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Dumpster Arson #24
September 30, 2014 2:00pm


Dumpster Arson
Dumpster Arson #24

2:10pm: Charlie Brown by JFA

2:11pm: Lost In America by Downtown Struts

2:13pm: Your Girlfriend by Carrie Nations

2:13pm: She\'s Not The One by Teenage Bottlerocket

2:16pm: If The Drinking Don\'t Kill Me I\'ll Think Of Something Else by Prettyboy Thorson and the Falling Angels from H

2:17pm: If The Drinking Don\'t Kill Me I\'ll Think Of Something Else by Prettyboy Thorson and the Falling Angels

2:17pm: Can\'t Wait A Minute More by Civ

2:21pm: Blitzgreig Bop by Special Forces

2:22pm: Helter Skelter by Husker Du

2:23pm: Little Red Riding Hood by 999

2:31pm: Don\'t Wanna Know If You\'re Lonely by Husker Du

2:31pm: Tuff Guy by Swiftums

2:32pm: Judy And Her Dream Of Horses by Tigermilks

2:34pm: PCB 98 by Dan Sartain

2:36pm: Because You\'re New by Intro To Airlift

2:41pm: Action by Beehive And The Barracudas

2:43pm: Violent Femmes by Avail

2:46pm: War Pigs by Black Sabbath

2:54pm: Starry Morning by Lite

3:00pm: The View From This Tower by Faraquet

3:03pm: King Of The Hill by Minutemen

3:06pm: The Pig Was Cool by Killdozer

3:14pm: Prayer To God by Shellac

3:17pm: Tonight by Schlong

3:20pm: Spirit Of \'78 by Raooul

3:21pm: Dead Of Night by Tutsis

3:26pm: Hey Dad I\'m In Jail by Crimewave

3:30pm: I Hate Tourists by Freeze

3:34pm: We Are The Surfin Turnips by Surfin Turnips

3:37pm: Rivales by Las Otras

3:40pm: Distant by Hoover

3:43pm: Amy, Tell Me Why by Trackstar

3:44pm: War by DOA

3:47pm: Jane Describes John And Quarters by Braid

3:50pm: Hooligans by Lenny Lashley

3:53pm: Lunar Invasion by Silhouettes

3:55pm: Double Your Pleasure by Doubleaire Orchestra

3:56pm: Caroline by Jawbreaker

3:59pm: Detroid Soul by Paul Nero

4:01pm: Flash Gordon by The Locust

4:01pm: Lovers and Other Strangers by Flying Lizards

4:04pm: We Will Rock You by Melt Banana

Dumpster Arson #23
September 23, 2014 2:00pm


Dumpster Arson
Dumpster Arson #23
2:12pm: Hunchbacked Cat by Blotto

2:12pm: Take Em All by Cock Sparrer

2:13pm: Cannon Fodder by Ringer

2:15pm: Son Of Sam by Chain Gang

2:17pm: I Don\'t Love You by The Dishrags

2:30pm: Vertical Slum by Swell Maps

2:31pm: Wild One by Suzi Quatro

2:31pm: Fuck Society by AK 77

2:31pm: Serpentine Pad by Pavement

2:32pm: Mussle Rock by Pavement

2:32pm: Pool Hall Richie by Faces

2:35pm: No Friends by The Adolescents

2:41pm: The Stench by Fade Away

2:44pm: Self Esteem by The Offspring

2:53pm: I Dont Belong by Jerry\'s Kids

2:54pm: Jeget Est Recht by Jerry\'s Kids

2:54pm: Jeget Est Recht by Resident Mockery

2:54pm: Hey Little Rich Boy by Sham 69

3:03pm: Yardsdale Heart by Lenguas Largas

3:04pm: Hairball Alley by Rocket From The Crypt

3:04pm: Ha Ha Ha by Flipper

3:04pm: World On A String by Neil Young

3:13pm: Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere by Neil Young

3:14pm: gary\'s note by shellshag

3:19pm: thanks for by dos tornados

3:20pm: in the great west by no babies

3:22pm: out of joint by apogee Sound Club

3:23pm: wanted sometimes by big eyes

3:28pm: up on the sun by meat puppets

3:33pm: little willy by sweet

3:36pm: psychiatric exploration of the fetus with needles by flaming lips

3:40pm: wild and free by chris mcvicker

3:42pm: moscow by orange juice

3:49pm: WWF Rematch At The Cow Palace (Aluta Continua) by Spazz

3:49pm: Foot Binding by Man Is The Bastard

3:50pm: ??? by Blown To Bits

Dumpster Arson #22
August 26, 2014 2:00pm


Dumpster Arson
Dumpster Arson #22
Today's guest Bobbie Sox is a last minute guest! Playing all sorts of synth pop and indie rock as well as anything weird I can get my hands on.

