Duke Ellington & His Famous Orchestra from “Original Masters”
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