2:14pm: Thus Spake Zarathustra by 2001 Soundtrack DJ Cam Dam plays punk and hardcore from the Bay Area and around the world.

2:15pm: March From A Clockwork Orange (9th Symphony 4th Movement) by Wendy Carlos

2:18pm: Theme From \"The VIPs\" by LeRoy Holmes Orchestra

2:19pm: More (From \"Mondo Cane\") by Riz Ortolani Orchestra

2:19pm: Faces by Casa Del Mirto

2:22pm: Drifting In And Out by Porcelain Raft

2:23pm: I Wanna Go by Summer Heart

2:28pm: Last Time by Moderat

2:32pm: The Fall by Rhye

2:38pm: 3 Days by Rhye

2:43pm: New Summer by Young Galaxy

2:47pm: Party Talk by Craft Spells

2:51pm: Love Is To Die by Warpaint

2:55pm: In To Black by Blouse

3:02pm: Journal Of Ardency by Class Actress

3:06pm: This Song Is Not About A Girl by Flume

3:10pm: Schema Corporel by Automelodi

3:16pm: White Mice by Mo-Dettes

3:22pm: Always Then by The KVB

3:26pm: Spell Work by Austra

3:31pm: Camouflage by Small Black

3:35pm: Second Summer (RAC Remix) by Yacht

3:39pm: Forever Dolphin Love by Conan Mockasin

3:50pm: Letter Of Intent by Duck Tales

Dumpster Arson #21
August 12, 2014 2:00pm


Dumpster Arson
Dumpster Arson #21
Looks Like It's Gonna Rain by Ken Nordine

The Recess (Sorta) Set: Cameron
Andale Elena by Swing Ding Amigos
Runner\'s Legs by Fleshies
Over and O\'er by Underground Railroad To Candyland
American Eyes by The Bananas

DJ Unemployed:
Revenge Of The Little Shits by I Spy
Stray Cats by Dirt Dress
Sparrow by Rice
San Felipe Is Punk by Polo Pepe & Sociedad Corrupto

I Hate Hate by Reagan Youth
I Hate Everything by The Queers
Hateful by The Clash
Some Kinda Hate by The Misfits
I Hate You, I Love You by The Dead Milkmen

DJ Unemployed:
The Sherm by Watering Sucks
Small Town by The Pist
Mouth Breather by The Jesus Lizard
The Devil\'s 9 Questions by Allen Lomax Collection

Bad Scene Everyone\'s Fault by Jawbreaker
Awkward Type Of Girl by Teenage Cool Kids
Freak Scene by Dinosaur Jr.
Grey Cell Green by Ned\'s Atomic Dustbin
Mouths Of Babes by Smashing Pumpkins

DJ Unemployed Feels Like A Pervert On The Bus:
Sexual Pervert by Men\'s Recovery Project
Jezebel by The Mummies
Ass Face by GG Allin And The Jabbers
Friend Island by Godhead Silo
I Wanna Be A Hulkamaniac by Hulk Hogan\'s Wrestling Boot Band
Be A Man Hogan by Macho Man Randy Savage
Satanic Blood by Von
Cemetary Man by Cruel Romeos
The Cut by The Cut
Longdance by Danava

WWF Rematch At The Cow Palace by Spazz
End Of The Century by Numb maybe, coaxed never
Victim In Pain by Inhumanity
What The Fuck by Down In Flames

DJ Unemployed's Favorite Song:
Friends by Dragon Sound

Dumpster Arson #20
August 5, 2014 1:00pm


Dumpster Arson
Dumpster Arson #20
Today's guest was DJ Remote Outposts of

Played some records and stuff.

Also, wolfman.

2:00pm: The Immigrants by National Lampoon Radio Hour

2:09pm: Affect Heuristic by Autonomy

2:11pm: Requiem by Killing Joke

2:20pm: Common Enemy by Sharks Kill

2:20pm: Get Away by Flipper

2:27pm: Babylon Burning by Catholic Discipline

2:28pm: November by J Church

2:30pm: Sleep Over by 50 Million

2:32pm: Carbonated Heat by Strawman

2:35pm: Treadle Of The Loom by Hickey

2:37pm: 80 East by Max

2:47pm: You Ain\'t Right by Bad Daddies

2:52pm: Perpetual States of Misguided Aggression by Ancient Filth

2:52pm: Moderate Edge by Ancient Filth

2:52pm: Who Is Your Messiah? by Reality Crisis

2:54pm: Manufactured Citizens by Civil Disobedience

2:55pm: The Unavoidable Process by Civil Disobedience

3:01pm: I like You Better In A Cowboy Hat by Amy & Jenny Mullinix

3:05pm: The Girl Can\'t Dance by Bunker Hill w/ Link Wray and the Raymen

3:06pm: I\'m Making My Future With The Border Patrol by Revolucion X

3:09pm: Harsh Tokes & Bong Jokes by Your Heart Breaks

3:13pm: Rudes and Cheaps by Bent Outta Shape

3:21pm: Foot Binding by Man Is The Bastard

3:23pm: Take Control by NunHex

3:24pm: Spazz/Floor Split by Spazz

3:26pm: Downsided by No Comment

3:27pm: Pasq Doan by Asshole Parade

3:33pm: Milt Lille Sorte Ag by Gorilla Angreb

3:34pm: The Two Of Us by Range Rats

3:37pm: Bury Life by Frozen Teens

3:38pm: Hello My Name Is by Shellhead

3:41pm: I\'m Not Ashamed by Bobby Bland

3:48pm: Everyday by White Trash Superman

3:48pm: Little Piece by Rymodee

3:50pm: L.S.D by Wendell Austin

3:54pm: Ingenting by HUL

3:55pm: Masshysteri Del TVA by Masshysteri

4:00pm: Say That I\'m Not Over by Sourpatch

Dumpster Arson #18: Israel
July 22, 2014 2:00pm


Dumpster Arson
Dumpster Arson #18: Israel
Becker came and played a bunch of music from Israel (as well as some from here). Shit ruled.

2:07pm: The Orions from Always Clean and Fresh

2:07pm: by Dir Yassin

2:11pm: Night Shift by The Backliners

2:11pm: Being Unkind by Big Eyes

2:14pm: Tel Aviv Bong City by Bo Labar

2:23pm: One Of Us by Boats

2:26pm: Can\'t by The Brass

2:28pm: Fanatics by Kremlin

2:31pm: Brutal Assault by Brutal Assualt

2:32pm: I\'d Rather Burn My Bridges And All The Yuppies in Tel Aviv by Brutal Assualt

2:33pm: Straight Out Of The Basement by DPA

2:34pm: Bygones Be Bygone by DPA

2:50pm: Albert by Expect Nothing

2:50pm: Hebron by Gas Rag

2:55pm: by Culo

2:55pm: Rock The Middle East by Conquest For Death

2:59pm: by Replica

3:00pm: They Shoot Children by Oi Polloi

3:00pm: Sam Shit Different Scene by Kids Insane

3:02pm: No Place Like Home by Kids Insane

3:04pm: 91 by Mess

3:06pm: 1 2 3 4 by Mad Choice

3:06pm: Just Like Wine by Mad Choice

3:09pm: garbage juice by Mahleket Hanikot Shotrim

3:18pm: Frozen Mountain by Mondo Gecko

3:19pm: Haifa by Mondo Gecko

3:21pm: Raw Anger by Mondo Gecko

3:21pm: Secret Sector by Mondo Gecko

3:22pm: Magma Chamber by Mondo Gecko

3:23pm: Urban Stephan by Mondo Gecko

3:25pm: i hate night life by nekhei naatza

3:25pm: Selling Heroin by nekhei naatza

3:26pm: halul by nikmat olalim

3:28pm: Darling by Not On Tour

3:29pm: Just Forget It by Not On Tour

3:31pm: Dirty Envelopes by Not On Tour

3:34pm: sufa magnetit by smartut kahol lavan

3:35pm: Aya Doesn\'t Like The Garlic Bros by Sweat Shop Boys

3:37pm: Huff And Puff Medicate Me by Sweat Shop Boys

3:39pm: Alice DIY by Uzbeks

3:40pm: Sodom & Gamora by Uzbeks

3:44pm: Mossad by Uzbeks

3:45pm: The Truth Within by Uzbeks

3:46pm: Elephant On Elephant by Uzbeks

3:55pm: Skate Brigade by USF

3:55pm: Pogo Beer Abu Kabir by City Rats

3:56pm: Questions And Answers by Useless ID

4:00pm: Perfect Life by Useless ID

Cam and Mike are filling in for Bullwinkle and playing our favorite rap albums, followed by the songs they're sampled from.
July 20, 2014 12:00pm


Dumpster Arson
Cam and Mike are filling in for Bullwinkle and playing our favorite rap albums, followed by the songs they're sampled from.
DJ Cam and Mike are filling in for DJ Bullwinkle on his show. They are playing songs from their favorite rap albums (De La Soul Is Dead & Paul's Boutique). Followed by the songs that were sampled.

01. Song - Oodles of Os by De La Soul
Sample - Diamonds on my Windshield by Tom Waits
Sample - Hihache by Lafayette Afro Rock Band

02. Song - Johnny Ryall by Beastie Boys
Sample - Sharon by David Bromberg

03. Song - Roller Skating Jam Named Saturday by De La Soul
Sample - Light My Fire by Young Holt Unlimited
Sample - I Got My Mind Made Up by Instant Funk

04. Song - Hey Ladies by Beastie Boys
Sample - Machine Gun by Commodores
Sample - Keepin' The Faith by The Champ
Sample - Johnny the Fox Meet Jimmy The Weed by Thin Lizzy

05. Song - High Planes Drifter by Beastie Boys
Sample - Those Shoes by Eagles

06. Song - Let, Let Me In by De La Soul
Sample - Twine Time By Alvin Cash & The Crawlers
Sample - At My Front Door by El Dorados

07. Song - Eggman by Beastie Boys
Sample - Superfly by Curtis Mayfield

08. Song - Bitties In The BK Lounge by De La Soul
Sample - Money (Dollar Bill Ya'll) by Jimmy Spicer

09. Song - Mind Playing Tricks On Me by Geto Boys
Sample - Hung Up On My Baby by Isaac Hayes

10. Song - Make The Music With Your Mouth by Biz Markie

Dumpster Arson #17: TALLAHASSEE
July 15, 2014 2:00pm


Dumpster Arson
Dumpster Arson #17: TALLAHASSEE
2:15pm: Bruise by Ex-Breathers

2:15pm: No Belief by Ex-Breathers

2:15pm: Passive Forms by Ex-Breathers

2:16pm: Urethane by Grounded

2:23pm: Thank You Universe by Gorgeous

2:28pm: She\'s A Drunk by Gorgeous

2:28pm: Buried Alive by Desgraciadas

2:30pm: B.M.O.C. by Desgraciadas

2:30pm: Fuck You Danny by Desgraciadas

2:35pm: Ordinary Fuckin\' People by Repo Man

2:35pm: No Good by Repo Man

2:38pm: Light It Up by Violently High

2:39pm: High As Hell by Violently High

2:41pm: Taint Sucker by Violently High

2:42pm: High On Life by Violently High

2:47pm: Family Tree by Aircraft

2:50pm: Flight or Flight by Ex-Breathers

2:52pm: Get Back To Me by Gorgeous

2:54pm: Pretending by Quiet People

2:58pm: Quiet Earth by The Wabbits

3:39pm: Constant Vigilence by Night Witch

3:40pm: Why Am I Here? by Night Witch

3:40pm: Grim The Dog by Cat Dreams

3:42pm: Things Fade by Wood Thrush

3:45pm: I Ain\'t Much Baby, But I\'m All I\'ve Got by Ben Varian

3:47pm: 20,000 Leagues by Dog Years

3:49pm: Human Glass by Violently High

3:51pm: Photosynthesize by Atomic Dog

3:53pm: One Note Song by Fuzzheads

3:56pm: Crazy by Webcam Teens

3:59pm: Hermaphrodite Wires by De Nada

Dumpster Arson #16
July 8, 2014 2:00pm


Dumpster Arson
Dumpster Arson #16
Today's guest DJ: DJ Travis Travis, DJ Strawberrita Strawberrita, and DJ My mom called me or something.

2:34pm: Wall Of The Hate by Raw Deal

2:35pm: Show You No Mercy by Cro Mags

2:35pm: Unknown by Agnostic Front

2:35pm: Last Warning by Agnostic Front

2:36pm: My Life by Sick of it All

2:36pm: Counting On by Life\'s Blood

2:36pm: Eating Tumoral Tissues by Human Offal Concealment

2:37pm: Cadaveric Annals Macerated by Blenerrhagical Spermatocystitis

2:37pm: Untitled by Arsedestroyer

2:37pm: Juggernaught by Fetus Omelet

2:37pm: Tastelessness by Squash Bowels

2:38pm: Hey Little Rich Boy by Sham69

2:38pm: Class of \'82 by The Ejected

2:38pm: We\'re Coming Back by Cock Sparrer

2:42pm: Greatest Cockney Ripoff by Cockney Rejects

2:44pm: Chaos by 4 Skins

2:47pm: Ultraviolence by The Opressed

2:48pm: King of the Jungle by Last Resort

2:51pm: Someone\'s Gonna Die by Blitz

3:04pm: Flash Gordon by Flash Gordon

3:05pm: Revenge by Flipout A.A.

3:09pm: Japanese Title by Carcass Grinder

3:13pm: Repulsion by Denak

3:20pm: You\'re With a Creep by Protomartyr

3:21pm: Perfect Gift by Condominium

3:26pm: On TV by Crisis

3:28pm: Top Less by Kuro

3:30pm: Intro/Squeeze by Gag

3:45pm: Brain Cavity by Culo

3:45pm: All The Assholes Are Heroes Now by R.A.M.B.O.

3:46pm: xFriendx by Voetsek

3:46pm: Coming From My Eyes by Replica

3:52pm: Paranoia/Kingdom Come by Dead Language

3:52pm: City Streets by Violent Reaction

3:54pm: Marseille Tombe by Warrior Kids

3:59pm: Dott Dar Ogat Ser by Infernoh

Dumpster Arson #15
July 1, 2014 2:00pm


Dumpster Arson
Dumpster Arson #15
Today's special guest: Matt Garcia!

2:05pm: One Man Gasser by Boss Martians

2:10pm: Our Favorite Martian by Husky And The Sandmen

2:11pm: Rocket To Mars by The Astronauts

2:12pm: The Eliminator by El Caminos

2:15pm: Bustin Bikini Beat by Lil\' Bob and the Tremblers

2:18pm: Street Justice by Cro Mags

2:19pm: Railroaded by Government Warning

2:21pm: George Cuato by Graf Orlock

Today\'s guest: DJ Unknown!

2:22pm: Together by The Hoods

2:24pm: Professional Mindfuck by His Heros Gone

2:28pm: Frozen Firecracker by Brick Mower

2:34pm: Turn Back The Clock by Hobbledehoy

2:34pm: Soldados by Generacion Suicida

2:39pm: White Lie by Acid Pigs

2:39pm: Save Me by Catholic Spit

2:43pm: Drawback by Warsaw

2:45pm: Fish Fight by King Kahn & BBQ Show

2:47pm: I Love Hardcore Boys/I Love Boys Hardcore by Limp Wrist

2:48pm: Gone Away by Marked Men

2:50pm: Defending Liberty by Nazti Skins

2:51pm: Grinding My Teeth by 9 Shocks Terror

2:53pm: War Of Self Esteem by R.A.M.B.O.

2:58pm: The Lot by Sticks and Stones

3:00pm: The Need by Seperate Peace

3:02pm: Giving Up by The Parasites

3:05pm: Video Game by Kill-A-Watts

3:08pm: Coolidge by Descendents

3:12pm: USA by Reagan Youth

3:13pm: Strychnine by The Sonics

3:15pm: Whips And Chains by The Vibrators

3:19pm: Countdown by Warzone

3:21pm: High Times by Zero Boys

3:25pm: More Beer by SST

3:31pm: Reagan Youth by Reagan Youth

3:34pm: Teen Idles by Minor Disturbance EP

3:35pm: Faith/Void Split by Void

3:42pm: Ratface by The Spits

3:45pm: Drop Dead/L Ball Split by Drop Dead

3:48pm: Break Down The Walls by Youth Of Today

Dumpster Arson #14
June 24, 2014 2:00pm


Dumpster Arson
Dumpster Arson #14
Special guest was Vanessa Asswipe!

The computer died and we lost most of the show. Sorry!

Three Little Pigs by Green Jelly DJ Cam Dam plays punk and hardcore from the Bay Area and around the world.

2:12pm: Rotting Vampire Eyeballs by Tsunami Bomb

2:12pm: Drop Dead Don\'t Blink by Shudder To Think

2:19pm: Fighting To Keep Her Alive by Shemale Troubles

2:19pm: Learn To Surf by Superchunk

2:22pm: Lemonade by Tsunami Bomb

2:26pm: True To Life by Nodzzz

2:27pm: Belfast by Rubella Ballet

2:29pm: People In Love by Pink Pile

2:30pm: Y Do U Call Me by Colleen Green

2:33pm: Cherry Bomb by Bratmobile

2:41pm: War Against Girls by The Mutants

2:43pm: The Cops Are Coming by The Outcasts

2:46pm: Run Through The Jungle by 8 Eyed Spy

2:56pm: Fight Song by The pUKEs

3:01pm: Cities In Dust by Siouxie and the Banshees

3:08pm: Old Timer by that dog.

3:09pm: Worthless Name by P.S.O.

3:10pm: Posessions by Did Is Dead

3:13pm: Rabid Lust by Death Sex Advocates

Dumpster Arson #13
June 10, 2014 2:00pm


Dumpster Arson
Dumpster Arson #13
Nitin from Throwing Rocks and Oxygen Destroyer came by and played some punx rox.

2:11pm: Running Bear by Stiff Little Fingers

2:12pm: Let It Come by Hot Snakes

2:23pm: Sad.txt by Pere Ubu

2:23pm: It\'s Not Funny Anymore by Husker Du

2:25pm: Tear It Up by The Cramps

2:29pm: What\'s Going On by Husker Du

2:36pm: Joan Jett and the Blackhearts by Bad Reputation

2:42pm: Bad Scene Everyone\'s Fault by Jawbreaker

2:42pm: Uncontrollable Urge by Devo

2:45pm: Katherine The Greatful by Napsack

2:52pm: Long Live The UK Music Scene by Helen Love

3:03pm: I\'m Scared by Les Thugs

3:03pm: Timothy Leary Lives by Pop O Pies

3:03pm: Crazy by Parasites

3:06pm: by Potshot

3:09pm: Haole Redux by The Seam

3:15pm: Our Lips Are Sealed by The Go Go\'s

3:15pm: Nasty Weather by Shang a lang

3:21pm: Fuck You Yams by Tiltwheel

3:26pm: Hessian Bodyfarm by Agoraphobic Nosebleed

3:29pm: Fat Of The Land by The Arrivals

3:33pm: 23 Lubed Up Schizophrenics With Delusions of Grandeur by The Locust

3:33pm: Baltimore by Cleveland Bound Death Sentence

3:38pm: The Trenches of Chasma by Alien Crucifixion

3:41pm: The Fucked Up Kid by Crimpshrine

3:46pm: Becker Says Go Vegan by Throwing Rocks

3:47pm: CEOs Gone Wild by Throwing Rocks

3:48pm: Better To Be High by Throwing Rocks

3:49pm: SF Hipster by Throwing Rocks

3:55pm: Virus by Oxygen Destroyer

3:55pm: Manhunt by Oxygen Destroyer

Dumpster Arson # 12
June 3, 2014 2:00pm


Dumpster Arson
Dumpster Arson # 12
Chelsea hung out and played some records.

2:09pm: Dumpster Arson Needle In The Camel\'s Eye by Brian Eno DJ Cam Dam plays punk and hardcore from the Bay Area and around the world.

2:09pm: Kingdom of Love by The Soft Boys

2:11pm: Valentine by The Replacements

2:14pm: Stop Me If You Think You\'ve Heard This One Before by The Smiths

2:23pm: Ca plane pour moi by Plastic Bertrand

2:24pm: Why Go To War? by William Onyeabor

2:33pm: Sweet Honey Pie by Roky Erickson

2:35pm: Mystic Lady by T-Rex

2:47pm: How Many Times by Bob Marley and the Wailers

2:47pm: Phoenix City by Roland Alphonso

2:48pm: 007 by Desmond Decker

2:51pm: Jonny Too Bad by The Slickers

2:53pm: 54-46 (That\'s My Number) by Toots and the Maytals

2:58pm: The Harder They Come by Jimmy Cliff

3:04pm: Hey Little Rich Girl by The Specials

3:08pm: Too Experienced by The Bodysnatchers

3:10pm: Night Boat To Cairo by Madness

3:30pm: Pressure Drop by The Clash

3:30pm: Geno by Dexy\'s Midnight Runners

3:31pm: My Name Is Erik Yee And My Favorite Band Is Green Day by Skankin\' Pickle

3:31pm: MU330 by Potshot

3:31pm: Sound System by Operation Ivy

3:31pm: La Dosis Perfecta by Panteon Rococo

3:34pm: We\'re All Dudes by Less Then Jake Featuring Kel

3:39pm: Cherry Red by The Groundhogs

3:47pm: Two Plus Two by Bob Seger

3:47pm: Crash Course In Brain Surgery by Budgie

3:50pm: Come On, Come On by Cheap Trick

3:53pm: Run The Night by Wicked Lady

Dumpster Arson #11
May 20, 2014 2:00pm


Dumpster Arson
Dumpster Arson #11
Fred from Thrillhouse came by and played some records! We drank some beers and tried unsuccessfully to patch a caller through again. I'll get it one day.

2:05pm: Lullaby / Chuck by Blatz

2:09pm: Target by Fugazi

2:18pm: StYe by Toys That Kill

2:18pm: Broken Image by Ice Fan

2:19pm: Bright Side of Life by Hard Feelings

2:27pm: The Wolf by The Brat

2:30pm: My Boyfriend\'s Back by The Beejays

2:32pm: Fist Fight by Corrosion of Conformity

2:34pm: Don\'t Ring My Up by Protex

2:36pm: Creative Types by Bed Wetting Bad Boys

2:55pm: Cement by Shark Pact

2:55pm: Little Luxury by The Muffs

2:56pm: Maybe by The Fastbacks

2:56pm: Grandma by RVIVR

2:56pm: Half The Time by Big Eyes

3:04pm: Guys Are Not Proud by Anemic Boyfriends DJ Spaceman Cam and Fred AKA DJ Mattntosh play some jamz!

3:05pm: Hangin On The Telephone by The Nerves

3:07pm: We\'re The Scabs by Rolling Scabs

3:16pm: Pattern Recognition by Spectres

3:19pm: Out Of This World by Gino Washington

3:33pm: Food Stamps and Drink Tickets by Hickey

3:33pm: Voice from Occupationland by This is my Fist

3:34pm: I\'m Not Ashamed by Allergic to Bullshit

3:35pm: State of the Union by ADD/C

3:35pm: Scalpfarmer by Spazz

3:43pm: When I Touch You by Throwing Up

3:45pm: Can\'t Stand My Baby by Rezillos

3:48pm: Dr. Seuss is Satan by Guttersluts

3:50pm: Girl on the Run by Honeybane

Dumpster Arson #10
May 13, 2014 2:00pm


Dumpster Arson
Dumpster Arson #10
Up the greek punx! Lydia from Maximum Rock N Roll came in and schooled us in Greek punk, and even a little bit of metal! One of my favorites so far, especially cause I didn't have to really play anything!

Gonna put the song names in once Lydia writes me.

Dumpster Arson #9
May 6, 2014 2:00pm


Dumpster Arson
Dumpster Arson #9
Our computer was fucked up so I couldn't record the songs, but I will write them here as soon as I can.

Dumpster Arson #8
April 29, 2014 2:00pm


Dumpster Arson
Dumpster Arson #8
With guest host DJ Crappleton from Dissolve, Terry Gross, Gunner and The Fucking Buckaroos (among other)!

There is a moment (I think around 23 minutes) that there's radio silence for like a minute... sorry brah.

Also, Wolfman.

Man Is The Bastard - Split with Sinking Body

Adolescents - I Hate Children
Abi Yo Yos - Xenophobia
DRI - Running Around
Harvey Milk - War
Iron Christ - Vagina Dentata
Gatecrashers - Kyukyusha O Yonde Kadasai!!! Alex Sanchez Arerugi Dess!!!
Caged Animal - C.A. Crew, Regret, Fake Ass Scene
Gunner - Crack One
Terry Gross - Reproductive Fitness

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Laceration/Agorophobic Nosebleed split
Idol Punch - Life Is Story

The Avengers - The American in Me
Street Justice - Trapper Keeper / Home Invasion
Off With Their Heads - Splendid Isolation

Melt Banana - Creeps In a White Cake
Romantic Gorilla - Beach / Ahhh!!!
ACxDC - Wookies Have Feelings Too
Otophobia - Honky
Spazz - Jean Claude Bland Dan In A Steel Cage Match With Mean Steve Segal For The Title Of Crowned King Of Hilfiger Apparel : WWF Style
Caustic Christ - Of A Greater God

Violent Change - Violent Change
Ovens - Now It's Over, Leavin'
Tony Molina - Don't Come Back, Spoke Too Soon
Dissolve - Statement
Green Day - Sweet Home Alabama, Eye Of the Tiger, Rock You Like a Hurricane (live at Gilman)
Rancid - Hyena (Live at Gilman)
The Spits - ?

Reagan SS - Hard Work / We've Come To Crush
Burned Up Bled Dry - Kill The Body...Kill The Soul... 7"
Countdown To Armageddon - Eyes of Wayward Souls
By The Throat - Self Titled
Hoax - Intro / Hide

Rabbits - One and All (Rudimentary Peni cover)
NOFX - Oh Shutup Already
Tulsa - Prometheus Unbound
Jahbreaker - Bad Weed, Dealer’s Fault
Fucking Buckaroos - Traicion y Contrabando (Los Tigres del Norte cover), El Botas Blancas, Fiesta (Pogues cover)

Dumpster Arson #7
April 22, 2014 2:00pm


Dumpster Arson
Dumpster Arson #7
Rocky from Sweatlodge comes by the radio station and talks about his upcoming shows! 4/28 at Brick and Mortar and 4/29 at El Rio!

Also, Langford swung by with some records too, and guest DJed for a little while so I could relaaaax.

Also, I finally remembered to enter almost all the songs into the computer.

Also, I changed my DJ name to Spaceman Cam.

Also, Wolfman.

Ignore the times. I'm really bad at remembering to enter this stuff.

2:05pm: Dumpster Arson Sanctimoniously Hoopla-Skirt by Book Oven DJ Cam Dam plays punk and hardcore from the Bay Area and around the world.

2:17pm: You Break Your Head On by Skinwalkers

2:17pm: Time Keeps Time by Grass Widow

2:18pm: Filthy Lips by Homeowners

2:21pm: No Regrets by Attic Ted

2:22pm: Let Them Talk by Agent Ribbons

2:31pm: Hiroshima by Karyo Tengoku

2:32pm: RSVP by Smartboys

2:32pm: ihop by P.E.E.

2:36pm: It's Either Raining or it's Not by Daikon

2:41pm: God Gave Rock& Roll to You III by Unrest

2:49pm: Matralleta by Generacion Suicida

2:50pm: 'R' Is For Nightrain by Swing Ding Amigos

2:52pm: Audacity

2:53pm: I Got Your Number by Cock Sparrer

2:58pm: Life Stinks by Pere Ubu

3:04pm: Game by Michael Gira

3:04pm: Basement Life by Superchunk

3:07pm: Silent Partner by Weed

3:09pm: Makes No Sense At All by Husker Du

3:14pm: Abegail Vongetti by The Hidden Chord

3:15pm: Tom Courtenay by Yo La Tengo

3:21pm: JJCNV by In Waves

3:23pm: In My Head by Permanent Collection

3:28pm: by Teen Idles

3:33pm: Efilnikufesin by Anthrax

3:36pm: So Lonely by The Police

3:51pm: Romeo And Juliet by Rocket From The Tombs

3:52pm: Glory Hole by Dos Tornadoes

3:52pm: Whalebones by Preston School Of Industry

3:54pm: Empty Daisy Field by Tina Age 13

Dumpster Arson #6
April 15, 2014 2:00pm


Dumpster Arson
Dumpster Arson #6
Ryan Richie was visiting from Minneapolis and the record players were busted so we played some of whatever we wanted. Eventually Mike Boo showed up and it devo'd to a 90s hip hop dance party as these things have a tendency to do.

Also, Wolfman.

Dumpster Arson #5
April 8, 2014 1:00pm


Dumpster Arson
Dumpster Arson #5
Garret from Swiftums joins me and play some records.

Also, we get yelled at by some kook from the street.

Also, we drank a few beers.

Also, I got to play som surf music, but didn't get to finish the story I was trying to tell.

Also, Wolfman.

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